Friday, September 23, 2011

There is no hope for ISKCON leaders

Therefore, those who are heart of heart followers of spiritual life, those aspiring to advance on the spiritual path and those interested in pleasing Lord Krsna should follow scriptural statements and stop using their time and energy trying to correct those who cannot be corrected. Such people should be left alone, just as a doctor who determines a fallen soldier on the battlefield is terminal and goes to help someone else. Time is very valuable, therefore it is better to utilize it by searching out a real devotee whose qualities are mentioned in the ancient scriptures and learn how to transform our aggressive nature to one of servitude, because only servants enter the kingdom of God. The Hitopadesa states, upadeso hi murkhanam prakopaya na santaye, “Giving good advice to imposters doesn’t pacify them but only makes them angrier.” So it is best to physically and mentally leave such class of people behind and participate with those where your devotional service will be recognized by Lord Krsna.
Jai Sri Radhe.

[PADA: OK, good plan, leave the homosexual and pedophile acharyas program in charge of ISKCON's property and all its children; Simply leave them alone and allow them to take over the entire ISKCON movement -- and allow ISKCON to become a cheap sahajiya child molesting cult. And have all these thousands of children molested, bankrupting the society etc, and is sum allow people to say Krishna's successor acharyas have illicit sex with men, women and children etc. Good plan -- for whom? Sorry, the better plan is to grab a broom and sweep up the Gundica Mandir. If we allow our church to be infested with rats, mice, cock roaches and bed bugs, and child molester messiahs, as is occuring in ISKCON's temples, how is that serving Krishna? It makes the devotees of God look like fools and compromisers with evil, for allowing all this to go on in their religion. Sorry, the reason ISKCON has a bad name all over the world is because of people like this author above, saying we should allow ISKCON to go to hell in a hand basket. ys pd] 

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