Friday, September 16, 2011

Changed books benefits guru fraud (ISKCON) ys pd

Tim Mc Millan: Unfortunately, I was only able to obtain the "second" edition at the Ratha Yatra festival at Clearwater Beach. I wanted to get the original, but the only reliable way of obtaining it was through a couple of online sources that charge far too much for shipping, and I am quite poor. I am aware of the changes, however, and find most of them to be relatively minor. To a newcomer, certain passages could be misconstrued and it does set a dangerous precedent and could actually devolve the meaning of the text in the future. Most of what I've seen are simple grammatical changes, but certain ones, such as using the words "higher authorities" in place of "varnasrama-dharma" are very troubling, since those "authorities" could be misconstrued by some to be the bogus "guru" frauds.

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