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ISKCON Gurukuli: GBC ISKCON is a Personality Cult Process

Written by Radha Madhava Dasa

Having survived the trauma of the abuse we went through as Kulis, I wonder if the de-programmers were right. Most of you older generation don't know what happened, or who was involved and how dark and deep the rabbit hole goes. But for those who lived it, it's clear that Kali Yuga is in full swing and you can't judge a book by it's cover. The test is to see who still carries the torch of faith in Srila Prabhupada forward, without adulteration and without allegiance with perpetrators.

The trouble is, if you start to name names, people target you, ostracize you, demean and belittle you, and so they go undetected, and continue their nefarious activities.

Some of them are your "best friends". Who are you going to believe? The old friend with accolades on their shirt, or a kid with such depraved insane horror stories that don't fit the mold of what modern society is willing to accept?
It's all there in Krishna Book and Srimad Bhagavatam, but people don't actually have faith in the Sastra.

They have faith in social circles, the legal system and whatever conveniences they get by being part of the personality cults of the hijackers of Srila Prabhupada's legacy.

[PADA: Much being said here is very sad -- but true. A lot of the "older generation" don't know about the victimization that happened to many ISKCON children, or for that matter -- about the victimization that happened to a lot of other vulnerable people in the whole ISKCON society. Hence some of our "God brothers" still want to attack PADA for "being too heavy" in defending victims, or in other words -- shoot the messenger, thinking that advocating for the victims is foolish because -- there are hardly any real victims. Yep, its all PADA's "made up lies." And that is typical of how cult mentality works.

For example:

Tirtha dasa (Thomas Drescher), now serving life in prison for the murders of Chakradhari dasa and Sulochan dasa, writes to Henry Doktorski and tries to discourage him from continuing research for and writing his proposed book, "Killing For Krishna." Tirtha threatens, "For your sake, I just hope you don’t continue with your attempt to publish your book. You can’t see it, but you are riding toward oblivion on Vaishnava aparadhas [offenses to Vaishnavas]. You have no standing in these matters, since you are no longer within the family of Vaishnavas. You will gain nothing but pain and suffering in your life."


How do these people like Tirtha think they are authorized to kill other Vaishnavas in the first place? We know! Because they have been participating in a cult mentality program. And the killers of Vaishnavas claim to be "in the Vaishnava family." And we are not? Who has been teaching them this foolishness? Well -- a lot of our God brothers, from their concocted bogus guru personality cult program, whom else?

Which begs the question about some of our God brothers, they "don't know -- or don't care to know"? Yes, most of these "older generation" are not really taking the time or trouble to interview hardly any of these ex-gurukula students -- or other victims -- like exploited women etc. -- to really investigate and find out "what really happened" to all these victimized folks. Nor did they really stand out much -- protesting -- that the entire New Vrndavana program has been going off the rails. That is how Tirtha gets to think he is authorized to commit crimes, even murders, because for starters he is not being checked by our other God brothers. If anything, he was being encouraged to be the GBC's goonda enforcer by many of our misguided (bogus guru cult) God brothers. 

For that matter, isn't this sad case Tirtha fellow (who is now in prison for life)  simply another victim when it comes down to it? He was mislead by many of our God brothers to think conditioned souls are pure. Then he became the goonda enforcer of that program. And then -- many senior devotees -- and some of the GBC -- encouraged him to protect their bogus guru program, with violence. 

And then -- this created the crisis where he is now in jail for life. He was made to become a goonda for a bogus guru cult, and it cost him his freedom. He probably has some idea now that he was made into cannon fodder in some bogus guru persons war. So all along all of this is cult mentality, plain and simple.

At the same time, Tirtha never writes to ask me about the real story? Nor do a lot of our other brothers ask me about the real story. For example, a few years back one senior devotee told me he wanted to know all about the poison issue. Yet after ten minutes into the conversation -- he doubled over and said his ulcer was killing him, and he could not talk anymore. 

Why? He is good friends with the GBC's guru program folks, like Radhanath supporters etc. and thus he could not accept that he has been associated with deviants, or worse he has been promoting and supporting said deviants.

Another "senior devotee" told me that everyone really knows about all these problems, but they are in denial. This devotee also tried to kill himself by pounding on his own skull with a hammer. Great! When your own guru's society is in trouble, its time to beat on your own head -- and not help the crisis. This devotee then ran off to the Narayan Maharaja camp and started preaching that Srila Prabhupada was wrong to say we were originally with Krishna. 

Of course, this explains why so many ISKCON youth ran off to follow Narayan Maharaja, one of the biggest cheer leading promoters of Tamal and the GBC's guru process -- because many GBC leaders and their parents acted as pied pipers leading them there.  

Fortunately for at least some victims, we took the time to have heard elaborate and detailed testimony, and thus we do know a lot about these problems. And that is why we have tried to give these victims a voice. 

