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Conversation Among Ex-Gurukulis

[PADA: Related conversation here: 

M: I personally have girl friends that Radanath swami married off at 13-14 years old, and they asked for his help and he denied turned his back and said NO.

[PADA: Correct, Radhanath was part of the young girls and women "marriages" at New Vrndavana program, where allegedly, under age girls (13-14) were being married off. Why didn't any of the parents report this to the police? Worse, we were told some of these young girls were being married to "older men," as a "pay out" for being loyal to the regime. Of course this begs the question, why has Radhanath emerged as the number one hero of the GBC?]

*** These girls my friends suffered a great deal - till this day they are affected by just the mention of his name.

[PADA: Correct, many children suffered and they are suffering worse to see that people like Radhanath are still being worshiped as gurus in ISKCON.]

*** Shifting child abusers and Pedophiles from temple to temple. Then I have a lot of gurukuli friends that suffered with Kirtananda! And I see Radanath and a few other sanyasis offering obeisances to his samadi, like Radanath and Paramadwati. How is this ok? When my gurukuli brothers are commiting suicide because of what Bhaktipad did to them ... Bhaktipad raped little boys. Outrage doesn't cover how I feel about this. I don't care what friends I lose over this. Whats right is right and this is ALL wrong .... I'm not a gurukuli survivor for nothing, and I'm not staying quiet.

[PADA: Right, and GBC guru sympathizers like Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad are still saying who cares about these suicides, they are angry anyone even tried to help that problem. Sanat challenged PADA exactly as the regime does; So what, because there are "not too many deaths." And now this group is working with Bhakta das, who is promoting Radhanath. In other words, the GBC and their allies want these kulis to suffer even worse by seeing the leaders of the regime that oppressed them -- worshiped as messiahs. 

Krishna Kirtan challenged PADA with the same questions as the regime's members and Sanat, "Well just how many died really"? That means they sympathize with the regime -- because they challenge us with the same questions the regime folks ask us, "how many died"? Apparently, they do not see enough blood on their jackboots already, they need to see WAY more blood before they will say, that is enough, and so -- lets help PADA with this issue. I don't know, how many dead bodies is enough to satisfy you folks? 

One ex-kuli said to us, even one dead person is WAY too many, and he is right. How many dead bodies do you folks want to see before your stone heart melts? Never mind, the karmis would be crying when there was just one dead body, because they are not heartless robot zombies. Sulochana said -- our challengers are mindless robot zombies, and he was right. He also said our challengers -- ok like the GBC / Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad et al. are "boot lickers for the butt buggers," and again he was right. How many dead people do you folks want? You tell us, but one is too many already.]

HBE: I met him in 2009 for the first time at Rathayatra S.F. my friend published his book "a journey home". Anyways so my friend wanted me to meet Radhanath. You see my wife edited his book and was very moved by it. So I thought, hey I'll poke around the internet and see what comes up on him. I was shocked at what I read. So back to the Rathayatra in S.F. . so he was sitting in one of those typical iskcon tent booths. as i approach him (im about 10-15feet away) he looks at me and i at him. at first he had a look his eyes as if to say "are you not going to give me obeisances".

As he saw I was clearly not going to get on my belly his eyes changed to utter fear, as if he had wronged me somehow and now was payback. I squinted my eyes as to drill holes in his head with lasers and to show him my very unfriendliness towards him. I turn and left without saying anything. this was no longer then 5 seconds but it seemed to last for ever, as if time slowed down.

DT: You are courageous for speaking up M, while it seems these people have gotten away with damaging so many lives they have not, karma is a bitch as they say. to not know what true love is, to not understand pain is a life not lived and I believe people who are living their lives without true remorse for all the pain they have caused can never really live ... so its their loss ... the walking dead as they say. Many more lives they will have to come back and suffer. I hail you for speaking your truth and defending the many innocents who have died and suffered untold pain... if we don't speak up nothing will change.

[PADA: Died and suffered, right, refers to the suicide problem.]

J: The Buddha is frowning at him.

A: Say it loud and proud baby. We the survivors will always have your back. The fact that our brothers and sisters are still committing suicide is a testament to how downright evil these a**holes were / are.

D: Funny how the 60's are idolized as such a peace loving time ... the casualties of its cults are all but forgotten.

M: Ha i loved that u stared him down HBE.

