Friday, February 12, 2016

De Facto Hand Maidens of the GBC Gurus

Sudarsana Das Vanacari says:

Yes Marica Prabhu,

Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Monsanto, Madhu Pandit and the Indian Government (State and Federal) they are all ‘pals together’, no big surprise there as thieves, rascals and con-men love to conspire together but what has this got to do with the transcendental movement of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu?

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada wanted his society to connect with big important scholars, politicians, industrialists, and so forth, to get them to help promote his movement. And in this way -- to get things done. That is what he was doing in India all the time really, and he wanted to meet with important people in the West as well, and he did so regularly. 

And this is similar to the way PADA got at least a few things done. Oh forsooth! PADA has been "getting help from the government folks." Right! We got help from the police, FBI, media and courts, otherwise -- we'd have been finished a long time ago. So this idea, lets NOT get any government agency's help, and then what -- fail or worse, die? Why shouldn't the Prabhupada devotees have any help from big people or big governmental agencies, especially if they need help just in order to survive a goonda guru program?

Great. The Prabhupada worship folks do not deserve any help, only the bad guys get the big help, big lawyers and big assistance. How is that going to end up? Well guess what! Yep. The bad guys win by default. Why is this always the big plan, lets have the bad guys win by default, because our people should enter the battle with no back up or support? 

We should only have a pea shooter, the bad guys get to have F-15 fighter jets with hellfire missiles. And oddly, that is always the big plan of our critics. OK, they want the bad guys to win, or what else can we conclude here?

Then again, these critics seem to have no idea how to fight a bag of peanuts, much less a pack of bogus gurus. If we are going to fight a "sexual predator messiah's program," which could be dangerous, we either get help, or we go down and the bad guys win by default, its that simple. Why do these critics always want the bad guys to win by default?  

Anyway! When we were in India, Srila Prabhupada regularly met with big businessmen, big political types, big movie directors, and so forth -- all the time. Of course his neophyte God brothers thought that means he was "conspiring with thieves, con-men and rascals." Why are these so-called Prabhupada devotees always seemingly to be in the same bed with the same ideas as the bogus Gaudiya Matha's folks? 

We also stayed at a brewery for a few days, and stayed at other places that were owned by similar "big important people." That was all along -- and still is -- his process. So if we are not "pals" with these BIG people, then nothing BIG can get done. Yep! And thus nothing BIG is ever being done by these critics, just like nothing BIG was ever done by the Gaudiya Matha's folks. Birds of a feather. And at least we accomplished some headway by our getting outside help from bigger people. 

In India in the 1970s we also made life members out of numerous "big important people," some of whom owned restaurants and similar places that served meat products, or sold alcohol or beedis, and so forth. Srila Prabhupada never said we should not "be pals" with, and seek support from, these big important people. Where does he say that? 

So this is an attack on the whole process Srila Prabhupada himself conducted. He wanted us to get various "big people" to endorse and help his movement. He wanted these BIG folks to give his movement BIG donations and other forms of BIG support. In sum he wanted us to "conspire together" with these BIG people to help him push his movement forward, and he wanted that badly. Then again, that is another reason he did not want low class behavior -- if not criminality -- to be going on in his mission, since that would turn away these important people from his mission. 

So this was a big problem right from the get-go, his bogus God brothers criticized his whole process, saying that this is "not transcendental" and so forth. Great, and that is why these alleged BIG swami God brothers and other critics could not -- and still cannot -- accomplish much of anything BIG at all, because they think preaching to BIG people and getting their BIG help is bogus, which means, they are saying Srila Prabhupada's process is wrong and his critics are correct. 

What is ironic is that many / most of the devotees who are criticizing Bill Gates are using computers -- made with Bill Gate's software programs. They could not even type one sentence on the internet without "conspiring" to get help from Bill Gates themselves. Bill Gates is a demon, which is why they spend hours daily -- using his products? 

OK this is sometimes called hypocrisy. 

And some of these critics are getting government assistance, ok they are getting their money from taxes paid by the bankers, Bill Gates and Monsanto etc. They are more in bed with Monsanto than the rest of us?]
SD: This is WHY the institution always FAILS, (trying to remain ‘on topic’ here) because as soon as goondas take control everybody says “what can I do?, I didn’t sign up for this! I do not know what is going on behind the scenes! I only see what appears on the surface! I am just being manipulated myself by political forces!”

[PADA: You have been totally manipulated, you are attacking Srila Prabhupada's process and you are citing the version of the envious God brothers who attacked his process of engaging big people. You are attacking the process introduced by the acharya, which is why it is self evident you folks cannot get anything big done -- going forward -- and you never will in this Kalpa apparently.]

Sure Krishnakant Prabhu keeps quiet, THAT’S WHY I DON’T LIVE IN INDIA! 

[PADA: Krishna Kanta does not live in India? 

