Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hansadutta is one of us (update) ys pd (ISKCON)

FROM PADA: Dear Pratyatosa prabhu, I am forgiving, and that is why I posted the video advertising Hansadutta. The CURRENT problem I am having with Hansadutta's ex-wife Laksmi is that -- in the PAST -- Hansadutta painted people like us as demons to Laksmi and many others of his followers, and thus her CURRENT hatred towards us is the result of his PAST preaching like that.
This is not a problem WE CREATED at all. This is a problem that Hansadutta himself totally created in the first place by demonizing us. And his preaching this way has created many problems that have not gone fully away, just like the result of his other bogus preaching work is still causing problems today, for example his dropping an H-bomb on ISKCON Berkeley by sending everyone off the worship Kirtanananda is STILL a huge PROBLEM today, because the temple is now a ghost town. Poor Berkeley temple has never recovered from his H-bomb attack on this temple. Hence, he has created problems that are forgiven, but not forgotten, because the problems he created PERSIST, whether it is Lakmi's hearing from him and her CURRENT bad mood -- or the current temple mess etc.  
Hansadutta thus needs to step back and rectify this by telling Laksmi we are not the demons here, the GBC we are exposing are. He needs to rectify his years of demonizing people like us to Laksmi and others of his followers. But I personally hold no grudges against Hansadutta, Laksmi or anyone else, whats done is done, but the history "is what it is." I have told Laksmi before to find historically non-factual events posted on my site and I will correct that, but she never does. She is going on the attack on my so-called personal problems, which are not relevant to the discussion of "what is a guru" because I never claimed to be a guru, Hansadutta did. I am discussing "what is  -- and what is not -- a guru," and she goes off on my personal life, fine ... but my personal life was never the issue to anyone because, the issue was and still is, what is a Vaishnava acharya, and why did 11 people claim to be on the level? My personal life is -- that although I am a lowly dog -- I am at least preaching to others to worship Srila Prabhupada, and its having some effect, why does she think our worship of Prabhupada idea is something evil?   
I get hate mail exactly as Laksmi talks all the time from similar fanatical followers of these bogus gurus, and Laksmi is simply one of them, thats all. She talks exactly like other letters I get from self-same followers of these bogus gurus, she is simply a left over guru-pi. Hansadutta created this atmosphere of demonizing us disciples of Srila Prabhupada to people like Laksmi, and this is simply a left-over remnant of his policy. It needs to be fixed on their end. I generally cannot do anything for these fanatical guru-pis, rather the people who created these Frankenstein monsters have to reign them in, I cannot do that. I have to wait for these guru-pis to burn out and actually -- sadly -- to almost get totally burned out -- by these gurus, and then when they are sincere they will write to me for help, but she is not yet burnt out -- which makes me wonder if Hansadutta is still stoking her fire works program? 
I have forgiven -- but not forgotten. They are the ones who have to forgive us if any forgiving is required, after all we are the victims. If she is going to attack me and people who were shot in the chest with a shot gun by these rascals, I have the right to counter and from time to time I will. Hansadutta set her up to hate us, and he has to at least try to fix this, its out of my hands, but I may have to report on this issue to clarify things. Apart from that I get hundreds of positive e-mails almost every month, very nice questions, since most people now approve of what I am doing and the Laksmi types are dying off slowly thank goodness. ys pd

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