Thursday, January 30, 2014

Offering Chocolate to Krishna?

PADA: Yes, according to reports, some ISKCON temples offer chocolate to the deity, and some sell "chocolate prasadam." Yep, and some of the ISKCON appointed post-1977 "acharyas" eat chocolate, of course this is minor to their numerous other deviations. The main problem right now in ISKCON is that they offer bhogha to people who are eating chocolate, or they offer chocolate to people who are eating chocolate, or they make offerings to "gurus" who are watching the cheer leader girls on super bowl TV, and a number of these gurus are engaged in intoxication, illicit sex and so forth. 

And yet people are told they need to offer bhogha to people engaged in every manner of deviations. So this was our first question in 1978, why are we making bhogha offerings to conditioned souls, which means, it remains bhogha? So never mind chocolate, every food stuff now being consumed in ISKCON is bhogha, its not being offered to the parampara, its being offered to conditioned souls. 

There is no prasadam anywhere, and it does not matter if they offer chocolate or an apple, its not being accepted because they have changed the entire worship process. Worse, they force people to eat bhogha because when we protest their eating bhogha process, they kick us out. None of the food now taken in ISKCON is prasadam, unless in a few isolated cases where it is offered to the pure devotee -- because people listened to us. Chocolate is simply another layer of deviations built upon numerous previous layers of deviations. Jayatirtha was offering LSD to his shalagram, and when I protested, I was kicked out. Even LSD is considered as a bona fide offering under these clowns. They have no idea how to serve Krishna. ys pd

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  1. Great thanks! PADA never mentions coffee addiction of many devotees. PADA never mentions many devotees started to smoke. In the meantime PADA's elite troop sip their daily coffee ration and chalk up zonal sectioning.

    [PADA: OK this was mainly a discussion on offerings to the deity, and we are not supposed to offer chocolate to the deity. Srila Prabhupada did not want us to take that ourselves, but yes, hardly anyone follows these things nowadays.

    We never said anything to the contrary, and even mentioned that devotees have died of heroin overdose and so on and so forth. We never said this is not going on? That does not change the fact that we should not offer these things, or take all these things? You missed the main point here, we are not supposed to offer these things to the Krishna deity, and in some ISKCON temples they are doing that and selling the chocolate as "maha-prasadam." We were mainly discussing, what can be offered to the deity, and these things are not supposed to be offered. We have seen cigarettes being made into an offering to a guru in India, all I am saying is, we should have some standards for the deity pooja at the very least, before we deteriorate into cigarettes offerings. Srila Prabhupada said chocolate is an intoxicant, you apparently do not accept his authority. ys pd


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