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Update on Mayapura Imbroglio 2/19/16

From: mahasrnga dasa

Hare Krsna Prabhus,

Please accept my humble obeisance’s. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

The following is the most accurate information about Mayapur that I’ve encountered on the net. The sender wishes to remain anonymous but this is quite factual since I know most of the ‘players’ involved.

Bhavananda and Pragosh were trying to kick out all the Bengali managers and so there was a fight. Bhavananda kicked out Radha Jivan as he opposed him and the GBC's ideas, as do many India Leaders.

It seems that Bhavananda, Hansarupa and Pragosh left Mayapur but Braja Sevaki DD was going to Radha Jivan in her angry mood and ladies were positioned at the door to stop her but she never reached and it seems some Bengali devotee men roughed her up a bit.

Bengali Shyamasundar told me the Bengali devotees from outside, from management and brahmacaris are against the new management, not all westerners. New management are getting salaries of 60,000 to 75,000 rupees per month will all expenses including overseas trips paid and they are on tourist visas. No investigation from Hansarupa, who by the way told the IIAC body that he and Pragosh Prabhu decide who to investigate and who not to.

[PADA: OK well giving people a salary while they are on tourist visas is illegal.]

No doubt there are problems with devotees conflict of interest, and profiteering for themselves. But it is a long history and in the old days they were encouraged by Harikesh and others to do just that. The Ethical Standards Compliance Office under Pragosh and Hansarupa are using their position and power to get out devotees they see as an obstruction to their plans. 

In fact when we were doing the investigation into conflict of interest against Naru Gopal Hansarupa told us that he was just a small fry and their real target was B P Swami, Dayaram and JPS. So another side to the story: In our estimation Naru Gopal and these others like Aloy Govinda, Nitai Naresh are not criminals but they are devotees and there is a conflict to interest which needs to be dealt with as devotees but this high handed mentality that ESCO has is causing huge pressure between foreigners and Indians.

Their idea is just kick them out of ISKCON.

ESCO said that Aloy Govinda is illegal alien from Bangladesh, is a thief and so many claims but Aloy Govinda is no fool so he fought back. In the end Pragosh and Hansarupa had to apologize as it was all found untrue. Aloy has made a lot of money building apartments and no doubt got land cheap from the land department but he did a lot of service.

When Bhavananda and Ambarish went to the Tourism Minister with their proposal for development, the Chief Minister got upset that they did not approach directly and sent government men to Mayapur to find out if we are breaking the land ceiling. In that there were many cases vested against ISKCON and it was only Aloy Govinda who went to the court everyday on our behalf and got all those vesting’s cancelled and saved our land, even while ESCO were calling him a criminal.

So as Badrinarayan Swami says maybe Lord Caitanya is cleaning up Mayapur for the 50th anniversary and maybe some of those who need to be cleaned up are from both sides, we shall watch and see. What Radhanath Swami says is; Mayapur should be managed by a joint team of GBC and India Leaders and let’s hope they discuss something like this.

More as it develops but rest assured this is Srila Prabhupda’s Iskcon and he along with Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu will do the needful to make it last for the next 10,000 years. Your servant in service to Srila Prabhupada.

Mahasrnga dasa
Lord Nityananda’s Appearance day
February 20, 2016

[PADA: We have heard some unsavory reports about Radha Jivana, if anyone knows the real scoop, let us know. Anyway, kicking all sorts of people out of ISKCON, great stuff, this is the number one reason the leaders make their own enemies, they just never learn that? 

We also heard separate reports that some Western people were getting huge salaries to work on the Mayapura project, like Dhananyjaya and Bala Gopal, while Bengalis were getting hardly anything in comparison. We heard that some of the project's "Western" managers were getting several thousand dollars a month or more, not just 60,000 rupees which is about $900. We cannot say for sure, but salaries seem to be a big incentive for a lot of the current managers all over ISKCON today.

At the same time, we heard the GBC made an exception to give Dayarama a big salary because he is their point man in their battle with Bangalore. So it does seem money is not being fairly distributed, and this is one of the issues here. At the same time, giving millions of dollars for the Bangalore lawsuit is a strain on the whole TVOP program and its not popular with a lot of people. 

Anyway, for Bhavananda to cut out all the Bengalis from local managing cuts them out of everything, including any salary and any participation in the project, and no doubt that will cause a lot of backlash. Why is Bhavananda still calling all the shots over there? This is "good ole boys network" on steroids. 

Meanwhile, we heard for a long time that some of the Bengalis are just fried with the entire GBC program over there, and they just want them to be removed and have all local Bengalis in charge. And with foolish people like Bhavananda being placed at the helm, no wonder. And he still has his faithful lap dogs like Hari Sauri and others over there as his bucket boys. Good ole boys club, the same reason ISKCON is in the tank everywhere else. Bengalis are now catching up? 

We will have to see how it all pans out. At the same time there are a few fools who keep telling us Bhavananda is not involved in any of the current managing, well sorry, he has been all along and still is a big leader there.

In any case, we are glad that some more people are challenging these GBC's gurus. That means, they understand these people are not gurus, or they would not challenge them at all. The Mayapura program has some nice kirtanas and Srila Prabhupada pooja going on, and they even played a lecture from Prabhupada for the class a few days ago. So -- our idea of the re-emphasis on Srila Prabhupada is sort of happening de facto, as their living gurus keep hitting the dirt either from sickness or fall down. 

Meanwhile, the entire GBC itself looks very corrupt to have people like Bhavananda in a big seat of power, after his regime aided and abetted ISKCON being sued for $400,000,000 for child abuse, It seems some of these big people who were a big part of the past corruption are still in charge. That is the perception. And now Badrinarayan's letter shows that he was aware of the child abuse and he could not even get funding for the phone bill for the child protection program, while all sorts of fat cats are getting big salaries.

All of this is good overall, because while the GBC is not doing its job -- therefore they are getting all sorts of protests these days, which means others are no longer allowing the GBC to do their thinking for them. People are starting to speak up, all over the place, ok a day late and a dollar short, but better than nothing. Anyway, this is part of shaking the tree and hopefully some more rotten apples will fall out. Challenging these big GBC's guru people proves -- they are not gurus, that is our idea in spades -- its spreading. ys pd]  

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