Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kala dasa in for heart surgery

KALA DASA prabhu has been admitted to the hospital last week and is scheduled for a coronary by pass surgery this coming Friday afternoon, Vancouver BC time (PST). His condition is stable at the moment.The prayers of his god-brothers, god-sisters and other fellow devotees and well wishers is greatly appreciated at this time. Hari Hari bolo

[PADA: Cannot help but wonder why so many vaishnavas are getting these severe health problems, indeed it seems almost an epidemic, while not being that old? Kala dasa once told me he reported molesting and other serious child abuse problems in the Mayapura Gurukula to the bogus GBC's authorities there, and they chastised him and told him to be quiet. He told me he left Mayapura in disgust. Cannot help but think that some of this ISKCON "health epidemic" is related to severe frustration with these leaders, and subsequent repression, depression, oppression, suppression, compression of the Vaishnavas, which is making them severely ill prematurely. Not sure if there is another good explanation other than this? ys pd]  

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