Thursday, February 25, 2016

Radha Jivan is now "Unauthorized"

Response to Radha Jivana Prabhu's Recent Unauthorized Communication

Below is a letter from Ambarisa Prabhu to all ISKCON leaders and devotees and TOVP supporters in response to a recent unauthorized communication from Radha Jivana Prabhu. It assures everyone that the decision to relieve him of his TOVP services was done in the best interest of the project and that there will be no distractions to the current pace of progress on account of this unfortunate occurrence. It should also be noted that Radha Jivana Prabhu without authorization used the North American TOVP email database to send this communication, and illegitimately signed it as 'The NA TOVP Team'.

P.S. To ensure that all future donations and remittances are genuinely received and utilized only for TOVP purposes, no further donations and remittances are to be sent or given to the SACRED DEEDS FOUNDATION controlled by Radha Jivan Prabhu. Very soon an alternate foundation/entity shall be set up in the USA to receive your donations. In the meantime, please send all donations and remittances directly to the TOVP bank account in India: Please do not mail any checks to the Sacred Deeds office in Florida. We will keep you informed as to when and where these should be sent.

The North America TOVP Team

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