D: We have been through some crazy sh*t. Till there is real justice nothings changed, if anything we are swept under the rug. Our abusers are thriving and giving bhagavatam class's and accepting disciples .... Naw man...... Thats bullshit. ... And all those that follow are tainted ..... they are becoming an unwillingly part of the abuse. If you turn ur back on what I'm saying (about the abuse) and worship these bogus spiritual leaders, then u are no better then him. ... We are stating facts and you need to listen. This is what people don't understand. Or want to face. If you support them u are no better then them.

M: Uou know it girl. Xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxox

D: Speak the truth! yes! in an increasingly censored world it is so valuable

M: J, luv what u said. Lord Budha Frowns on him.

R: What I find disheartening and surprising is that there are so many gurukulis and sp disciples that still worship and idealize him - I just don't understand it at all - and honestly I have given up and don't associate with most people anymore - devotee and non- honestly tired of all the bs.

C: If you look at the posts of the followers of Radhanath Swami [offical] , many of them are mayavada thoughts . Nobody notes it either.

D: Maybe share some of your thoughts on his (Radhanath's) page...

M: (Radhanath is a) Slik mofo. I tried to see if i could but he has no POST option. Maybe i'll attach it to his article! As a comment.

D: Its shocking how many people 'like' him!

J: Radhanath Swami [Official] tag the a**hole!!

C: Srila Prabhupada: “Millions. Millions have been cheated, because they want to be cheated. God is omniscient. He can understand your desires. He is within your heart, and if you want to be cheated, God sends you a cheater.” (The Science of Self-Realization, chapter 2)

M: Lol J lol!! I love u!!!! Lol

L: There he goes again...trying to imitate Lord Buddha...again...tosser...

H: Blame the victim, Prabhupada!

[PADA: Who was apparently poisoned by a few of the leaders, making him a victim.]

H: Radhanatha can suck a f*rt out of my a**.

M: Lol my sentiment exactly.

Y: You are very brave to speak out. It is a tragedy the children of Srila Prabhupada's movement had to endure such abuse. And there are still so many "Gurus" going around collecting disciples, worrying about name and fame. Be very thankful P that you have found ways to heal and that your faith in Krishna is still ever present. There are so many devotees and gurukulis that have lost all faith in Krishna or the idea of "God" even because of all the bad experiences while living in temples. So sorry sister. Never forget Krishna is love. Once we go back to him, no one would hurt us. ...

M: Y -- Yes- very true. For me personally. Srila Gurudev saved my life . I have alot of my friends that went to gurukula with me and they asked me how can i go back to the temple? I explain - i never went back. What we were taught was not the right way. Judeo christan watered down vedas under the supervision of murders, child abusers and pedophiles is what they gave us mixed with a lot of 'this is your karma' . I support my friends that dont want anything to do with krsna - cause i know were it comes from. Trauma from Iskcon is no joke- Our paths are all different. What works for me some wouldn't even fathom working for them. i cant stay quite.

Y: Y -- Yes, and pure devotees like Srila Gurudev will continue to come and rescue souls form this material mess. The seeds are planted, eventually they would sprout and bear fruit. Paths are different indeed, we hope many of us get to reach the ultimate goal, some how some day.Big Hug. Radhe Radhe!!!

M: Xoxo Radhe Syam

C: Thank u for speaking on this i was never able to put it in words without sounding like the angry nubian guy, wit no appreciation for my exalted position as a gurukuli.

M: Lol I hear u C, I refuse to argue with iskcon folks. But they are gonna have to hear the truth whether they like it or not . They don't appreciate our positions at all lol.

C: Yeah, the last time I talked to a elder devotee about the ashram problems, she concluded -- (that is) with your past, is that now right? In which I replied no not really and walked away, I felt like when I was talking she just turned off the voulme till it was her turn and that's part of the bigger problem as well, no empathy (for the victims) and without empathy it's only a matter of time before monsters are created.

M: Yes! Very well said!!!!!!! Its bad. Its scary. I refuse to argue with any of them cause their lack of empathy scares the crap out of me and puts me in a state of PTSD like u wouldnt believe.

C: We are the evolved ones, we cannot be ruled by dogma or fear, no more wool over our eyes can happen, for we are aware and understand the true meaning of love and compassion to all of God's creations and beyond. Don't let their denial sway your resolve, they are stuck like a stick in the mud, we are not and that is what i call Victory!!!!!

