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Mayapura Summary / New York Temple sale

[PADA: These New York devotees are finally talking about going to the government, after decades of abuse. Goody, except they do not even need to do that. Just get 50 people together with protest signs saying things like, "This is the headquarters of the homosexual and child abuse messiah's program, we want them out" and call a press conference, and ask the TV people to come witness the protest. 

All you have to say is, these people caused the society to be sued for $400,000,000 by their promoting an illicit sex and child abuse guru program, and we want them out. You'll get all sorts of sympathy immediately.  

That protest will get the government, the media, and everyone in New York City on their side in an hour. In India there are public protests with people burning signs, fist fighting, yelling into loud speakers etc. -- every day, and it all gets on public news and TV, again, every day. Now there are giant protests in India over the fact some student union guy said something, and everyone is talking about it all over the country because of PUBLIC PROTESTS.    

I subscribe to India news feeds and we see this public protest thing happening all the time. And this was also Lord Chaitanya's process, public protest of the Kazi. We do not need expensive lawyers, we need card board signs with magic markers to write on them. This will force the government to look into all this. For starters, saying that GOD's acharyas are homosexuals, sexual predators and debauchees is FRAUD, it is not the teaching of Krishna and the Krishna religion. 

I feel sorry for Radha Jivan to some extent for being blasted out at Mayapura, unfortunately, he might be a crook as the GBC claims because a few people have told me they had some rocky dealings with him. 

At the same time, while he claims to be all about helping Krishna's movement in Bengal, promoting Bengali culture, and helping Lord Chaitanya's mission, why then has he been serving the people who say Krishna and Lord Chaitanya's acharya lineage successors are "illicit sex with men, women and children"? Does he not know that God's successors are NOT debauchees? 

Even dogs are not having illicit sex with men, women and children like Radha jivan's acharyas are doing left, right and center. And yet Radha Jivan has been faithfully promoting an acharya lineage that acts worse than dogs? He is serving the people who are making a total mockery of Lord Chaitanya's movement by saying His successors are not even up to the standard behavior of dogs? 

That is not promoting Lord Chaitanya, that is promoting less than dog behavior as the successors to God, and that is a demoniac attack on God. Even the atheists are not saying God's successors are illicit sex with men, women and children because even they have some basic respect for God. 

Radha jivan should be teaching us Westerners that acharyas are not engaged in debauchee behaviors, instead he is working hand in glove with the people who say acharyas are often deviants, drug addicts, sexual predators, embezzlers, criminals, debauchees of the worst order, and in fact acharyas are having homosex with taxi drivers in the holy dham. And he has been a huge supporter of this deviant ideology.

Why has he been supporting this incredible attack on Krishna and the parampara? So he is sort of getting what he deserves, he served the illicit sex messiahs program, and now they have turned on him. What would he expect anyway? Unfortunately, Yamaraja is not a fan of people who help finance a guru lineage that says God's successors are usually fallen and debauchees.

At the same time, PADA is now getting at least a few Bengalis to get on board with some of our issues, including the poison issue. To sum, our idea will win, because no one except maybe a few fools and deviants accepts that God's successors are usually debauchees. Its not going to win, period. Public protest would accelerate our cause, but our cause will win either in the slow or fast lane, its just a question of time. 

And the fact the GBC is losing control over their New York situation, Hrdayananda situation, Radha Jivan situation, Narayan Maharaja program situation, Radha kund babaji's situation, and so many other things, means our idea was correct all along, a governing body cannot "manage" acharyas, it will never work over the long haul. 

This has never been done before, that the church's managers control and administer the messiahs, its a non-starter. The letter below offers a laundry list of complaints, and these are the same complaints PADA was basically making in 1985. And that means, people are starting to catch up. So there is a gradual awakening, finally, and that means our program is effective, people are now copying our complaints all over the place. 

Why do these people always try to argue that behavior less than dogs are sometimes acharyas in God's guru chain of messiahs, when everyone over the age of ten in the USA knows that is -- offensive and bogus? Anyway! PADA blog readership is WAY UP, so this is a good sign, more people are catching up, and catching up all over the place.    

ys pd]


A Rapidly Declining Situation at
Radha Govinda Mandir


There is a tidal wave of support growing in opposition to the sale of the NY ISKCON temple, both locally and on a worldwide level. It should be realized by all devotees that once ISKCON GBC members and temple presidents see Srila Prabhupada's temples as commodities, like Radha Govinda Mandir is currently viewed, as opposed to the homes of Sri Krishna and all accompanying Deities, the abolition of Sri Chaitanya's movement to spread the Holy Name to every town and village is mere steps away.

