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Moon Landing Hoax Update

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada says the moon landing was a hoax, and here is a discussion on that issue here. Also see Srila Prabhupada's quotes at: http://www.harekrsna.org/moon-landing.htm ]

CC: Some of us used our God given intelligence and listened to Prabhupada, then surrendered to Krishna and Prabhupada with a very happy heart and 100% faith and trust. As a Child I thought "if they have been to the Moon then why haven't they been back?" Same as, "if we are from apes, why are apes still here?" A Child can understand truth, that can then be answered by a Spiritual Master in connection with God. Why do some people doubt their Spiritual Master words?

WD: I do not use my Spiritual Name,because I am afraid I will not be able to be effective with set ups and traps.

PY: Srīla Prabhupāda kept an open mind on the subject. Why not follow his example?

WD: "I follow my Spiritual Master blindly" S.P.

VD: I hope this will satisfy you, please thoroughly research this (http://apolloreality.atspace.co.uk/) site and then put some comments. This web page will show you how, and where NASA faked the lunar approach, lunar orbit, lunar landing, and lunar take off, for all the Apollo Moon landing videos.

Bhakta Peter Lost apollo film reel explained here 17 minutes in

"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" Avananda Interviews filmmaker Bart Sibrel
Bart Sibrel has become the worlds most controversial spokesperson for the "We Never Went To The Moon Conspiracy Evidence". Bart has been a tireless researcher on this.

RD: I remember the night this alleged landing took place. I was 17. For hours before the actual landing, they were showing a ‘mock up’ of “What it will look like when it happens” I was confused by this. But they showed over and over what it ‘would’ look like. Then the BIG event, the walk on the Moon-first time -- it looked just like the mock up they’d been showing all night. I guess they were right that was how it ‘would’ look. I was not impressed.

So I went outside to have a look at the Moon. It was bright and full I believe. I wondered to myself if they were really there. I never expressed my doubts to anyone. To do so would have been asking for it.

VD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCoe4-5UjaQ

LM ON TV This video shows a woman watching the fake lunar landing on her TV.

RD: That's how the TV looked alright.

PADA: Some scientific folks made a video showing for example that once a human being is more than 50 miles above the planet, the radiation is so bad, he would need to be in a lead lined box to survive, however space craft cannot carry that much weight, and that their camera film would have melted, so many things etc. In any case, its also a little strange that with that ancient technology they could go, but they have not been able to go subsequently with more advanced tech?

The whole things sounds dubious -- even to a lot of materialists. Right after they "went" someone made a movie "Capricorn One" where they showed how all this was possible in a film studio, you can still rent that movie as far as I know. In other words, even many ordinary people doubt that we ever went to the moon. ys pd

PD: Yes the Lunar Module was such a thin piece of metal had no radiation proofing at all

Vlado Eror http://kickass.to/capricorn-one-1978-int-dvdrip-xvid...

PY: This is exactly the way I felt about it, until a few years ago when I watched the movie, “The Disk.” Then it became obvious to me that the Russian astrophysicist that I questioned at Michigan Tech was right. Faking the moon landings was impossible. The mission was tracked by scientists all over the world, especially the Russian scientists. They’re not fools. You can’t fake a lunar trajectory. No knowledgeable scientist has ever claimed that the manned moon landings were faked. I watched Capricorn One. it doesn’t prove anything.

BP: Cremo and Sadaputa both spent alot of time showing us the dishonest methods of these scientist and archaeology type people, especially with a work such as Forbidden Archaeology documents this pretty well. Cremo makes it clear that if an archaeologist finds something that does not fit the current world view it will be automatically thrown out. And if it is not the professor will lose tenure, and become ostracized from his community and other colleagues will reject them.

PY: But if the moon landings were faked, then why didn’t any of the Russian space scientists cry foul? Do you think they are all complete fools? Sadaputa, when I saw him face-to-face in late 1996, agreed with me that the Apollo astronauts probably did actually walk on the moon.

BP: Its because the cold war was a farce from the very beginning, its simply the artificial implementation of the Hegelian Dialectic in recent times.

VD: But if the moon landings were faked, then why didn’t any of the Russian space scientists cry foul?
Srila Prabhupada has excellent comment on this question?

Prabhupada: ... The Russian scientists and the American scientists joined on the platform, "Don't expose me, I don't expose you." (laughter) (Bengali) "You have to do your business and same I have to do my business. Let us support one another." In all other case, they are inimical, and the scientific field they are friends. That means that if a scientist, another scientist, opposes me, then my attempt will be futile, so let us don't do it.

Srutakirti: You don't expose me, and I won't expose you.

Prabhupada: Because we are doing business, we are getting money from these rascal government, so if you expose me, then I will not get money, and if I expose you, you will not get money. Let us remain together and let them remain fools. That's all. This is it. If a common man like me can understand the whole policy, how the scientist will not understand? But they have made a compromise that "Don't expose me, I'll not expose you, and let us take money from the government. This is going on...

Srutakirti: It is like the Russians and the Americans. He doesn't want to offend the other scientists. (laughs)

Prabhupada: If the other scientists condemn him, then he will not get service.

Srutakirti: That's right.

Morning Walk May 18, 1975, Perth

BP: Yes exactly, the tops of all the major countries in the world have been working together for a very long time, proof of this can be seen with the United Nations Charter, which is almost an exact copy of the communist manifesto. Russia and US have always had similar interests, an example would be the Afghanistan war, first go in the Russians, now its the Americans turn... nothing new. Here in this inverview Jarrah White answers almost every question imaginable http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KgqNPay67w

VD: Just watch this video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDQjc4fEF-M

MD: The "blind" guy is exemplified in Prabhupada's famous comment, "Who's in that room", with the response, "I'm not stealing". There have been many intellectual comments by people who have studied the issue without an agenda with false ego trying to understand the truth. .

