Wednesday, July 6, 2016

India's Muslim Televangelist Inspired Dhaka Attackers?

[PADA: The guru of the Dhaka attackers is apparently Mumbhai based and he is "widely popular" on TV in India. OK, why is India allowing this to go on? Facilitating this guy's preaching does not seem like a good plan? 

Hee hee, the only good news here is that after his followers blow themselves up and kill others, they will find themselves on Yama's planet and not the planet where they get 72 virgin slaves. Krishna's laws surpass all other's laws. 

This preacher is not giving them proper understanding of God and how He works. Anyway, its apparently well known this guy is inspiring violent attacks upon non-combatant innocent people, and India is not clamping down on this guy and shuttering his program? This is politically correct liberalism? ys pd] 

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