Why is it that the temple in Brooklyn is for sale when it is in such a fertile ground for preaching, what to speak of an area on the rise, while the areas around the temples in both Chicago and Dallas leave so much to be desired but aren't on the selling block? There are 60 million reasons for this and they are all about dollars. In Srila Prabhupada's Will he stated that his desire was for temples not to be sold for the most part nor mortgaged against, yet here we are faced with the harsh reality that Radha Govinda's home could be sold once again. How can this be?

The answer is quite clear. The North American GBC body has completely lost their minds. Srila Prabhupada named Tamal Krishna Maharaj, Adi Kesava and Ramesvara Prabhus as property trustees of the NY temple for Life. (See Srila Prabhupada's Will, pg. 1, pg. 2.) However, Ramesvara Prabhu is no longer listed as a trustee even though he is still a member of ISKCON in good standing. This is in opposition to Srila Prabhupada's written declaration concerning the NY temple. Are the GBC meant to act as independent managers, or chaste to the instructions of the ISKCON Acharya? They have no independence in this matter.

Two weeks ago during the Sunday feast, Ramabadra Prabhu mentioned that he was going to create a donor member program which would enable members privileges that non members wouldn't have. When this same idea was presented to Srila Prabhupada, he shot it down. This donor program is a farce meant to quell the tide of opposition to the temple's sale by making those that are and have signed a petition and sent letters to the New York Attorney General's office, look as if they aren't members of the congregation.

However, any elected official would see through this nonsense even while wearing blinders. I have personally received a letter from the NY Attorney General's Office stating that they are reviewing this matter. Oddly, the State government is acting on behalf of Srila Prabhupada, Radha Govindadev , and the devotee community while the GBC does nothing. How can they be seen as the Governing Body when they aren't able to manage Srila Prabhupada's society according to his own expressed desires?

It should also be known that one Mataji was being labeled as subversive by Ramabhadra Prabhu during the time meant for the evening class, while the temple was filled with guests. He was upset when made aware that this woman and many others had taken matters into their own hands and gone to local government officials after feeling completely misled by not being made aware that the temple is on the verge of sale and that a contract for sale has been signed.

Ramabhadra Prabhu took it upon himself to trash the woman against the sale, and after a few minutes of being referred to but not having mentioned her name, this mataji spoke up and said please tell the devotees that you're referring to me. She simply stated we didn't need to sell the temple and that we could build on top of it much like the air rights over many buildings are being sold in NY. Ramabhadra took offense to her voicing her thoughts and began screaming for Adidev das to come and remover her. He yelled through the microphone 5 times for her to be removed.

This woman is married and her parents are both initiated disciples of Srila Prabhupada, but Ramabhadra went to great lengths to label her as not being an ISKCON devotee although she attends the temple morning program on a daily basis, which Ramabhadra Prabhu doesn't. Would you as a woman want a man to remove you from the temple, or as a husband to have your wife removed simply because she voiced her own views? 

I'm sure any rational devotee would strongly object to such a heinous act. However Ramabhadra, much like Romapad Swami, has made a habit of banning devotees. It should also be noted that Ramabhadra's wife, Satya dasi banned Yadunandana-pada Prabhu on the day after Nityananda Trayodasi. When will these so-called authorities realize that they are meant to serve the devotees and not to act as forces of intimidation?

How is it that Srila Prabhupada created a "Home for the Whole World to Live In", yet these men feel they can deprive devotees of their right to worship the Supreme Lord? This demonstrates just how out of touch they have become. When one devotee stood up in defense of this woman, Ramabhadra Prabhu proceeded to yell through the microphone for others to call the Police. Is ISKCON governed by the GBC or some new American version of the KGB? Devotees attend the temple to bow before Srila Prabhupada and their beautiful Lordships. Sri Sri Radha Govindadev, to hear Hari katha, associate with devotees, to chant and dance in ecstasy as well as to honor Sri Krishna prasadam, and NOT to be intimidated or threatened with removal or arrest.

Once a bum wandered into the temple at 26 2nd avenue while Srila Prabhupada was giving a lecture. He came with toilet paper and Srila Prabhupada was pleased and remarked that everyone is trying to serve the Lord and his devotees. Even when chastising his disciples Srila Prabhupada always did so with love, not through fear. Why should those managing his society act any differently? A cult suppresses the minds of its members and doesn't allow them to think on their own. It is scary to realize that this is the current situation all over Romapada Swami's zone. Much of the ISKCON society is ruled the same way now. Those that know Romapada Maharaj see clearly that he is a power hungry, untrustworthy tyrant.

Romapada Maharaj acts differently, however, when dealing with his cronies. Look at the incidences that occurred at the Chicago temple involving his hand-picked president. This Indian devotee/businessman was found to be having an illicit relationship with one temple bhaktin, but this wasn't enough to warrant action by Maharaj. Sometime later this same president was confronted by an axe wielding husband in the temple lobby, who had found that his wife had been seduced as well by the same so-called devotee.

