Thursday, January 9, 2014

GBC Agents Oppose PADA

Pratyatosa Dasa If you go to <>, you will see that, out of hundreds of thousands of hits, the top 4 are PuraƱjana’s website! How does he do it? He must be a genius! No wonder the agents of the GBC “gurus,” while hiding behind a cowardly cloak of anonymity, spend so much time and energy with their ad hominem attacks.


[PADA: Thanks prabhu. Yes, even Bhakti vikas swami says the PADA newsletters are famous all over ISKCON. The web site has been getting anywhere from 50,000 hits a month, to sometimes a million or more hits per month for years together now. We have been on the internet since 1995, and our stuff is simply too pervasive now to erase or nullify. 

We have had all kinds of people asking questions about events from these web sites since 1995. We now have a serious team working on the poison issue today, so we expect more shake ups in the future as well, its not over. Our expose process is being continued by thousands of people and its expanding. 

We were interviewed by CBS news in 1986 and this was seen by 23 million people at the time. We were also interviewed for "Rolling Stone Magazine," for the book "Monkey On a Stick," and we were interviewed recently for an international TV show. Millions of people know what we protested. We said all along this bogus guru sabha is a self-appointed guru program, which resulted in child molesting, and worse -- its a guru poisoning program. We have also been interviewed by the West Virginia police, Berkeley Police, FBI and other agencies, in addition to the media. They ALL trust our accounts.  

Of course, the people who love Judas, Pontius Pilate, and the soliders who all killed Jesus will say "PADA is a crazy fool" for exposing their child molesting and guru poisoning process. They are in love with the Pontius Pilate program, clearly. And they will sit down and have tea and crumpets with the likes of Bhakta das, who is a cheer leader of the Radhanath, Bhavananda, Satadhanya, Umapati, and  in sum --the child molesting and guru poisoning program, that buries molesters in the holy dham. 

So we are not too worried, the people who aid and abet the Pontius Pilate guru killers program will have a certain destination after death, and those of us who risked our lives opposing that party, will have another.

Anyone who says our complaints that pure devotees are being crucified is "crazy talk" is defending the party of the Judas and Pilate program that crucifies pure devotees. Sorry, that is just the way it is. Anyway, even if we never said or wrote another word from today, there has been millions and millions of hits on our sites already, the cat is out of the bag. Stopping us now is not possible, we got the message out to too many people in too many locations, its never going to be suppressed at this stage. We did the right thing getting it out all over the place, that means even when we are gone, the info will be available because there are too many people repeating it now. But yes, we are still getting tons of hits even now, its not going to be suppressed by the GBC and their few remaining bullies. ys pd        

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  1. Thanks prabhu .... He is right, no one really listens to me either. I said we should not post Illuminati materials and I got booted off the discussion. I tried to say since 1980 there is a child abuse issue, and its the same thing, I was booted out of ISKCON and did not get listened to. Then, when there is a crisis with the child victims, and we had no good options since children were dying, I get blamed for them dying -- on the one hand -- because people said I was not protesting loud and good enough. And then others complained that me and Sulochana had protested the child abuse too much, and made bad public news? They complained we were being shot and killed? Then when I tried to help the victims, people like the GBC and Prahlad blamed for helping them from dying, so I become the target of everyone -- no matter what. (A) If the victims live I am blamed for a bad lawsuit, (B) if they die I am blamed for allowing that. Its a double edged sword, meanwhile, while they did not listen to me the whole time, I get blamed for everything? OK I have been a taxi driver in San Francisco, I cannot save the world, sorry. I want to thank Prahlad for finally stating his position in a comment on my blog, he says that I have caused the GBC to lose millions fo dollars for no good reason and that I ruined ISKCON by causing a money loss. OK, the reason the children were suffering in the first place is the GBC was not spending proper money on them, many of they had no proper facility, clothes, some of them had rotten teeth and stunted growth from malnutrition and so forth, in sum Prahald's folks were not spending money on these kids and that is what caused the crisis. Then, when it takes money to solve the crisis, he complains its costing money to save them from dying? In sum, Prahlad worships money. He reminds me of these Chinese businessmen who sell talcum powder as baby food, and babies die from malnuttition, then, when the bad business man is sued for killing babies, Prahlad complains, the businessman who killed the babies is having to spend money, Puranjan is terrible for making the poor business man who killed the babies have to spend money. Money is important, dead people are not. Told ya! ys pd


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