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Hanuman Croatia's Chicken Salad ISKCON Guru Sampradaya

Main Cheerleader for the "Chicken Salad Guru Sampradaya"

PADA: Just in case no one has noticed, recently the GBC's guru process seems to have run dry of writers to defend their position. Have we read any recent big "position papers" from Satsvarupa, Ravindra Swarupa, Badrinarayan, Hari Sauri or other previous writers lately? Well in a word, nope. Sound of crickets (quiet). 

I think they know -- whatever they write now will be scrutinized, to their peril. Of course sometimes a little of their writing surfaces here and there, and it makes them look very silly (see their quote below). Notice that the gurus in the Bhakti Vikas Swami guru parampara have no known "degree of God realization"? 

Yep, this is the Bhakti Vikas swami guru sampradaya that Hanuman Croatia has been promoting and defending; their gurus have no known "degree of God realization." The guru who has no known degree of God realization means, he is simply a rubber stamped figure head aka a false guru. And this is the process we should defend? What exactly is a guru -- who has no known degree of God realization? 

He is just a guru because we are cramming that process down your throats, and we now have to offer bhogha to these gurus and worship them as gurus in our temples -- like it or not!  

Ooops, but coming at us to defend the "no known degree of God realization" guru process from left field is Hanuman Croatia, who is still writing defense of the GBC's "non-realized" guru process, starting off by telling us we need to accept that Bhakti Vikas swami is an authorized guru in the "no known degree of God realization" guru parampara. And why is that? Apparently, because Bhakti Vikas swami is a sannyasa disciple of the founder father of the illicit sex with men, women and children acharya's lineage, i.e. Jayapataka swami.

Keep taking sins, you are almost there!

Did we forget to mention that Jayapataka swami has been very ill from maybe a decade or more, allegedly (or apparently) "from taking sins." And folks like BVKS have encouraged JPS and others to be diksha gurus -- and absorb sins? Never mind Srila Prabhupada repeatedly warned us, we neophytes cannot absorb sins and if we attempt to do so artificially, we will have to suffer (in this life and the next). 

Wow, was listening to Chaitanya Bhagavat recently, and it is saying that false sannyasas have to go to the hell known as -- Kumbhipaka (cooked in oil in a pot): A person is cooked alive in boiling oil by Yamadutas. And they have to stay there for many lifetimes. Why is BVKS helping send his God brothers to these places? Oh I forgot, he is the only bona fide person around, so he is sending his own God brothers -- packing off to Kumbhipaka loka! And what happens to the followers who worship the residents of Kumbhipaka loka? 

It does seem like these false prophets get the worst treatment from the Yamaduttas, because they are cheating others. The Chaitanya Bhagavat is saying that an ordinary sinful man is condemned for being bad, but he only takes himself down, while these false gurus and sannyasa take many others down with them, hence their enhanced punishment for the crime. 

Chicken Salad Guru Sampradaya?

A former GBC guru was eating at a health food restaurant here some years ago, and I happened to be walking through to get to the entrance to the health food store. I noted him sitting at a table and went over and noted he was eating a chicken salad. And we had that confirmed by others, that this alleged "previous link in the guru parampara from Krishna" person in the Hanuman Croatia guru parampara is now is a non-veg. And this is one of the previous acharya "gurus" in the Hanuman guru sampradaya? Almost forgot, these bogus "previous links" then 2/3 show of hands "voted in" the current links. 

The chicken salad guru sampradaya?

PADA: Of course, we never get any answer from Hanuman Croatia to the question, what exactly is his chicken salad guru sampradaya? And why would Bhakti Vikas Swami get voted into that sampradaya? And how come we have to offer bhogha to the chicken salad guru sampradaya's folks, at all? 

BVKS program's editor in chief

Of course another problem is that the Bhakti Vikas Swami guru's program is "re-writing" the books of Srila Prabhupada, much to the disdain of us folks. And Bhakti Vikas swami says we Prabhupadanugas are the bad guys for complaining about such things, but wait, we are the main people complaining about the changed books. Why hasn't BVKS stepped up to help us forward this complaint, and instead we see him sitting around having tea and crumpets with the bogus GBC's folks who support the book changers policy? 

Did we forget to mention -- Jayadvaita swami is the person who says the BVKS guru program contains "illicit sex with men, women and perhaps children." And maybe goats? And this is a bona fide guru sampradaya? Why doesn't Hanuman Croatia know that God's successors are not "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children" which is a key pillar principle of his BVKS guru process?

