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Radhanatha / Gaudiya Matha reviewed (ISKCON) ys pd

RE: Radhanatha's playing the blues harmonica:

Suvarna: I did'nt say he is pathetic .... I was talking about how pathetic it is that people think it's so wonderful that a sanyasi is playing blues and that people arent able to discriminate and understand what is true KC and what is preaching. I know the 10 offenses. I'm not critisizing, I'm discriminating.

Kshamabuddhi Dasa: Radhanatha is good. Obviously, he spends a lot of time playing the blues on the harmonica. Am I surprised? Hell no! He is one of the "swamis" who took sannyasa from Kirtanananda in a sannyasa initiation orgy at New Vrindavan. Hansaduta had one too. Very few of the swamis made it. I have heard Radhanatha's preaching and it is pathetic. On the Huffington Post video he was offered he never once mentioned Prabhupada, Krishna, Lord Caitanya, the yuga dharma or the maha-mantra. Pathetic? much worse than that. these goons are all big offenders to Srila Prabhupada. Matthew, I AM THE ONE WHO SAID HE WAS PATHETIC AND THAT WAS GOING EASY ON HIM!

The book: Monkey on a Stick? Sure, I am the one who got the San Jose Mercury news writer started on the idea for the book. Great book. Every aspiring devotee should read that book. Matthew, we are just lay devotees we aren't playing guru / acharya and dragging Mahaprabhu's movement into the dirt. We have a right to call a spade a spade for the protection of the innocent. By the way, Radhanatha is not a bona-fide sannyasa. He took sannyasa from a deviant Kirtanananda Swami after Srila Prabhupada had banned any more sannyasa initiations in ISKCON. So, he is a bogus sannyasi though a legitimate neophyte devotee.

Suvarna: Thank you Prabhu for speaking truth. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Kshamabuddhi Dasa: yet he is disobeying Srila Prabhupada and a party to ruination of ISKCON. This facade of 16 rounds for 42 years is obviously exposed by his many self-seeking, self-aggrandizing efforts to promote himself as an acharya when is just a first class neophyte and nothing more. I was an official Prabhupada disciple initiated during the Prabhupada era. And, yes, I do promote the ritvik system for ISKCON because Srila Prabhupada did. Doesn't the trail of fallen gurus say anything to you?
Kshamabuddhi Dasa: Matthew, Srila Prabhupada endorsed and glorifed Jesus many times and said "he is our guru." Don't judge Urantia Book unless or until you have read the whole thing. Otherwise, you have no qualified opinion or understanding of this divine revelation that was given to Earth by the highest celestial beings in the universe. I am the only "Hare Krishna" type that I know of that acknowledges the Urantia Book. However, Deepak Chopra is a big student of Urantia Book and this shows that he has real spiritual perception. Urantia Book is so beautiful and wonderful I can't even being to put it in words.

Dear Matthew, I don't see how standing by with your lips zipped while these buffoons drag Mahaprabhu's movement into the sewer is such an admirable quality. We are fighting for what Srila Prabhupada gave us, not for what a gang of thugs manufactured for their own aggrandizement. If you have read Urantia Book then you will know that Jesus was an incarnation of Lord Brahma, the creator god of the universe and the leader of the Hare Krishna movement as the head of the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya Sampradaya..

Kshamabuddhi Dasa: Matthew, Srila Sridhar Maharaja confirmed that the ISKCON gurus were ritviks and also appointed his successor as ritvik PERMANENTLY. I think Sridhar Maharaja knows a little more than you and the others being misguided by the ISKCON thugs. Obviously, you aren't going to hear anything standing outside the room of the guru while he sleeps. Read his teachings and his declaration of spiritual succession. It's on the SCSMath website.

Public Declaration by Srila Bhakti Rakshak Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj [from a recording on Gaura Purnima, 26th March, 1986] According to the desire of my Divine Master, I have been maintaining this Disciplic Succession but it is no longer possible for me, as I am now too old and an invalid. You all know from long ago I have chosen Sriman Bhakti Sundar Govinda Maharaj and I have given him sannyasa. All my Vaishnava Godbrothers are very affectionate towards him and it is also their desire to give him this position. I have previously given to him the charge of the Math and now I am giving him the full responsibility of giving Harinam, diksha, sannyasa, etc., as an Acharya of this Math on behalf of myself.

Those who have any regard for me should give this respect and position to Govinda Maharaj as my successor. As much as you have faith in my sincerity, then with all sincerity I believe that he has got the capacity of rendering service in this way. With this I transfer these beads and from now he will initiate on my behalf as RITVIK. The RITVIK system is already involved both here and also in the foreign land. The ritvik is the representative. So if you want to take from me, and you take by his hands, then it will be as well and as good as taking from me.

In the Mahamandala, Sagar Maharaj and many others are also ritvik of Swami Maharaj and also myself. They may do so, but in this Math and in any Math under this Math, he will be the representative. If anyone cannot accept this, he may leave the Math rather than stay here and disturb the peace of the Math. With all my sincerity and good feelings to Guru-Gauranga, to the Vaishnavas and the Acharyas, Mahaprabhu, Pancha-Tattva, Radha-Govinda and Their Parshadas, with all my sincere prayers to Them, henceforth he will represent me in this affair beginning from today's function.

Now I shall go from here and he will do the necessary. On my behalf, he will give Harinama, diksha, sannyasa, and everything.

Kshamabuddhi Dasa: I am not saying anyone obeyed the orders of Sridhar Maharaja. I am just saying what his actual wish and will was. SCSMath is nowadays having considerable infighting and disagreeing among the leading sannyasis of the mission. This is what happens when the orders of the acharya are not obeyed.

As you can see in the above declaration, the wishes of Srila Sridhar Maharaja were not honored or obeyed. I was the head pujari and the head cook at the first temple of Sridhar Maharaja in the western world - San Jose, California. So, I have a little history myself and he was very pleased with my service and I have it in writing. I sent Tripurari Maharaja the first books we published by Sridhar Maharaja when he was still hanging around ISKCON hoping to become a rubber-stamped guru.

PADA: Right now Radhanatha is spending about $4,000,000 ($4m usa) suing us in India and $3,000,000 suing us in the USA, so he can kick out another few thousand devotees. Meanwhile, there are rats running accrosss the altars of some temples, stools at Krishna's feet. Why does Radhanatha want rats in the temple and devotees out of the temple and he is spending millions to make sure there are rats and not devotees in the temple? Has any sannyasa ever spent seven million dollars to keep rats in temples and kick the devotees out of the temples? ys pd

Kshamabuddhi Dasa: Maybe we should call him Radha NOT! Divine Scoundrels have taken over ISKCON. In order for the demoniac to ruin ISKCON they had to dress themselves in the disguise of advanced devotees. It worked.

PADA: Right, there are simply no examples of any sannyasa ever spending seven million dollars to make sure that there are rats are passing stools in Krisna feet. Matthew cannot defend that and he knows it. ys pd

Kshamabuddhi Dasa: If Radhanatha had one iota of sincerity he would acknowledge that his sannyasa was bogus and that he was not a legitimate sannyasi. However, the lie and the deception continues as these evildoers have their fun wrecking the mission of Srila Prabhupada and Mahaprabhu. Of all the evil in this world there is no evil as evil as the wanton ruination of ISKCON by the forces of darkness. As Srila Prabhupada said "this movement can only be destroyed from within". The evildoers figured that out too and went about their dirty deeds.

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