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Hansadutta's wife Lakmsi replies to PADA (ISKCON)

Lakmi Kary writes PADA

From: lynne Kary <>
Subject: [Prabhupadanuga] Re: Puranjana's Website (
To: "Prabhupadanuga" <>
Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2011, 9:54 AM
Hare Krishna
Dear Pratyatosa, PAMHO.
Before we go there, most "reporters" are expected to site their references and sources of information, include dates and places.

[PADA: Oh great, people write me all the time saying "do not give my name or I will be kicked out of the ISKCON temple (or perhaps I'll be beaten or shot)." Look at the current Long Island and Bangalore lawsuit cases for example: the GBC is spending apparently about 4 million dollars in India and 3m in USA suing these devotees to kick them out. Does Laksmi have $7,000,000 to give to our devotees who, if they would give their names, they would have to counter sue when they get kicked out? Why does Laksmi want more devotees to be removed, exiled, banned, excommunicated and sued by giving their names? How does that help ISKCON even, to have more members removed? The place is already a ghost town and Laxmi wants more members removed? Instead of having two people at mangala arotike, there will be zero, this is Laxmi's plan to save ISKCON?

Laksmi Kary simply wants more people to be banned, kicked out and sued. She says everyone should just give their names, get kicked out, THUS become banned, shunned, sometimes beaten or sued for millions of dollars, ok, and who is going to pay for all that? No one! Notice, she wants me to give everyone's name so they will be banned, beaten and kicked out, and / or sued, she wants more people to suffer and be punished and make ISKCON more of a ghost town. She wants to remove some of the few remaining bodies left in the temples, why is this a good idea? She is herself not living in a temple because she cannot stand the politics and problems going on there, nor is her husband, nor are any of her family members living there because of "the politics". Even she cannot stand the situation at these temples, yet she wants us fools to buck up, tolerate these problems, and live there and serve there, when she will not even set foot in these temples herself, nor does most of her family ever go there?

She simply wants more people to get kicked out so MORE temples are completely empty? Notice what her overall plan is, people should give their names in public so they will be kicked out of ISKCON and sued. Why would I want to ask people to give their names so they can be kicked out, chased with baseball bats, beaten, shot and sued, as has occured to dissenters and is still occuring, devotees are still being sued and kicked out? Aindra was on the verge of getting kicked out. Laksmi simply thinks I should facilitate getting more people kicked out. This has been her plan all along.]

** So if PJ is going to report anything he should start by adding correct dates, sources of his "info" and not embellish it with his fantasized version of things.

[PADA: Right, people are "identified" as dissenters still getting kicked out, Laksmi says that policy should increase, hardly no one is there to serve the deity now, Laksmi wants nobody there at all, remove the last few people left. She does not want anyone to be left to serve the deity. Give their names, so the few left will be kicked out. How does that help anyone?]

** Lets start with this - he mentions all the bodies that were dug up in New Vrndaven, So let him site professional references - final police reports etc, who those bodies were- why they were buried there. Let him - since he is the one who claims to be the reporter- let him did up the facts and report them.

[PADA: Taru, Chakradhari and others were clearly murdered, as for the other bodies, who knows how they died? What proof is there that there was no foul play involved? I simply said that NEWS MEDIA reported that dozens of bodies were dug up there, its in the newspapers. That is the story that was in all the media. I do not have to dig up the story, its recorded in the media. Laksmi has to prove that the newspapers, Sherriff Tom Bordenkircher, Moundsville news lady Kathy Kuspy, CBS news etc faked their story. And if the story is fake, why doesn't Laksmi prove that?] 

** Let him prove he knows what he is talking about. (For example, I know one lady a devotee who had a heart condition, she died and had wanted to be buried there- which is very different then painting a gruesome picture of mass burials,etc. How many of those bodies were just devotees who wanted to be buried in the New Vrndavan cemetary. Maybe it was a case of them(N.V) not having a permit to bury people in their own N.Vrndavan cemetary.?

