Sunday, December 30, 2018

Temple President Will "Negotiate Complaints"

PADA: Here we go again. A devotee in a foreign land has been posting public complaints about some of the GBC's leaders he has encountered. He says for example that a GBC (sannyasa) "came on to him" in what seemed to be -- a homosexual way. And that raised major red flags for him because, he felt that at least some of the GBC already knew this person had problems. And thus the GBC were already not acting properly to contain this guy. 

To sum, this devotee says he had already heard reports that this sannyasa fellow had some sexual predator troubles previously. Why wasn't the GBC taking action, and removing this person off the post of sannyasa -- a long time ago? And if this deviant sannyasa fellow was "coming on" to him, no doubt he was aggressing others. Why should the innocent devotees be subjected to this person's ill behaviors? 

Where are the checks and balances? 

As he found out more and more about this so-called sannyasa person's history, he began to write complaints about this (and some other issues) to some of his friends in public. And then the temple president called him up and told him to stop doing that, because this temple leader promised he was going to solve all this and forward this devotee's complaints to the GBC direct, and get these issues resolved internally. 

So this devotee wrote to me, to find out what are my experiences in this regard. Can the GBC be reliable to handle internal complaints? Oh no! They cannot! 

In any case, this should be interesting to see how it all works out. He also sent me some photos of Indradyumna swami hugging little kids with some of the mothers looking on with an apparently mortified expression. If not, it seems at least some of these mothers were unhappy, or feeling awkward and so on. 

What is up with that? Why isn't the GBC taking action? Why does Bhakti Vikas swami for example say, ok Indradyumna has some odd behavior -- but so what -- who cares, he is preaching. OK, but preaching what? Why are all these types of deviations being overlooked and swept under the carpet for years, or decades? And why does Hanuman Croatia apparently agree with Bhakti Vikas Swami, that its fine to cover over and allow these problems to continue (until there is some sort of crisis)? 

Its like Sridhara Maharaja said in 1978, we should tolerate GBC guru's deviations and "wait and see." OK fine, so there has been waves of banning, beating, molesting, lawsuits, police raids, murders, changed books and so on and so forth ad infinitum ... ok I give up, what are we "waiting" for? 

Anyway, when all this started there was no internet, and no means for us to connect with ISKCON's inner residents. Temple presidents would not allow their people to talk to us at the temples, or on the phone, and they could toss out our mailed out newsletters. The gurus never anticipated that there would eventually be an internet, where is would be really hard to control the flow of information. Yep, take it to the GBC direct. We already tried that. Been there, done that, it does not work. That is what this guy will eventually figure out, its all bluff. ys pd        

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