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Bir Krishna child molesting cover-up investigation expands (ISKCON)

[PADA: Bir Krishna swami (Bruce Jacobs) -- guru of North Carolina, is under investigation. We need more info if anyone has it:  (1) A young Gujarati female, teen aged, was found dead there at his farm, floating face down in a pond. (2) Bir Krishna also covered up the child molesting of SATYA DEVI when she was only 11 years old (details at Harekrsna.org) and she was molested by ISKCON guru Lokanatha Swami. (3) In addition, the murder of Chatur Bahu in New Orleans was thought to be an "inside job" and connected to Bir Krishna, and Jayapataka swami's Mississipi farm. If anyone has further details, please contact pada @ angel108b@yahoo.com. ys pd]  

Dear ****, here is the reason for the GBC censure of Bruce Jacobs at their annual meeting in Mayapur, India this year. This case was previously brought to the attention of the Orange County, NC Sheriff's Department, but they didn't know about the letter of censure or the ongoing cover-up until recently. (From "The CPO and ISKCON Need Your Help", <http://harekrsna.com/sun/editorials/07-11/editorials7521.htm>) (The webmasters are from Canada):
Here is a recent example that perfectly illustrates this point; a devotee from Mauritius named Nathabara moved to the devotee community in North Carolina, after being expelled from the Alachua temple over sexual misconducts of some sort. When I was growing up in Villa Vrindavana, I clearly remember Nathabara coming to stay for a while in Italy, with his wife and daughter. Already back then he was notorious for taking advantage of women, disregarding his and their marital status.

Prior to moving to North Carolina, on more than one occasion this man had also sexually molested an 8 year old girl in Mauritius. When his victim (by then grown up) came to know that Nathabar was living in North Carolina, she filed a detailed report of the shocking incident with the CPO.

A copy of this report was given to Bir Krishna Maharaj, the local GBC; Krishna Priya dasi, the local Temple President at the time; Goloka dasi, the local CPO representative at the time; and to Nathabara and his wife. Bir Krishna Maharaj ordered, I quote: "Let's keep this to ourselves."

For 13 years, nobody else was informed that the local GBC and temple authorities had knowingly exposed the children in the community to the attacks of a known paedophile, by giving Nathabara shelter and unrestricted access to the kids. These facts only came to light in recent times, when it was discovered that Nathabara had sexually abused a 2 year old girl in the community in North Carolina.

When the father of the victim and other devotees from the community confronted Bir Krishna Maharaj, he claimed ignorance, stating that he had no recollection of the above mentioned report about Nathabara's history of abuse in Mauritius.

The parents of the victim then filed an official complaint with Champakalata Prabhu, the current CPO Director. Champakalata proved unprofessional and completely unsupportive to the parents, she shared their private correspondence with Bir Krishna Maharaj, and refused to keep them updated on the progress of the case, claiming that doing so would compromise Bir Krishna Maharaj's position. After evaluating the evidence, Champakalata concluded that, given the circumstances, Bir Krishna Maharaj had done everything he could have.

The conclusion of this case is that this year, at the annual Mayapur GBC Meeting, Champakalata was reprimanded and Bir Krishna Maharaj was given censure; which means that he was forced to apologize to the parents and to the community. It was felt that his apology lacked in substance and authenticity, coming more from a necessity to fulfil an obligation rather than a genuine sense of remorse.

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  1. Rather shocking article by Rupanuga! He's too stupid to figure what happened to Gopiparanadhana who was an ISKCON guru whithout foreshadowing of his violent death. He booked a flight to China and was pulled out of life like a karmi. Not to mention the whereabouts of Umapati and the karmi-like mistakes of Bhakti-caru. Where are those gurus Rupanuga is talking about? A real guru has the power to make devotees from all classes of society. Present ISKCON gurus can only make disciples in third world countries by promising them a green card for better material living. But always attacking the ritviks. Rupanuga has a huge pile of fallen gurus in his backyard but still preaches, we are gurus. These folks are pretty much unteachable rascals who only learn by the three modes of material nature.

    An Addendum to "The World Acarya"


    Sep 26, 2011 — JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA (SUN) — A couple questions were asked regarding the time and circumstances surrounding a quotation from Srila Prabhupada as it was included in "The World Acarya" article: "I am the tenth Acarya in line from Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu and you are next."

    Srila Prabhupada said the following during his arrival address at the Los Angeles Temple on May 5, 1972:

    "So we have got this message from Krsna, from Caitanya Mahaprabhu, from the Six Goswamis; later on Bhaktivinode Thakur, Bhaktisiddhanta Thakur. And we are trying our bit to distribute this knowledge. Now tenth, eleventh, twelfth; my Guru Maharaj is the tenth from Caitanya Mahaprabhu, I am eleventh, you are twelfth."

    In the article, this last sentence was paraphrased from memory, but the meaning is still the same as Srila Prabhupada's statement, which now becomes enhanced when taken in the context of his speech. He is obviously referring to his present disciples as the next in the disciplic succession he has just named and numbered, all of whom are directly initiating their own disciples.

    He is speaking about distributing the knowledge of the parampara by his disciples, whether they distribute the (same) knowledge as vartma-pradarsaka, siksa or diksa gurus, depending on the capacity and qualifications of the individual disciple. The point is to expand on the principle that guru is one, not two. As Srila Prabhupada remarked elsewhere, if two gurus disagree, either one is not a bona fide guru or both are not bona fide. He means that because guru is one, all real gurus teach the same thing, Krsna consciousness.


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