Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hartford Temple Still Going Well


[PADA: Unfortunately, Pancaratna das, the GBC for Hartford, has been promoting their idea that Krishna's successors / gurus / messiahs / acharyas are most of the time -- fallen debauchees, illicit sex deviants, and even criminals. Pancaratna's program promotes their idea that God's successors / gurus / messiahs are MUCH more fallen than the average mundane persons walking down the street. 

And Jayadvaita swami (aka Jay Israel of Alachua Florida) has summed up Pancaratna's whole guru program, he says their gurus have been found "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children."  

Not really sure why the (mostly Hindu?) congregation there have been going along with these ideas -- since most of them are India / Hindus. Its very surprising to us that any Hindus anywhere would support the idea that India's successor acharyas from the heavenly Vaikuntha realm are often sexual predators and degraded debauchees. 

Its a mystery! 

The good news is, the bona fide Vaishnavas from India and most of us Westerners know that the saints from heaven are NEVER degraded debauchees. We will have to educate these folks. ys pd] 

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