Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tripurari Swami vs Moon Landing Hoax

[PADA: Tripurari swami appears to be saying there is some overwhelming evidence that we went to the moon, you mean like the "moon rock" which turned out to be petrified wood? Of course he is also writing encouragement to GALVA, the gay and lesbian vaishnava association, along with Hrdayananda. 

OK if we are supposed to give up illicit sex, where is the need for the gay and lesbian association program? That process should be conducted outside the official ISKCON society and not be a formal part of it. Of course Tripurari's mentor Sridhara Maharaja supported a homosexual guru program after 1936 and again after 1977, so they seem to have sympathy for this agenda even in the acharya's seat, never mind elsewhere.

I think that these guys have had a very liberal interpretation of all sorts of things, for example their idea that acharyas can fall down and be deviants. 

There really seems to be no overwhelming evidence that we went to the moon, and even a NASA specialist wrote recently that we have no means of putting a human through the Van Allen Belt that surrounds the earth, because of its toxic radiation. There are also hundreds of videos about various problems with photos and videos of the alleged moon landing, never mind many expert people do not believe an antique computer that has less capacity than a Nintendo hand held device could bring a rocket to the moon and back, it would not have the computational power required. 

Suffice it to say, there is no overwhelming evidence that we went there, there is however overwhelming evidence these people are doubtful about the Vedic process. ys pd]

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