Tuesday, February 2, 2016

GBC Re-explains guru issue

[PADA: Wow!

Gurus are living over-opulently (because they are subject to prathista);
Gurus are making mistakes;
Gurus are falling down left, right and center;
Gurus are abusing people;
Gurus have different opinions on siddhanta;
Gurus have to be chastised for being sahajiyas;
Gurus have to be chastised for association with the Babajis;
Gurus have to be forbidden from association with Gaudiya Matha folks;
Gurus are dis-united;
Gurus are drinking Vodka and Schnapps;
Gurus are consulting advisors -- who should not have been consulted;
Gurus are "learning by doing" (on the job training?);
Gurus might trample or crush you -- because they are mean spirited cranks;
Gurus are changing the shastra books -- without authority;
Guru's books like Bhakti Vikas swami's have to be banned;
Gurus need to learn how to be more humble;
Gurus need to consult more with the congregation (because they are living in la la land)
Gurus are engaged in illicit sex (according to Jayadvaita swami)
Gurus are being censured for their Narayana Maharaja -- Gopi Bhava Club;
Gurus are taking drugs;
Gurus are arrested for possessing a machine gun;
Gurus are having "homosex in the holy dham";
Gurus are starting crack pot "Krishna West" programs and need to be censured;
Gurus are voted in, voted out, censured, suspended, monitored, removed and excommunicated for deviations;
Gurus are complicit in murders of dissenters;
Gurus are blooping, often cleaning out the safe on the way out the door;
Gurus have to "battle with doubts that Krishna is a myth" (like SDG says);
Gurus say parts of the Mahabharata are myths (like HDG);
Gurus say their co-gurus are sometimes asuras (like Gaura govinda maharaja says);
Gurus are watching football and ordering out pizza;
Gurus are living in five start hotels while the temple shower is full of smelly water;
Gurus bankrupt their society;
Gurus waste millions on foolish lawsuits;
Guru says its ok to wear condoms while having illicit sex (as Harikesha said);
Gurus are breaking up marriages;
Gurus are kicking out the harinama and book distribution devotees;
Gurus are allowing rats, bed bugs and cock roaches to come into temples;
Gurus are selling temples without consulting the congregation;
Gurus are starting Hindu "car pooja" programs;

-- and so on and so forth.

And then we have folks like the GBC, Rocana, Sridhara Maharaja, Torben Nielsen, Ajit Krishna, Gaura Govinda maharaja et al. who say acharyas are just like little puppies who are peeing on the carpet. So we have to "train" these foolish puppy acharyas and "discipline" them -- because acharyas are just like misbehaving little puppies.

Ravindra swarupa is in fact famous for saying "ISKCON gurus are learning by trial and error." Oh swell, guru is trial and error process. Who knew! Trial and error means speculation. So basically, gurus are speculating neophytes who sometimes are disunited and fighting like the "cats and dogs politicians."

Srila Prabhupada discusses all this already, people who imitate Lord Krishna's gurus are maha-aparadhis who are heading for the most obnoxious regions of the universe. No one can save them because false gurus "are never forgiven by the Lord or any agents of the Lord." Its much worse than that, when we told these gurus that there are problems starting in 1979, they did not even care. They did not even care when we told them there is a child abuse problem. They are not learning by trial and error, because they keep making the same errors over and over and over.

They said Lord Krishna's successors and gurus are often debauchees in 1979, and they say the same things now, they have learned nothing. And they spent apparently $20 million dollars suing us -- because they wanted us to also worship their debauchee messiahs project. Now they are saying disciples of my (debauchees) disciples? They may have learned something about all this by now, they are wasting $20 million dollars suing us and purchasing -- nothing. ys pd


  1. Right, Srila Prabhupada said to us many times while we were in India, whatever you do, do not even allow people to touch your feet, or you will be acting like a diksha guru and you will be absorbing the sins of others, and you WILL get sick, fall down, or both. He said to us as well, only a pure person like Jesus can absorb sins like this. Then apparently what seemed to have happened -- maya, illusion or maybe Satan came along and said to some of my brothers, hey go ahead, eat that forbidden apple -- and enjoy being a big guru, its ok to discard the warning words of your acharya! Well jeepers, guess what happens next? There has been a massive epidemic of these same people getting sick, falling down, some are dead prematurely, and some of them are saying they even doubt if Krishna exists. OK, they ate the forbidden apple because they forgot, the Devil is in the details, illusion told them its ok to violate the orders of our acharya. Sorry, its not! Better to remain a humble sweeper on the street than a charlatan meditator, as Srila Saraswati says. Now another one of them has a fatal illness, he has stage four cancer. They forgot that these details are there for a reason. These guys in 1979 even wanted to make me their co-guru of Ireland, hee hee, they wanted to give me a bite of their forbidden apple. All of that group who talked to me then either fell down, got very sick, or they are dead. ys pd

  2. No, Srila Prabhupada really did not really allow people to touch his feet hardly at all. I was alone with Prabhupada at one time and touched his feet just that one time, because I felt it was my duty as a disciple. It was not done regularly at all. We would also sometimes wash his feet by pouring water but not by touching. But no, it was not done regularly at all. I saw a video of the senior devotee "guru" who has stage four cancer, and as he was walking out the door on his way to the hospital, stumbling along on crutches, one of his people was STILL touching his feet. This is amazing to me, this guru is younger than me, he is clearly suffering from a bad if not fatal health prognosis, and yet he still thinks he has to power to absorb sins, when clearly, he does not. Srila Prabhupada told us that the meaning of diksha (guru) is "di," which means he gives pue divyam jnanam, and ksha, he absorbs or protects us from our sins. So the diksha guru is at least taking some sins away from the aspirant to give him a spiritual boost, and Srila Prabhupada says Jesus is still taking the sins of his sincere followers even now. So the diksha guru is a person who gives pure knowledge and he helps the aspirant by removing some of his karma, and that is why we neophytes are not allowed to take that post. Of course, some of these alleged sin absorbing Jesus wanna-be gurus have just gone mad from taking this karma, that is another indication that we neophytes should not take karma when we are not qualified. ys pd


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