Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sexual Harassment of Women In India


  1. Director of ISKCON Educational Services which oversees and promotes the Society's interaction with schools and colleges:

    (b) Devotees have favoured 'transcendence' in preference to 'mundane morality'.
    In the early days devotees failed to appreciate the important and sustaining role of morality in the long, and often gruelling, journey towards transcendence. Self-realisation, or perception of the self as separate from the mind and body, was considered quite different from character development. These attitudes naturally mitigated the need for introspection and any deliberate assessment of one's personal values.
    (c) External renunciation has been valued far more than integrity and personal responsibility.
    The leaning towards artificial renunciation and consequent irresponsibility is particularly evident when studying the brahmacaris' (celibate students) often negative attitudes towards marriage. The grihasta ashram for married householders has often been equated, quite erroneously, with materialistic household life. The consequences for brahmacaris changing ashrams have been predictably disastrous.


  2. In the old Western days of the United States women were scarce compared to the men. Sometimes a man would give a day's pay just to see a woman do something, not even touch her. So it is becoming with India today, where the male children are encouraged but female children are not. India is being punished and it is very bad karma now to take birth there at all, since the females are all going to be abused all their lives by lusty men and the men are never going to have happy marriages due to the shortage of women.


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