Thursday, July 21, 2016

BV Narayana Maharaja Folks Challenge PADA

"Prabhupada" style titles are only meant for deviants?

[PADA: A follower of BV Narayana Maharaja has told PADA that yes, BV Narayana Maharaja was part of the 1971 Gaudiya Matha God brothers group meeting that "voted" to say that AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada has no authority to use the title of "Prabhupada." So BVNM was part of that group who objected to us calling our guru "Prabhupada." They argued that only Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura Prabhupada could use that title.

Meanwhile, BVNM says that Sridhara and Madhava are bona fide gurus (and the BVNM follower who confronted PADA confirmed that BVNM says these 1936 gurus are bona fide acharyas) -- and these guys made a bi-sexual deviant into their acharya. So wait a minute, its NOT ok to have the bona fide acharya use the title meant for acharyas, like our Prabhupada, but it IS ok to affix these acharya titles to illicit sex deviants? Of course this begs the question, why are Jnana das, Jadurani, and many others -- promoting this worship of illicit sex acharyas process?  

Worse, BVNM supported the post-1977 GBC group that said illicit sex with men, women and children folks are qualified to use the titles of: Vishnupada, Acharyapada, Gurupada, Tirthapada, Krishnapada, etc. So its NOT ok for an actual acharya like our Prabhupada to use these titles -- meant for the acharyas, but IT IS ok to promote the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children -- using acharya titles? Its illegal to say Jesus is a pure devotee, its only legal to say Satan is a pure devotee? What!

Why does BVNM ilk say that actual acharyas CAN NOT use the titles meant for acharyas, but only his post-1936 bi-sexuals deviants party -- and BVNM's post-1977 illicit sex with men, women and children deviants party -- CAN use these titles? The 1936 bi-sexual deviant program is qualified to use acharya titles, but we cannot use these titles for our guru? Why doesn't BVNM know that titles meant for the acharyas are ONLY meant for acharyas -- and not for his illicit sex pooja deviation? Yep, they have failed to answer the question. If they or anyone else has any answer, send it to: 

angel108b@yahoo. com 

ys pd]      

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  1. Right, this is the root point of disagreement between PADA and the BVNM folks. People like Narayana Maharaja formed a party that attacked the bona fide acharya for using acharya title. Then BVNM says only deviants like the Gaudiya Matha and the GBC are allowed to use these acharya titles.

    Then BVNM says the ritviks are bogus, because they are not affixing acharya titles to his illicit sex acharyas, and instead they are affixing this title only to Prabhupada. Right, this is all about how they are establishing their worship of debauchees as their acharyas program, and thus they do not like PADA, nor do their minions like PADA, because we are saying that worship of illicit sex as acharyas is a deviation.

    Yep, that is what it all comes down to, they do not want bona fide acharyas to have acharya titles, they want illicit sex deviants to have acharya titles. And the result is, there is banning, beating, molesting and murders as a result because that is the only way debauchee acharyas can stay in power.

    And that is also what they did in 1936, dissenters were banned, beaten and assassinated, that is how they keep their illicit sex guru program afloat. Worse, they already know this will be the result of their promoting illicit sex acharyas, so they are apparently knowingly deviating.

    Good question, are they deviating on purpose to destroy Lord Chaitanya's movement, or are they just ignorant and they honestly do not know that debauchees are not acharyas? ys pd


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