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Hrdayananda Swami's "Guru Reform" Paper Pt. 2

Prabhupada’s Will and the GBC

The first article of Prabhupada’s final Declaration of Will states that “the Governing Body Commission (GBC) will be the ultimate managing authority of the entire International Society for Krishna consciousness.”

[PADA: I actually asked Hrdayananda where it is stated that 11 gurus were appointed by Srila Prabhupada, and he told me "its in the (last) will." I told him -- I had read "the will" and there is no appointment of 11 gurus found there, and he was shocked that I had even seen the will. They hid these documents and I had to get my copy of "the will" out of Hansadutta's safe at the temple. I made photocopies and everyone who got a copy agreed, they had not ever seen the will. Why was Hrdayananda's party hiding these documents?] 

Prabhupada often warned his disciples not to follow the tragic example of the Gauḍīya Maṭha which disintegrated because Prabhupada’s Godbrothers did not follow their Guru’s order to form a GBC.

[PADA: Right, the Gaudiya Matha made false acharyas, and Hrdayananda's team did the same thing, and the ISKCON GBC even went to Sridhara Maharaja for advice, knowing he is the founder of the Gaudiya Matha's false guru deviation. Dissenters to the 1936 false acharyas were beaten and killed, and some dissenters to Hrdayananda's false gurus were also beaten and killed. Later on after 1936, the Gaudiya Matha folks started a sort of guru voting type process, and Hrdayananda's group started the same exact guru voting system. 

Some of the Gaudiya Matha's gurus were homosexuals, and so were some of the GBC's. Of course, since most of the GBC's gurus were from a much more degraded Western origin than folks born as brahmanas and so forth in India, Hrdayananda's program had far worse false acharya's results -- like child molesting, drug taking gurus, illicit sex with men, women and children gurus, and so on, because the Western culture would make far worse false acharyas. 

Since Hrdayananda knew all along that we were not supposed to introduce these deviations, he is criminally liable for creating these same deviations, and he will thus be judged for promoting such mayhem heavily in the courts of Yamaraja. As Srila Prabhupada says, the post of GBC is very responsible and if its misused "as the post is great so the punishment for misuse is also very great."  

So, these so-called GBC people created an illicit sex with men, women and children messiahs program, which bans, beats and kills vaishnavas, molests vaishnava children, and creates a huge criminal infrastructure, so we can hardly imagine the punishments that await the participants in these deviations, never mind they also ruined the name of Krishna all over the planet which is itself a severe aparadha -- because its turning millions of people away from Krishna. And that is why Srila Prabhupada says these veda vada rata false guru people go to the darkest, dankest, most horrible destinations after they leave their bodies, because they have thrown others into darkness. As Sulochana said, "they showed no mercy to us, so they will not get any from the higher authority."] 

"Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, at the time of his departure, requested all his disciples to form a governing body and conduct missionary activities cooperatively. He did not instruct a particular man to become the next acarya. But just after his passing away, his leading secretaries made plans, without authority, to occupy the post of acarya, and they split in…factions over who the next acarya would be.” [CC 1.12.8-10 Purport]

[PADA: Fantastic, so the GBC knew all along that they had no authority to make these false acharyas and create factions, beatings, mass molesting, murders etc. as happened in the Gaudiya Matha's false guru system.They knowingly acted sinfully. They knew this was sinful the whole while! That saves Lord Yamaraja a whole lot of work, he does not even have to ask them if they knew they were wrong to create these bogus acharya factions, they knew it all along! So this is called knowingly acting sinfully.] 

Prabhupada himself diligently developed the GBC system in ISKCON, after introducing it in 1970. Given the dissolution of the Gauḍīya Maṭha, and Prabhupada’s personal crafting of the GBC to prevent history from repeating itself, it is natural that ISKCON has always aimed its radar at any possible challenge to the GBC system.

[PADA: So that is the first thing the 11 did in 1978, they declared that the 11 are now "the acharya board" and the acharya board is now the superior entity over the GBC, effectively dismantling the overall GBC. Simultaneously, the acharya board declared that the Gaudiya Matha and its leaders are the new ISKCON advisors, shiksha gurus, and main "new" authority to ISKCON. 

