Sunday, July 17, 2016

GBC Removes More NYC Temple Sale Protesters

PADA: Yep, the GBC is currently banning more people from the Brooklyn New York temple, those who are protesting the sale of the temple. Pretty much how they deal with everything, anyone who objects is banned. The good news is that when their people are banned, they sometimes come to us, heh heh heh. 

It does seem odd that while some of the GBC make pretend they are against the sale, they are not really forwarding GBC legislation meant for helping the people who are being banned, or coming up with any substantial policy of stopping this banning practice over these types of issues. Ban em' all, we'll take them! ys pd

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  1. Correct. The GBC has purged most of the Vaishnavas from the temples, closed some, sold some temples, and they are currently kicking out another wave of devotees from Brooklyn who oppose selling that temple.

    They made ISKCON temples into ghost towns. Now they are spending $20,000,000 suing Bangalore devotees, so they can kick out hundreds of more devotees over there. they even said their objective is to remove all of these people and they will sue them "for the next 100 years." So they are constantly trying to turn temples into empty ghost towns.

    So as long as their policy is to have empty temples, and to spend lavish amounts of money removing people, there will be little regulated devotional activities. And people will also not be attracted to a program which bans and kicks people out on a regular basis.

    So the internet and things like our web sites are a big source of association for most of these refugees from the purge folks. And that is the story we keep getting since 1978, they are kicking people out here, there, and all over, this is not the way to build a devotional activity program. ys pd


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