Madhu Pandit does live there, and he is not a quiet frightened mouse like you folks, he is out there preaching openly in public that Srila Prabhupada is the acharya. Unlike all of you frightened cry babies, he is out there publicly challenging the GBC gurus in public courts. And one of the reasons he is able to do that, tah dah, is that he has back up from the important BIG people who support his program. You guys have not been able to challenge a bag of fleas in the meantime, in court or anywhere else. 

You folks cannot preach like he is doing either, because you have no brain how to get support from these big people. So we should hide under a rock and not preach in India? So you admit you are frightened little mice running from the GBC guru's kitten? Again, this has nothing to do with anything Srila Prabhupada says, neither can you accomplish anything of substance? 

Great, so your solution is to hide like a frightened mouse under a rock and avoid India. Meanwhile, you want to assist the GBC in India by demonizing anyone who says we should establish Srila Prabhupada as the acharya of ISKCON in India. 

So you are afraid to preach in India -- because you are a frightened mouse unlike Madhu Pandit das -- but you will assist the GBC's sexual predator messiah's project over there from the sidelines by helping them attack their opponents in India? Which means, the sexual predator messiahs are being directly or indirectly aided and abetted by you guys! Why do you want the illicit sex messiahs program to win -- de facto? 

As for Krishnakant, he told me in 1997 that there is no longer any need for "PADA" because he is "making a deal" with the GBC to accept the "Final Order." He actually thought he could sit down with the Devil and make a deal with these folks, and everything would then be hunky dory and smooth sailing after that. Really? We said at the time this is totally naive, and it was. 

The IRM's Kamsahanta das also told me the same thing in 1997, PADA is not needed anymore because "the GBC will surrender to the Final Order in six months." OK this was even more delusional thinking. It means they wanted to compromise with the GBC gurus and their idea failed, totally. It also means they would rather have the bad guys progress than us. 

Nothing was ever accomplished by this plan, at least as far as we know, not even one of the GBC's gurus ever "accepted the Final Order." Whereas! Our idea -- of building up a rank and file opposition process -- was and is the better program. It works. And it still is working, we still get letters thanking us and asking nice questions on a regular basis. Our sites have thousands of visitors EVERY DAY year after year. 

OK they were naive. Apart from that, how can we make a compromise with the same people who have so badly destroyed ISKCON, and its properties, and its citizens, and changed our books, and made the acharya of ISKCON complain of poison?

To make things worse, the IRM clan told me not to pursue the book changes issue, molesting issue and poison issue in 1997, because this will create a big scandal and then "we will not have any buildings left in India, the government will seize them." Umm, so we need to protect the sexual predator messiahs program's buildings? We need to make sure Jayapataka and Hrdayananda have nice palatial residences? Why? Nope! We need to convince people, not to make sure the deviants are living in big palaces with many servants?

No, we have to address the GBC's deviations, and Madhu Pandit is doing that in the courts of India, whereas you critical folks are not. And we warned Adridharana and the IRM folks that they had better use our criminal complaints argument, or they would lose. 

And they thought this was silly because the GBC gurus were ready to cave in and support them. Nope, Adridharana ended up going into hiding after the GBC folks made false court claims against him. In short, he took a pea shooter weapon into WW II, and he lost, just as we warned the IRM clan would happen. Ok and this is why they say, do not bring a knife to a gun fight.]

Devotees are still being subject to intimidation, some don’t want to have their names published (I don’t criticize them for that. That is just the situation they find themselves in!). 

[PADA: Well yes, as soon as someone says the illicit sex messiahs program is bogus, then the GBC and their dedicated allies, ok often people like Sudarsan, will stomp their jack boots on the opponents of the GBC's bogus acharyas. 

They will attack us, vilify us, demonize us, and try to assist the GBC in having us oppressed. They want to frighten anyone from giving testimony against the bogus gurus, and its working, people tell me they won't speak up because these Sudarsan type of guys will jack boot them in the head. These guys are still dedicated servants of the sexual predator messiahs program, which they falsely claim to have abandoned.  

Prahlad in fact says he wants to circulate our Prabhupadanugas photos to the GBC's goondas to have our Prabhupadanuga devotees killed, so he admits he is secretly meeting with the GBC's goondas. OK not really so secret, he is openly promoting the speaking of the GBC guru's cheer leaders on his site. 

He wants to see sexual predators sitting on golden thrones being worshiped as good as God, that's all. Then he makes pretend he is against molesting and sexual predators, when he is working hand in glove with the promoters of that process. As Sulochana said, these people are boot lickers for the butt busters. 

And as soon as Madhu Pandit says, we need to establish Srila Prabhupada as the acharya, then Sudarsan and his pals demonize him, so they can attempt to get him beaten or killed, which is what happens when devotees are demonized. So they are trying to get anyone who worships Prabhupada killed, what is the difference between them and Tamal? 

