Thursday, September 15, 2011

50 brand news disciples of Srila Prabhupada initiated! ys pd

‎50 more devotees will be added to His Divine Grace's disciples' book on this Sunday at ISKCON Bangalore. Another batch of Ritvik initiation to take place on this Sunday 18-09-2011. All glories to Srila Prabhupada, the only diksha guru in ISKCON. (ISKCON Bangalore)

PADA: Wowsers, great! ys pd


  1. To bad they won't initiate white bodied western devotees who don't have a college education.

    Told to me personally by Naveen Krsna das in his home in Alachua 5 years ago.


    Bhakta Mark

  2. The real problem is that we Westerners do not have any substantial programs like Bangalore going on over here in the West. That is the fault of us Westerners ourselves, we failed to produce a good solid counterpoint to the GBC guru process over here. At least Bangalore has produced a counter to them over there, its a lot better than nothing. And eventually they will find its a good idea to work more with us rag tag resistance operation here in the West. We are already cooperating on many levels, hopefully that will increase. Bangalore has done more in a few years than we could do in decades, that is the real problem here. We failed to cooperate and build a better counterpoint, thats all. Their program has its faults, but its taking the wind out of the bogus guru's sails big time, so that is needed. I am encouraging what they are doing, hopefully it will be done more over here eventually. "A blind uncle is better than no uncle" heh heh. ys pd


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