Anyway! As soon as we said there is a child abuse problem, never mind all sorts of other criminal problems going on at places like New Vrndavana, we were shunned, banned, ridiculed and threatened with death etc. In sum! There has been a pattern of major support for the criminals and their bogus guru's regime -- and almost no support for the dissenters group (like me and Sulochana and ilk). 

Then again, there has been a sort of "silent majority," of people who knew things were going WAY off the rails, but who just did not think ISKCON was important enough to correct or defend. Sulochana used to say these folks are the "heads in the sand" group. They just do NOT seem to think there has been any urgent need to fix and assist ISKCON, or its victims. And worse, a lot of the silent majority "goody two shoes" people thought our dissenting efforts to address issues was "too aggressive" and so on. Hence, there are people (like the above victim) who think this is a sort of brain washed cult process (which the de-programmers claim it is).  

Then what? Naturally, the criminal guru's regime has been able to crush down the opposition. Thus, the criminal guru's regime has been -- encouraged, enabled, facilitated and empowered by oppressing the opponents of said regime. As we know by now, the dissenters to the corrupt GBC's gurus are often painted as offenders, liars, demons and so forth -- and as such -- the dissenting class may be subject to banning, various forms of repression -- or even violence. As famous people like Albert Einstein apparently complained -- many died, because as they were being killed -- no one said anything. A conspiracy of silence.   

The good news? 

That process is CHANGING gradually, as more and more people (especially victims) are speaking up and challenging the GBC's status quo guru process. Albeit a lot of damage had to be done first of all, before many people were able to come to the stage of joining the opposition. Unfortunately, this process also happens in the ordinary mundane world's criminal exploiting and / or abuse cases, especially sexual abuse cases, rape cases and so on. Nothing happens for some time, but eventually enough victims start to compare notes and they start to bring the issue out.

Even recently in the ordinary world, we see that more of the various victims of abuse are challenging persons in high posts of authority (especially corporate leaders, movie moguls, famous actors and singers, religious clerics etc.) -- of course -- then the victims are often harassed, shamed, minimized, maybe even counter sued, paid to remain silent etc. and this is called the phenomena of "blaming the victims." However eventually the tide will turn, or is starting to turn now, because simply oppressing victims cannot last as a long range policy.

Recently we posted some writings from some dissenters to an India guru who claim there has been a pattern of sexual predatory abuse in their mission. Yet, even after many of the mass of followers of this guru gradually found out about these problems, they have not stood up properly to defend themselves or other victims, or to contain the abuse. 

Some of the dissenters are simply amazed that law enforcement has not taken this mission down already. OK same type things have gone on in ISKCON, the abuse has been widely known, but it has not been contained properly, and / or the orchestrators of the abuse regime are still in charge to a large extent, or at the very least -- they have never really been punished substantially.

And worse, some people like Swarup Hebel still think its wrong to expose the leaders of the molester messiahs project ...

Anyway! We at least planted various red flags on the path warning others of danger ahead. If those flags went unheeded, so be it, there was nothing else we could have done. Then again Srila Prabhupada planted the same type of red flag warnings all over the place himself, and repeatedly. If people did not pay attention to his warnings, why would they heed ours? Right! Hee hee! 

To sum!

If we want the Krishna religion to have credibility now, after the fact, then the people in the religion will have to stand up and correct these issues. ys pd 

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  1. Yes good question, what was the GBC guru cult's origins? To start, I was amazed when Sridhara Maharaja, Narayan Maharaja and others supported worship of conditioned souls as acharyas. And that means -- they wanted little children to meditate on deviants and sometimes sexual predators as their acharyas, or perhaps just nutty people like Harikesha, as happened after 1978 as we documented extensively on our sites and blogs.

    And then the GBC's folks and followers of Sridhara and Narayan Maharaja said, we are the offenders and deviants, so they could get us beaten and killed by demonizing opposition to their bogus guru cult program. A follower of Narayan Maharaja JUST NOW wrote to say PADA is an OFFENDER because we protested the GBC / NM sexual predator messiah's club. So they demonized people for opposing their sexual predator guru's club, and that got people beaten and killed for protesting, and they STILL ARE at it!

    They created mass molesting and murder guru cult programs, and those who protested are the bad guys. Same thing they did in the Gaudiya Matha. They made a bi-sexual deviant the acharya and dissenters were beaten and killed, and they did the same thing after 1978. Sexual predators are acharyas, anyone who protests is an offender, that is how the Sridhara and NM program gets dissenters murdered, as their program did after 1936 as well.

    Narayan Maharaja's monkey messiahs insults Hinduism

    And that is correct, people become what the meditate on. So the SM and NM program wanted people to mediate on their sexual predator messiahs, so they could spread that deviation all over the universe. Yes, correct, they know that if people mediate on sexual predators, they become what they mediate on. Quite correct! ys pd


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