Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bhakti Vikas Swami's Program -- Killing His Godbrothers?

Taking karma is causing sickness and death?

PADA: Srila Prabhupada named no one to be guru? That is false. He told us many times not to even allow other people to touch our feet -- or we will be acting as diksha gurus, and we will thus be absorbing other's karma, and this will make us get sick, fall down or both. 

Whereas Bhakti Vikas swami's program is openly encouraging people to act as diksha gurus, and how did you guess, they are getting sick, falling down, and many have died prematurely. Gunagrahi swami -- for example -- has cancer (from taking karma?) and on his way to the hospital -- his feet are being touched, giving him even more karma, and he is already dying?  

Why is Bhakti Vikas swami's program encouraging unqualified people to act as diksha gurus, when he clearly sees they are falling down, getting sick, and dying left, right and center? Why does BVKS want his own brothers to suffer and die like this? Notice in the photo above, he is laughing, while his victims are falling down, suffering illness, and even dying?

Yes! BVKS is clearly causing intense suffering and death for his own brothers by having them take karma without authority. Just look at the 11 gurus BVKS first started promoting, everyone of them, yes EVERY SINGLE ONE, either got very sick, fell down, or died. Why is BVKS making this program, which is clearly destroying these folks, who are supposed to be his own brothers? Why does BVKS want his brothers to go down into the ditch, and even die? 

OK agreed, I don't like all of my God brothers, but I am not wishing them to get sick, fall down, and die from fatal ailments -- like BVKS is doing every single day of his life since 1977? Why is BVKS promoting a program that is making his God brothers get sick, fall down -- and which is in fact killing his brothers from fatal ailments? Just look how BVKS program has ruined the health of Jayapataka swami for example. 

And even some of JPS own followers AGREE WITH PADA. They are saying exactly what we are saying, that JPS is sick from TAKING KARMA. This means -- even the GBC's guru folks know their gurus are getting sick, falling down, and dying, from taking karma. So why is BVKS encouraging his own God brothers to take this dire step, knowing how badly its affecting his own brothers? He sees that so many of his brothers ALREADY got sick, fell down, and died prematurely from taking karma, and he wants that process to expand and continue? He clearly wants to spread suffering and death among the Vaishnava community. 

Why does BVKS hate vaishnavas including his own brothers so badly, he wants them to suffer these fates? Yep! Why does BVKS want these horrendous reactions to happen to his own brothers? So first of all, he says he loves his brothers. Then he says, lets get our own brothers to take karma without any authority whatever, so they can become very sick, fall down into scandals, and die prematurely, from taking this karma. BVKS does not even love his own brothers? 

Yes, I do disagree with my brothers, but at least I am NOT telling my brothers to get sick, fall down and die. I am not attacking anyone, I am saving others from this fate. I also already explained that many people are already following our idea and that is why the BVKS program is spending $20,000,000 suing our Prabhupada folks. That is apparently because -- he wants more people to suffer and die, he has not seen enough victims of his bogus ideas. 

You said we are all watching TV and smoking pot, ok so why is BVKS program spending apparently $20m to stop the people who are watching TV and smoking pot? That is your guys biggest priority issue? This is the goal of life? Its not to preach, or to print books, or start varnasrama, its to sue the pot head and TV watching folks? Why has BVKS program dedicated itself to attacking the pot heads, if that is what we all are? Yep, lets stunt all our preaching so we can waste $20,000,000 suing -- the pot heads?

As for me personally following Vaishnava vows, I am following way better than BVKS's illicit sex guru project? His gurus have been watching football on TV, watching porn, gambling in Las Vegas, having illicit sex, and I caught one of them eating chicken salad at the local health food store. 

First of all, you should get your gurus to follow the basics, then you can start to worry about my standards. Anyway, below is a photo of JPS, and just see how BVKS has told this man to accept karma AGAINST THE DIRECT ORDERS of the acharya, and just see what BVKS is doing, he is killing his own God brothers by telling them they can take karma. 

They can't absorb karma, and they were told NOT TO by the acharya. And why don't you folks ever answer the first question, who authorized BVKS to tell his brothers to take karma, when he knows we were told not to do so, and when he sees how his program is causing his own brothers so much suffering, and premature death? 

So yes, as a matter of fact I am more advanced than BVKS, because I am not sitting around since 1977 encouraging my brothers to take karma, which causes them to get sick, fall down and die. I wanted my brothers not to fall down, get sick and -- die. Yes, that makes me the better person here. ys pd

Karma absorbing sponge of the jagat?

Yep, just give me all your karma, I am another Jesus!

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