So the 11 made the founders of the illicit sex guru program from 1936 the de facto shiksha gurus for the entire society, and they said Sridhara Maharaja is their "higher authority," right -- "higher" than Srila Prabhupada. So they basically booted out Srila Prabhupada as their authority and made a higher authority of the Gaudiya Matha's deviants. That was required since they were now going to make the same bogus guru deviation as the Gaudiya Matha, so they took shelter there to cement in the deviation.

Simultaneously --

The Gaudiya Matha is our new authority.

There is no GBC, there is the acharya board.

No one is allowed to see the letters, the 1977 conversations, the will, and other documents.

Anyone asking questions is booted out and threatened with violence.

Money meant to care for the gurukula children is being siphoned off for opulent lifestyles of the elite 11 and their lackeys.

Jayatirtha is caught having illicit sex and taking drugs and he is still reinstated as an acharya.

ISKCON loses the Syracuse fraud lawsuit.

ISKCON farm is raided by Federal Marshals in Berkeley Farm.

PDI business in Laguna Beach temple is raided by the Federal Marshals.

New Vrndavana dissenter disappears, and was later found buried in New Vrndavana.

Bhagavan is living like a king while he kicked out hundreds of Prabhupada devotees.

Hansadutta kicked out all but two Prabhupada devotees.

GBC starts to say acharyas are often deviants.

Satsvarupa writes paper saying that the mahajanas are often in illusion and deviating ...

Women's collecting party abuses reported in the Los Angeles Times.

Parents begin to report problems in the gurukula system ... 


Meanwhile Hrdayananda was under fire for "overly associating with women." So are we to say none of these leaders were aware of these issues?]


Danger on Both Sides

However, we must keep in mind that one can veer off any road to the right or left. Thus history teaches us that there are two dangers to Prabhupada’s GBC system:

a) not accepting GBC authority;

b) giving oppressive power to the GBC.

Failure to follow the GBC system will sabotage Prabhupada’s ISKCON. But an unjust or oppressive GBC can itself damage and even destroy Prabhupada’s GBC system. Consider the following.

Social and political science often cite the pendulum effect to show that cultural, social, and political trends, when brought to one extreme, will tend to swing back to the opposite extreme. Thus throughout history, tyranny has often led to anarchy or democracy. A classic example is the oppressive French monarchy that led to the chaotic French Revolution. A current example is seen in Libya.
Prabhupada himself said that in the West, monarchy fell and gave way to democracy because it grew corrupt and oppressive. The opposite is also true: anarchy leads to tyranny, as seen in Germany after World War I.

I will argue in this paper that ISKCON has diligently guarded against one extreme: rejecting the GBC system. But ISKCON must also guard itself from the opposite extreme: tyranny. The GBC must take care not to claim, beyond Prabhupada’s mandate, an extreme power that will ultimately destabilize and undermine Prabhupada’s GBC system. 

Dictatorial authority may lead to a collapse of that authority, as with the Gauḍīya Maṭha, or to strong institutional democracy that jeopardizes the descending authority of the paramparā system.

[PADA: Right, the GBC system is not a cooperative effort made with the senior devotees and themselves. It has become a tyranny system of a few artificial "absolute acharyas" who have made chaos out of ISKCON, at the same time they cannot seem to manage a simple problem like removing deviants from the post of leadership. Devotees in one zone have gone through this problem even recently, an abusive person was allowed to rule over the devotees and the GBC failed to correct this, and protect the citizens. The tyrants are allowed to rule with an iron fist, and dissenters are squashed.  

Its dysfunctional, as is always the case with tyrants, the people at the top benefit and those on the lower rungs suffer. That is true in North Korea, and this is why some ex-kulis told me Hrdayananda's program is like North Korea, a few elites live like kings, while the lowly peons (as happened with the gurukula children) suffer from a lack of resources, or even a lack of essential supplies like soap, food, blankets and medicine. Hrdayananda as a leader is directly responsible for all these problems ... And Hrdayananda is right, he and his pals have acted like tyrants, as has been confirmed by victims of their program. ys pd]  


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