Saturday, January 18, 2014

Is Srila Prabhupada A Disciple of the Illumi--nutty?

[Oh oh, here we go again, its "The Lizard People"! Again!]

Thanks prabhu, Prahlad's links? Oh oh, he just sent me all sorts of links to Mukunda's "Illuminati" site, and there we find links such as "Srila Prabhupada predicted Serpentine leaders (The Lizard People) and 911." And if you go to the "conspiracy and Illuminati" sites they link to, you will find various anti-semite programs, "Lizard people from the Draco constellation are running the world" (and ISKCON) etc. etc. etc. And in sum they make it sound like Srila Prabhupada endorsed all these David Icke, Alex Jones etc. people, that Srila Prabhupda followed these Illuminati people, and he agreed with and spoke their ideas. The lizard people is - Srila Prabhupada's idea?

Nope he did not speak about them or agree with this theory. 

In sum, they are painting Srila Prabhupada as a conspiracy de facto disciple of Alex Jones, David Icke and all the other folks listed on the Mukunda / Prahlad site. Prahlad just sent me links to that site a few days ago. Sorry to have to say this, because you'd think it would be self evident, but Srila Prabhupada is never speaking what these people are speaking, and he is not a disciple of these people and / or their cracker pottery ideas. Prahlad points to a problem, a one time event, but meanwhile his team are merging Srila Prabhupada with these Illuminati nut cases every day, 24/7, all the time, since the 1990s. Srila Prabhupada is not a disciple of David Icke and co., sorry to have to inform these folks!

Of course Prahlad's pals like Bhakta das have been supporting the leaders of the bogus GBC's molester messiahs program, so we should support that deviation, and criticize the very few times rock music played by the ritviks, never mind ISKCON folks play rock music, Hindu Bollywood dancing  music etc. on a regular basis. Hypocrisy. ys pd  

ys pd


  1. You see these folks are sitting in England - England won over Nazi Germany. What these folks don't know is that Germany in return made laws that put you right in jail when promoting Hitler's Nazism. So these freakos have no clue that in other countries this neo-nazi conspiracy stuff is putting Vaishnavism on the list of Extremist Groups and terrorist organizations which are banned in many countries of European Union. So yes, this is an attack to destroy Prabhupada's purely transcendental mocment.


    I think this is a good read in response to this nonsense post.

    we are not politically correct and should only stay in our Vedic cultural paradigm. If that is in opposition to the norm, so be it! Prabhupada says we have our own culture, we do NOT care for the rest!

    Yes there is an Illuminati.and a great deal of hidden agendas in fascist (pseudo religion violently enforced) government/corporations world wide. Look up Agenda 21.

    non so blind as those that will not see!! If you are not following Vedic culture(varna and asrama) you are following animal society


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