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Vaiyasaki / BVKS / and PAMHO forum problems

[PADA: "PAMHO forum" is an internal e-mail system for ISKCON leaders, gurus, and other members, which is apparently managed by AJAMILA DASA. Problem with that program is: Anyone who writes to the forum may have their messages MONITORED by the "sys-op" system operator, ok AJAMILA DASA. Hence, your messages may thus be simply ERASED without getting to the intended recipient. Your messages may also be sent to other GBC leaders for their information. As has happened, according to some PADA readers. Ajamila also writes all kinds of public things against the Prabhupadanugas on a regular basis. 

IF YOU WRITE TO A PERSON ON PAMHO, THE MESSAGE IS BEING MONITORED, AND MAYBE CENSURED (ERASED). Why cannot these gurus get their own private e-mails and instead they use this highly restrictive, ok cult like internal system, where most of our messages are bounced back as "not wanted." This is the problem with any bogus cult, there is an out of touch inner core of managers who cannot see the writing on the wall.  

Ajamila recently said something to the effect that: The main purpose of the GBC is to monitor their gurus from going crazy, flipping out, and going completely off the rails. Jeepers, was I foolish to think the main purpose of the GBC was -- to spread Lord Chaitanya's mission? I am amazed that Vaisyasaki's letter was allowed on the PAMHO forum at all? Of course the next problem is, most of the members of the PAMHO forum are the same people who are doing all the banning and harassing of the Vaishnavas. Vaiyasaki thus should have wrote this letter of complaint 20-30 years ago, and to us and not the GBC's internal guru forum, and to other public forums, a long time ago. This banning has been going on since 1977, we are glad that Vaiyasaki has finally begun to address this problem. Better late than never.]    

*** The following letter written by the famous Vaishnava kirtaneer/preacher, Vaiyasaki das Prabhu, appeared on the Pamho Forum. The Pamho Forum is having a field day discussing the pros and cons of banning devotees from temples (or private domains, whichever they are perceived as). The whole point of banning was brought up by the Sampradaya Sun in the article about HH Bhakti Vikasa Swami, though Pamho's offical policy towards the Sun is that it is a "tabloid". Nonetheless, it seems that very little else has as much influence over at the Pamho Forum as the Sun, when it comes to the news. Since the original article in the Sun appeared, there have been 34 lengthy comments on the subject in the Forum, though the Sun's Editor, and anyone associated with the Sun, are banned from the Forum. See the irony!

Here is Vaiyasaki's testimony: A few days back Ajamila prabhu stated: "If the GBC were to go seriously off track in one way or another I would be the first to be vocal about it and try to rectify the situation in a respectful way through the correct channels."

[PADA: Oh oh, same Ajamila that monitors the PAMHO forum?]

VD: Based on this statement, I request Ajamila prabhu to now investigate the fact that GBC men, some of whom are gurus, ban devotees in good standing from preaching in their zones without Due Process. The latest casualty of this mentality is HH Bhakti Vikasa Swami. Although I may not agree with many of BV Swami's points, that is not a reason to ban him from expressing his own realizations. 

Indradyumna Swami told me personally that the NA GBC banned him (BVKS) from preaching in the USA.

Similarly, HG Srutakirti is also banned in some zones, as well as several other godbrothers in good standing.
Another recent banning incident was against Jayapataka Swami and it was this shock to his system that almost killed him and caused his present condition. Several of his disciples told me they were ready to murder the offenders except for Maharaja expressly forbidding them to do so (his great mercy towards his detractors).

[PADA: Jayapataka is being banned by ISKCON, simultaneously, he is one of the Jagat Guru messiah's of ISKCON?]
VD: I was also banned by Romapada Swami from preaching in his zone based on a letter sent to him from a fallen godbrother that was full of lies and innuendo against myself and my wife. Without even inquiring as to the validity of the letter, RSwami immediately believed the contents and banned me from preaching although I had been invited by the Temple President and congregation and at my own expense arrived at the temple where I was notified of the ban. I wrote to the GBC chairman stating that I was deprived of Due Process which is guaranteed by GBC law for all devotees, and I called for the censure of Romapada Swami.

[PADA: HOW CAN WE CENSURE THE ACHARYAS! Wake up Vaiyasaki, you cannot censure the acharyas, you have no idea about Vaishnava acharyas!]

VD: Subsequently I received a letter of apology form Romapada Swami and Badrinaryana prabhu for denying me due process and they asked me to withdraw the call for censure, which I agreed to do. (I can reproduce their letter if necessary since I was never told to keep it confidential). After that I left the USA and have never returned as instructed by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu: asat sanga tyaga - ei vaisnava acara.

[PADA: Oh great, the acharyas of ISKCON are "asat sangha," at the same time, the acharyas of ISKCON!]
VD: When I asked my own GBC rep, HH Guru Prasada Swami, why some leaders ban their godbrothers from preaching, he replied, "They don'tlike competition." Other GBC godbrothers have told me it's about money,especially from the Indian community, and about attracting new disciples.

[PADA: Oh goody, the GBC gurus are all about making money and making followers, they are full of pratistha! So how come people full of pratistha are being worshiped as the gurus of ISKCON?]

VD: This apa-vaishnava mentality of banning began during the zonal acharya days and we all saw how those people all fell down as a result of this practice. Perhaps the mot egregious case was the banning of HH Gaura Govinda Maharaja by Harikesa ex-swami.

[PADA: This is amazing, they have known all along that some ISKCON "acharyas" are banning other ISKCON acharyas, and yet no one protested this foolishness all along, they are only noticing that is wrong 35 years later? How can any of them be acharyas if they are banning one another?]
VD: Any person who has studied 9th Canto is aware that Vaishnava aparadha means that person is cut from the mercy of Visnu unless and until they apologize to the offended Vaishnava.

[PADA: Oh great, they are acharyas, and they are Vaishnava ninda at the same time!]

VD: Apology does not mean simply saying "I'm sorry" just to get relief from the offense. No, Krishna is not so foolish. Apology means a genuine change of heart toward the offended Vaishnava, and welcoming him back to preach where previously he was banned. So we have a situation in ISKCON where gurus are offending various Vaishnavas and are thus cut from the mercy of Visnu, according to 9th Canto.

[PADA: They are offenders, and they are gurus? Vaiyasaki has no idea what is a guru even. Offenders are not gurus, and the people (the entire GBC) who are supporting offenders as gurus are also not gurus.]

Therefore, as Ajamila prabhu stated, we should all preach via the proper channels to rectify this fault in our society.I think this would be an outstanding service on behalf of ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada, and the disciples of such gurus who are now cut from the Lord's mercy.

In grateful service, Vaiyasaki Das

[PADA: And Ajamila is the apparent administrator of the forum for the fools who are in charge of the banning, and he thinks we need to monitor gurus from falling down into illicit affairs and thus our prime job, is to keep gurus from going completely stark raving bonkers? ys pd]

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