One other thing that should be known by all is that Maharaj has stated one reason for the sale of the temple: that it is in need of repairs which can't be afforded. However he has somehow bought 2 buildings near the Ralph avenue subway station in Brooklyn. He claims that they were bought by an anonymous donor. Why buy 2 buildings when the one temple you're the GBC responsible for is in need of repair? 

Shouldn't the home of Radha Govindadev be more important than taking on new properties? Maybe not, especially when you have 60 million reasons to sell. Another important element here is that the parking lot has also been sold, as was the building adjacent to the Freeport Long Island temple. Keep in mind that this building has been under the control of Nimai Pandit and his band of Ritvik devotees. This happened under the mismanagement of Romapada Swami.

How long can the GBC continue to sit on their hands and allow Maharaj to act with impunity? Today it is the NY temple. Who knows which temple will be placed on the selling block next. I almost forgot, there is a similar situation brewing in Miami. Your temple could be next if we all fail to take a stand against this behavior.

Ramabhadra and Romapada Swami are telling everyone that they plan to move to Queens, when in fact they are planning to move to New Hyde Park which is located on Long Island. Most people rely on public transportation in urban areas which means that most devotees will no longer be able to make it to the temple in a convenient manner due to there being no subway system even remotely close to their new proposed location. How can anyone believe that Srila Prabhupada would ever approve of such a move? Srila Prabhupada opened his first ISKCON Center in NYC and by no means should it be moved any further from Manhattan than it already is.

The GBC should learn a big lesson from the recent events in Mayapur. ISKCON managers have made many devotees feel unwelcome and now their own GBC man was run out of Sridham Mayapur! What manager runs from responsibility? 

In the military this is an offense punishable by law. Yet here we have Praghosh Prabhu running away with his tail between his legs. This incident clearly illustrates that the ISKCON managers don't appreciate intimidation when it is being applied to them. A great number of devotees have also been threatened here in NY to remain silent about the temple sale. If Romapada Swami and Ramabhadra Prabhu are so convinced that what they are doing is correct, then why have they LIED to the GBC and completely kept the sale secret from the congregation up until their scheme was spotted by a few concerned devotees?

In this current situation it would seem an istagoshti would be the correct avenue to take, but there has been no dialogue at all. By banning and intimidating devotees these so-called managers are making themselves look more like dictators than actual devotees. ISKCON has operated as if there is an endless supply of manpower and donors for years on end. They have taken for granted that the congregation plays an incredibly important role in the day-to-day service of the Deities. I have witnessed Satya treat one Indian donor with the utmost respect when in fact, this man owns a deli which sells MEAT, TOBACCO and LOTTERY tickets. But she takes it upon herself to ban a devotee that joined Srila Prabhupada's movement before she was even born.

To further illustrate the mismanagement in NY it should be noted that in the last year the 55th Street temple was open there were 238 devotee residents. There aren't even 200 regular attendees for the Sunday feast and in a building as big as the NY Temple there are less than 15 devotee residents. No preaching means no devotees. No devotees means a serious lack of GBC oversight. We need a new GBC in NY and we are also in dire need of a new Temple President.

The days of tyrannical rule must come to an end and Romapada Maharaj and Ramabhadra Prabhu as well as Satya dasi must be held accountable. So many devotees have been alienated by these mismanagers. How can we preach love of God and against offending devotees yet allow devotees to be banned on a routine basis. The time has come to bid adieu to these so-called authorities so that we all may unite to serve Radha Govinda with love and devotion.

The state government has been alerted to our predicament here in NY. If need be, we can also go to the Federal government and ask them to launch an investigation into the lack of financial transparency as well as the disposition of millions and millions of dollars given to the service of ISKCON. There is certainly no force more intimidating than the Feds. Will the GBC members be willing to have their bank accounts scrutinized, or those of Ramabhadra and Romapada Swami?

Does anyone believe the Pope could be given a donation on behalf of the Catholic Church and then deposit it into his own personal account? Why are there so many sannyasis with endless streams of cash? Aren't they supposed to be the most renounced of all our members? Why is it that so many of Srila Prabhupada's temples are in disrepair, yet the ISKCON leaders are living a life of luxury? Srila Prabhupada was the living perfect example of a true renunciate who had absolute faith in the words of his Guru and in the Supreme Lord, and didn't feel the need to intimidate, lie to or mislead his disciples.

Under GBC rule here in North America most of Srila Prabhupada's temples have been centralized, and this is NOT what he wanted. If the devotees worldwide don't wake up and see the grim reality facing ISKCON the loss of temples will be just the beginning. Srila Prabhupada endured many things to establish ISKCON, and as sincere devotees we should all be willing to go the extra mile to assure him that we will not accept failure as an option.

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