[PADA: Exactly, as soon as we said there was a problem with these children starting in 1980, then these bogus cult people said we are liars, and people like Prahlad still say that today. They want to discredit us to save the bogus regime.]

M: I see so many devotees from srila gurudevs sanga engage in some philosophical arguments with some of these iskcon devotess. They are nasty. I dont understand the need to argue with them. Srila Prabhupada called his immediate associates the ones ruling in GBC a pack of monkeys. I wouldnt sit and argue with monkeys sorry. Cant do it. We dont speak the same language. At all. And im talking about the argumentive nasty uncompassionate ones. I have alot of sweet friends in iskcon. Misguided...Breaks my heart.

C: Yeah me too it's hard to comprehend at times.

M: Cause its bad and bad is usually incomprehensible..... To comprehend evil ...

C: That's how evil works it's trickery is such that it's hard to comprehend so many just go along for ride, that's why i say we are the evolved we comprehend and say screw that ride i'll walk!

M: Yup

[PADA: http://youtu.be/DqYjk3xNWJ4
Children of ISKCON - Jvalamukhi dd - Dallas $400m Gurukula Lawsuit

No wonder these ex-kulis have gone to another Matha are not interested in going back to ISKCON! Who can blame them! It reminds me of a girl I had a crush on in High School, she was asked to kiss her dead grandmother in a coffin, and she did. Then after that, she did not want kiss anyone else because it reminded her of that dreadful day she kissed a dead body. You cannot undo this type of damage easily. ys pd] 


PADA: Yes prabhu I do not get it either. Krishna Kirtan says the biggest problem is -- that we are facing a child sacrifice cult run by the demon world leaders. But, as soon as we say, ok fine, assuming you are right: Lets save children from suicide from that cult; Lets get hundreds of children pulled out of these schools -- so the future victims can be saved; Lets take millions of dollars out of the hands of this cult's leaders; Lets have the founder father of this program -- Tamal -- removed, then Krishna Kirtan cries like a baby that we are "destroying ISKCON" and he starts screaming like a stuck pig that we need to save this wonderful cult, which he apparently thinks sacrifices children, at least according a bunch of articles he posted?

Yes, he apparently thinks the problem is a child sacrifice cult, then he cries like a baby when this cult is pinched. Does he think a child sacrifice cult is ISKCON? I don't know, he keeps saying our taking this cult down a notch has ruined ISKCON. Umm, a child oppressing cult is ISKCON? Does he know what is ISKCON in the first place? He never explains any of this, that or the other, and thus who knows, he never answers any of this. All we know is, he is apparently mixing up child oppressing cults with ISKCON. ys pd


When me and Sulochaa said there was a molesting program, he was assassinated, and according to the FBI, I was "next of the list." The Berkeley police put me under surveillance and saved me when they sent three goons to hunt me down. Former New Vrndavana thugs claim that Radhanath "set up the hit."



  1. "then these bogus cult people said we are liars, and people like Prahlad still say that today. They want to discredit us to save the bogus regime"

    Right, whenever you check the psyche of many modern Vaishnavas you find these folks must have been the most cruel tyrants in their past life. Something like Ivan IV: “the Terrible”, Pol Pot: “Brother Number One”, Kim Jong Il: “the Dear Leader”, Augusto Pinochet: “the Reformer-Dictator”, Genghis Khan: “the supreme warrior”, etc., etc. They know if they don't do penance in this life it's over. Therefore they stumble into Vaishnavism, to dump all their sinful reactions.

    However, running a spiritual society of loving exchange with these folks is utopia. Rather these "devotees" "investigate", pick your brain till finally they figure having found some "inconstancy" and then, spear him, hang him, drown him, etc. Amazing people. Any idea?

  2. Yes, they are saying that we are liars, we need to be banned, we should not help abused children ad infinitum, they are disciples of Tamal. ys pd

  3. Thanks prabhu, This is all good though. That these people oppose anyone who says children should be helped, this shows --- that we were right all along since 1978 -- when we said their molester messiahs cult mistreats dissenters, and they have proved that we were right from day one, square one, they do mistreat dissenters who forward problems with the children. They have shown that absolutely nothing we said is a lie, they proved us correct. ys pd


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