Monday, January 27, 2014

Travel Warning: Vrndavana Bandits

(By a Female Pilgrim) I was robbed yesterday arriving in Vrindavan by taxi, The 6 bandits stopped the car and stole purses and cell phones, including the new Samsung S3 that had just bought. They were armed with sticks and a gun. Radharani saved me from a rape, a truck arrived and began honking strong, the robbers ran away taking our things Im again without mobile and without my number.

My family was with me, they are a little hurted bcz we fought a lot with them, I had two fingers broken on the fight... Stupid bandits... They was more scared than us. They hoped that we were not reacting to robbery.
Well.. in the end we called the police which was very efficient and helpful, They scan the area and were able to retrieve my bag with my documents, it was more important to me than all the rest.

After all I love this place and I felt protected by Radha and Krishna which are the supreme controllers in Vrindavan ... I was foolish when traveling late at night by a so deserted road. Please avoid traveling at night ... We discovered that two other cars were robbed the same night in that place.


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