Saturday, September 24, 2011

ISKCON still not caring for widows (YS pd)

[PADA: There is no "safety net" for the widows of ISKCON. "Private donors" have to take up the responsibilty. Meanwhile, the GBC's gurus live like Kings in opulent dwellings with huge bank accounts: while there is no actual support system for the "little peons." And this has been going on all along, despite so many big shot acharyas having so many big huge GBC meetings for the past 35 years, there is "no resolution" to this basic needs issue. Only Basu Ghosha is even worried about it in this one case example, of course he is the head ISKCON scholar who says our acharyas are out there engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children. He even says Vedic scholars all agree that acharyas are having illicit sex. Despite his idea that acharyas are mostly debauchees, at least he wants to take care of this one widow, to his credit, but why is there a need for a special collection anyway, why is there no built in system of support? And what are they doing about all the other ISKCON widows who got no support, or even mention? ys pd] 

Basu Ghosha: It would be appropriate, in my humble opinion, that the BBT and/or the GBC set up a fund to look after Gopiparanadana Prabhu’s family, in view of his sudden and early departure. After all he was a grihasta, and has left behind a relatively young widow and young son. It would send a very positive signal to the “body of devotees” if such a fund was set up to particularly support his dependents in his absence, especially in view of the fact that he devoted his life to so many important scholarly works. Besides setting up such a fund, it would be fitting if the income and expenditure of the fund be recorded publicly on dandavats. com (although if donors wish to remain anonymous, their wishes should be respected) for the information of the devotees and Gopi’s well wishers. At this time I would like to announce an initial donation of Rs. 25,000/- to this fund - which I hope would be set up at the very earliest - on behalf of ISKCON Baroda.

Thanks very much for your kind consideration of the above.
Hoping this meets you both in the best of health and jolly spirits.
das, Basu Ghosh Das

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  1. Obviously Gopiparanadana das played an important role in present ISKCON's policy how to run a guru system with gurus who are in fact conditioned souls. Taking care of widows in ISKCON means, taking care of those who belong to the elite. Everybody else is send to social welfare office and Basu Gosha knows it. Just pomposity.


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