KD: After reading this thread I had to make a small trip to the moon, and of course I had to acquire a very special Visa and supervision to get in. The type Visa that not even Neil Armstrong could dream of. Can you believe the immigration service from there let me in for 5 minutes? That's after I pleaded my case and they acknowledged I really needed a break after reading what some may consider to be the book of Revelations, the masonic kind.

BP: Yes VD i have seen that a couple of times before.

PADA: Srila Prabhupada explained why the scientists are not reliable ...

BP: Yes just see how Prabhupad has covered this from basically every angle ...

PADA: Yes, Thanks VD for posting this, that is my feeling exactly, these people are all conducting hoaxes.
Krishna das argued with Srila Prabhupada about the moon landing and also that Srila Prabhupada said small worms come out at night and eat your teeth. Krishna das argued there are no such worms, however certain bacteria look a lot like -- worms?

Then he blooped out, he simply could not accept these things. Better to accept and not wander off the reservation.

BP: Yes thats the whole point of the parampara, to accept what the guru says. Thats what makes the parampara continue, otherwise it would not stay intact. OK so the question is: The Vedic civilization did not have electron microscopes or microscopes at all from what i know, so how did they know 'worms' came out at night and attacked our mouth? We know this is true now, we can see the worms and we call them bacteria. But how could they understand something they havent seen?

Western people didnt even know germs exist until pretty recently. Microorganisms were discovered in the west in 1675, but Vedas knows about these tiny creatures for looooong time ago ...


  1. Dear PADA this is getting slightly out of control. Your "Bhakta Peter" should first of all learn to repeat what Prabhupada has said. Now it looks like "Bhakta Peter" has besides Prabhupada other authorities. This is not acceptable!
    Bhakta Peter: "Here in this inverview Jarrah White answers almost every question imaginable"
    This is of course hogwash and you know it! We simply talk what we heard from Prabhupada.

    Prabhupada: Not unauthorized. I don't speak anything which I have not heard from my Guru Maharaja.
    (January 24, 1977, Bhuvanesvara)

    "Whatever we are speaking, there is reference in the Bhagavad-gita. We don't speak anything according to our whims. No."

    "But my only ambition is that I don't speak anything else beyond Krishna's speaking. That's all."

    1. THis is Bhakta Peter,

      Yes i know Jarrah White is not really a religious person, but why not use him as a source when he has scientifically proving what Prabhupad said 40 years ago? He has confirmed what Prabhupad said from a completely different angle. And JW is not the only person, there has been many such as Bill Kaysing, Bill Cooper and many others. Jarrah White does not have Prabhupad as a guru, but still he has been able to scientifically come to the same conclusion that apollo was a hoax. To convince people it is best to use as many different sources proving the same thing. This is just how proofs are done in the science world. Its called RESEARCH!

      Thanks , BP

  2. Cremo is not a scientist, he is a fraud. the whole scientific community labels him a fraud. he is no authority. His books are a laughing stock in the scientific community.

  3. @"Bill Cooper and many others"

    Puranjana prabhu is kind of liberal and tolerant when it comes to conspiracy camps. Many senior devotees are rather uninformed and powerless where all this leads to. Fact is you adopted this from questionable source, from non-Vaishnavas.

    Prabhupada's approach was to expose materialism in such a way that he never suffered a setback. In other words, Prabhupada was expert. Since you call yourself "Bhakta Peter" it is rather doubtful that you can act like Prabhupada or surpass Prabhupada by shooting forward into terrain Prabhupada did not instruct you to go.

    What I want to say that there are two scenarios which you might have overlooked. On one hand, people in general and of course upper class totally reject Vaishnavism when finding out that devotees are followers of conspiracy theories.

    And this might not get into your head: all this conspircy stuff culminates to bring down present banking system and governments. In other words you position yourself as direct challenger of the elite. This is clearly what Prabhupada never did. Prabhupada's program is efforts at persuasion, with logic and reason persuading intelligent people. Prabhupada always talked to intelligent people and convinced them about Krishna consciousness.

    In this way they would buy his books, read his books and keep Prabhupada as pure devotee in their rememberance. Your approach is the opposite. You tell the elite they are crooks and gangsters and should better clear the field. Now figure what happens. You end up like Richard Kimble - on the run.

    At one point you have to enter total anonymity and hide like Osama bin Laden somewhere in a cave of Hindukusch. So this has nothing to do anymore with Prabhupada's preaching strategy. Prabhupada instructed we should follow the example of the devotees in Caitanya lila who would live under Muslim government without creating conflict.

    Quite the contrary - Muslims also started to chant and actually respected the Vaishnavas. Since you cannot be so foolish to not know all this it might be that you purposefully bring this conspiracy stuff into the Vaishnava camp in order to make Vaishnavism become rejected by the mass of people?

    If this is the case then thoughtful devotees should be informed to take steps and have this clarified once and for all. To go public with "Apollo was a hoax" is not helpful for present Prabhupadanuga process. It is an entanglement hazard for all sincere devotees who create faith and respect among people in general.

  4. But if the moon landings were faked, then why didn’t any of the Russian space scientists cry foul?

    The answer to this question can be found under APOLLO Q & A at the bottom of webpage apollofacts.atspace.co.uk

  5. Most elaborate site on Prabhupada and the moon hoax:



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