Tamal was at least honest. He said he did not want Prabhupada to be the current acharya, while these guys like Sudarsan make pretend they want Prabhupada established, but they demonize anyone who worships him as the acharya, and they even demonize the process of making big programs that was introduced by the acharya.

And that is why our law enforcement friends always say to us since the 1980s, these guys who attack you dissenters are the real reason the bad guys stay in power, they are the hand maidens of the bad guys -- by oppressing the bad guru's opponents. The police told me this often and repeatedly, these type of guys who oppose us are "the enforcers" of the illicit sex messiahs program, thus they are the real reason the bogus gurus stay in power.]   

I don’t (and never will) accept grubby liars and con-artists like Madhu Pandit for the sake of ‘expediency’ or ‘social inclusion’. The world can go to Hell if it likes! and they can ”put me up against the wall and shoot me!”, that’s alright, this is hell anyway! If you don’t have the truth, then you have nothing!

Brahminical society is what Srila Prabhupada had envisioned for the future. Brahmana means that one is knowledgeable as to how society should function for the benefit of all and is not easily fooled by mendacious, fascist politicians, grubby sudoriferous hypocrite ”religious reprobates”, Corporate (vaisha class) criminals and ”sudra-class” pseudo ”devotees”.

[PADA: OK so where is your actual program of temples and brahmanas? Or is this just a bluff?] 

If there is to be some framework whereby a society can function ie: Varnashrama Dharma, there has to be a brahminical class which is INCORRUPTABLE and not ”putty in the hands of moneyed men, sleazy politicians and the criminal corporate class” anything else is just a waste of time and effort.

“For want of me the worlds course will not fail, when all it’s work is done, the lie shall rot! The truth is great and shall prevail where none cares whether it prevail or not”………

Daso Smi


[PADA: OK while Madhu Pandit prabhu is getting together nice temples, with really opulent deity worship, nice chanting, nice festivals, making devotees, etc. what are these critics doing? That is -- apart from their idle jibber jabber for the past 30 years?

Well at least one group of them we know of are always yabbering and yabbering about: -- the Rothschild's bankers, the so-called Jewish media, Hitler's "real story" video, the alleged Zionists, the serpent demons from the Draco constellation, the lost continent of Mu, ok basically a lot of the same "conspiracy trash materials" that obsessed BHAKTI TIRTHA SWAMI, HARIKESH, SUHOTRA and other conspiracy nut baggers. This is not helping! Worse, this is imitating the fools we are trying to overtake!

If you would ask an average Starbuck's table of college aged people, "If someone wanted you to watch a video of -- the real story of Hitler, would you be interested"? They'd laugh their socks off, they'd reply "we are not even interested in watching music videos that were made in the 1990s." Its out of date, except for a few neo-nazi lovers.

Hee hee. so these critics of PADA and Madhu Pandit are totally out of touch. The only people interested in watching videos about Hitler, Draco demons etc. are maybe members of the Ku Klux Klan and other assorted crack pots, ok like some of the GBC's gurus. 

And while these folks are promoting these bogus materials that would be of interest for the Klan, meanwhile Madhu Pandit das is making temples, programs, festivals, making devotees, printing books, etc.

To sum then, if you critics want to have a big program, you are going to need big help. What these critics do not realize is that we already went over their heads years and years and years ago, because we got help. And now Madhu Pandit is getting help. And that is why people have noticed our programs, we have had an impact at least. For example:

*** We acted as consultants to help the police and Federal Marshals clean up New Vrndavana. 

*** We acted as consultants to have the gurukula schools basically shut down and have hundreds of children removed from those schools worldwide. 

*** We acted as consultants in other law enforcement actions that we cannot discuss at present, and we are consulting on some items that may happen in future.

*** We had the poison tapes analyzed and convinced many people on this issue.

*** We helped the book changes issue go to court, and our side won.

*** We convinced many people locally and all over that they need to worship Srila Prabhupada.

And so on! 

And everything we got done here was done because, we got help from BIG people, and / or protection from the goondas by help from government agencies. That is how to get things done, how do we know? Because that is how Srila Prabhupada got things done, he got others involved. 

And that is also how we got at least a few things done. And that is how Madhu Pandit das is getting things done, he is working with big people to do big things. And if you critics simply want to work with the little people, ok like the crack pottery anti-illuminati fools, then big surprise, little ever gets done. Or worse, you look like crack pots to both the karmis and the devotees, this is simple common sense.

So go ahead, keep on discussing the Jewish bankers, the chemtrails program, the zombie apocalypse, the serpent demons from Draco, that is really a good use of time. Are you folks ever going to actually sue or take down the Jewish bankers, the Draco demons, etc. and remove even ONE of them from ANY post of ANY authority anywhere EVER in the ENTIRE universe in say, the next 47,000,000 Kalpas? Did not think so, its all big giant bluff and big waste of time. ys pd]

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