Friday, July 15, 2016

The Hitler Prajalpa Program (update)

PADA: A few people from ISKCON (disciples of a GBC guru) have asked PADA why are some of "the ritviks" pouring on the steam to promote Hitler. OK those "ritvik" people are the HKC Jaipur's saintly shiksha guru mentors aka Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad das. Apparently their group is now saying Hitler was giving divine prophetic visions about Lord Chaitanya's movement, and they are glamorizing him more and more. Sheesh! 

OK it is true that Hitler is respected by some "Nazi sympathizer" nationalist groups in India, because they credit Hitler with creating so much pressure on England, this took England away from control of India. Suffice it to say that Hitler was perhaps useful to help liberate India from British control, but that does not make him any sort of wonderful saint. 

Sometimes a thorn removes another thorn. Then again, one Indian friend of mine says he wished the British had stayed, because splitting India with Pakistan caused even worse problems, like a possible nuclear war. Apparently, not everyone can be pleased.

A few ex-kulis explained to me that since this group has ALSO been emphatically against helping liberate the kuli children from odious molesting programs, their group is now suffering the collective results of their offenses -- by constant meditating on Hitler. Perhaps this is why the Vedas say, you become what you always think about, whether you wanted to become that or not. 

Certainly, meditating on Hitler is not going to produce a very favorable future life, or even a very nice current life. And that is another reason their program is stunted and is not making much progress. Of course Prahlad says their Hitler videos are wonderful because they are "getting lots of hits," oh swell, and so are bikini contest videos.

So my answer to these ISKCON people has had to be, these "ritvik" people are not really representing the ritvik cause. They are hi-jacking our program. And its a fact, none of the other "ritviks" are ever even discussing World War II and the leaders of that program. These people seem to have forgot that Srila Prabhupada has said that his followers should not be discussing Hitler, at all, and that Hitler is like a teeny insect who is just a blip on the radar of history.

Anyway its very sad that these people are going way off the reservation of what Srila Prabhupada wants us to discuss, while claiming to be his top adherents. OK, that is what the GBC has done. And so now they are simply creating problems for the sincere ritviks. We included a few quotes on this topic in the article below ... ys pd

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