[PADA: Well you cannot simply bury bodies without a permit, the law was not being followed and it made the movement look terrible in any case. Laksmi herself would not start to bury unrecorded dead bodies on her California property because she just wants dead bodies to be buried on ISKCON property so ISKCON gets a bad name. She would never start burying unrecorded dead bodies on her own property because she knows its against the law and she could get into legal trouble, she justs wants Prabhupada and Krishna to get into legal trouble and be implicated in that odious program. OOOPS! In Vedic culture also -- bodies are burnt, why was this not being done as well? Burying bodies is the Christian process, we do not do that in any case. Laksmi has never explained why she supported these types of problems, and she still does defend all this.

Why are these leaders taking the laws into their own hands? New Vrndavana also had these illegal "exchange garland" marriages, where some women were given "New Vrndavana" marriages, and were sometime married 8 times, this is illegal what to speak of immoral. This was also reported in the media. These and many other laws were not being followed, just like ISKCON lost the 1978 Syracuse case, and then in 1979 NV devotees were busted as drug mules, the whole place was raided and tons of crimes were going on there left, right and center, these "pure devotees" were lawless criminals this is all recorded in the media. I do not need verification from anyone, rather someone needs to prove this raid by the FBI never occured? In Berkeley Joe Sancez made 73 felony arrests by sitting in front of the ISKCON temple and busting numerous criminal programs, he got an award from the Berkeley mayor for all these arrests. I have to
prove this? Ask Joe!]

** On several occasions I had made attempts to inform him he had incorrect info and he doesnt care, because it looses its sensationalism.

[PADA: You have not shown me any proof that anything is wrong, period, "maybe" people wanted to be buried is not proof of anything. That devotees were murdered there has been proven, that Sulochana was murdered has been proven, Officer Joe Sanchez said I was next, ask him.] 

** Im not saying bad things didnt happen ,in ISKCON and out of it, as I have talked to victims myself. I dont think it condusive to ones spiritual life of making a sadhana and mantra out of using foul language and heresay mixed with facts while trying to say you are supporting his master, who incidentally put most of these people he hates in those positions, and also set up the institution PJ is trying so hard to tear down.

[PADA: No, we are building a real ISKCON which worships pure devotees, Prabhupada did not make an institution that worships deviants as acharyas, that has nothing to do with him.]

** Im just saying that when reporting serious issues it should be done properly.

[PADA: When the GBC found out that I was going to testify in the Windle turley case, they plead no contest, Laksmi is saying they could easily have proven me wrong, but they decided to spend $400,000,000 just to make me happy?]

** PJ has put himself up on a podium ,which is on the backs of people who have suffered in ISKCON, he is using these sensationalized tragedies to promote his own agenda and ego as some "angel".

[PADA: My idea is to have people worship Prabhupada and that is working, I am getting favorable mails from people all over the place thanking me for saving them from entering the cesspool, Laksmi wants them to fall into that pool and drown.]

** What would P.J  do with himself if Srila Prabhupada told him to stop commiting offenses, chant Hare Krishna, distribute books, and go on harinam? Im sure he'd have a page of excuses, why he cant, and none of which he sees himself responsible for. ys Lakshmi

[PADA: People sometimes call me tearfully thanking me for saving them from these bogus gurus, Laksmi says kick them down and let them suffer, she won't help them at all. At least I am getting them to worship a pure devotee. Laksmi simply does not care for others, let them suffer and worship bogus people and not let them see the real story, let them give their names so they will be banned, beaten, maybe worse, and for sure sued, and make the temples more empty? What kind of plan is that? ys pd]


  1. Typical phenomenom in many Western countries people who are supposed to join together go against each other. The real deviants win without to lift a finger.

  2. I agree. Many of "the troubles" I get are from so-called Prabhupada devotees. Sometimes they are more trouble than second tier worshippers of the bogus gurus. This is because they are compromised with the bogus people, and they do not like to see their pals exposed by us. ys pd


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