Friday, January 10, 2014

"Divisions" In Russia ISKCON

Haribol: I am completely sure that almost everywhere is a rotten ISKCON atmosphere around the globe. In my last visit to Iskcon Moscow, the temple president Sadhu Priya Dasa told us that the Russian's Congregations are very much affected by schisms and divisions. A lot of groups are trying to be within Iskcon to some extent, but most have no trust or favor for the ISKCON establishment and its leadership.

They only love Srila Prabhupada and his Divine transcendental Mission, but there is not much hope or trust for the ISKCON leadership, which has the responsibility to conduct Iskcon in the most pure spiritual atmosphere. So this means many, many congregational Russians groups are only partly, at best somewhat loyal within Iskcon, while at the same time, most members try to stay out of the range of the ill administrative program. They try to remain as aloof as possible from actually surrendering to the ISKCON leaders. They simply have come to distrust the managers.

So this means ISKCON cannot grow hardly, because these congregation people do not feel confident about sending in their friends or family members to surrender there, and its hard for them to preach when they are reluctant to send other people in there. So they cannot contribute much, and there is little or no cooperation with the official leaders. And these are the same symptoms we find in many ISKCON congregations around the world. Divisions, and major indifference towards the official establishment, or even complete resentment towards the leaders. So its mainly about politics, money, and control of assets, as I can see by my own experience, and I can give ample testimony that the most rotten evil politics came from the belly of the giant.
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  1. Problem seems that Prabhupadanugas are not giving a good example how to install bona fide leadership for Gaudiya Vaishnavas. Everybody is his own boss and therefore lots of unnecessary differences, dozens of competing websites. What results in that people in general won't take us very seriously. Meanwhile ISKCON gurus are increasing their bank savings in order to have emergency parachute when everything is collapsing. Although GBC is ultimate managerial authority of ISKCON and monitor their gurus, they won't monitor their gurus Swiss bank accounts? If present GBC is monitoring ISKCON gurus why are they not disclosing their gurus bank accounts? Whenever gurus leave they do it with huge trunks of ISKCON laxmi. Lets say a guru like HH Indradyumna swami has 20 mio bank savings, why not use this money at places where previous gurus destroyed everything? Why allow this secret accumulation of huge sums of money? Agreed there are gurus like Jayadvaita swami with just 11 disciples. But what about JPS, RS, Indradyumna swami, Bhakti Caru swami? According GBC law these gurus are subordinate, GBC controlled group. Why GBC is not controlling the most important thing, their money?


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