And recently a follower of BVKS wrote to tell me "you are a small fry nobody, and you need to keep your mouth shut." OK so they advised everyone to keep their mouth shut, and most folks did. Thus, when we said there is an abuse and molesting program going on, and people shut up about it -- the end result was that the BVKS guru program was sued in Dallas for $400,000,000. That is "a small fry problem"? Yep, $400,000,000 is a small fry's chump change for the BVKS process! Who knew! Why does the BVKS guru program think that being sued for $400,000,000, and bankrupting ISKCON, is a "small fry problem"? 

Did we forget to mention?
The Bhakti Vikas Guru program buries deviants in samadhis?
In the dham!

PADA: Sexual predators and porno swamis do not belong in samadhis, and yet the BVKS program is burying these deviants right next to the samadhis of the acharyas. Why don't these people know that this is wrong? Did we forget to mention that the GBC reinstated a known sex with taxi driver's deviant as their acharya, and then voted in Bhakti Vikas Swami as a member of that guru sampradaya? 

And they are even saying their porno swami "definitely went back to Godhead." Watching porn while posing as a sannyasa and acharya, takes a person back to Godhead? The good news? A devotee wrote to tell me he had been watching porn from time to time, but after learning that some of these GBC acharyas are interested in pornography, its made him turned off from having anymore interest. "I cannot be interested in anything they are, it makes me puke to think that I am like them in any way, shape or form." Hah hah!  

Not sure how we can keep saying that a member of this "guru parampara" is bona fide, and that they can take us back to Krishna. And now after all this defending a member of this mess, Hanuman Croatia is advising the ritviks how they should conduct things? Anyway, the good news is, Hanuman's chicken salad guru parampara is being rejected more and more each day and we are getting more and more people to become Prabhupadanugas. In sum, even if some of the so-called ritviks are not up to high standard, and admittedly some are not, they at least do not worship a chicken salad, and illicit sex with men, women and children guru sampradaya. At least they know who is the acharya, and who is not. ys pd 


  1. Thanks prabhu. Yes this does show us how the disciples of Bhakti Vikas swami are unable to answer even the most basic and simple siddhanta questions. Yep. As soon as we ask them, "What exactly is a chicken salad guru sampradaya. And why is Bhakti Vikas swami voted into that sampradaya?," they are immediately totally baffled and have no reply.

    Yes totally baffled, whereas any of our people can immediately answer, there is not such thing as a "chicken salad guru sampradaya," BVKS is simply speculating when he promotes and participates in such deviations, and his followers are aiding and abetting these deviations by promoting BVKS.

    Of course, as soon as the GBC reinstates sex with taxi drivers acharyas, then BVKS is licking their boots asking them to also certify him as a member of that divine lineage. Which begs the same type question, what is a sex with taxi drivers acharya's parampara? And again, they are baffled and cannot figure out the answer. Never mind, we will answer for them. ys pd

  2. Hanuman Das Plays Lion Guru Games BY: KRISHNA DASA. Hanuman das is suggesting that Bhakti Vikasa Swami might be a lion guru. But there are inconsistencies in his position. Hanuman das has publicly denounced many ISKCON gurus as deviant. But has he confirmed with Bhakti Vikasa Swami that his analysis is correct? If Bhakti Vikasa Swami supports the gurus that Hanuman rejects then Hanuman should accept the verdict of Bhakti Vikasa and retract his criticism. Alternatively, if Hanuman is convinced that he is right, he should reject Bhakti Vikasa Swami. After all, a bona fide guru would not support bogus gurus.

    On the other hand, if Bhakti Vikasa Swami agrees with Hanuman, why is only Hanuman and not Bhakti Vikasa publicly criticizing ISKCON gurus? Although Bhakti Vikasa Swami is more outspoken than most gurus, he does not go nearly as far as Hanuman does. Lion gurus boldly speak the truth. Why then would Hanuman consider Bhakti Vikasa Swami to be a lion guru? He would be more of a lion than Bhakti Vikasa Swami.

    Hanuman needs to stop playing games and clarify his position on Bhakti Vikasa Swami. I doubt he can find a single ISKCON guru that will stick up for him, in which case he should either reject them all, or reject his own thinking.

  3. Yes, a lion is not made the lion by the "2/3 show of hands votes" of the jackals. ys pd


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