Monday, January 20, 2014

Help needed to find "Stephen Paul Johannes"


*Searching for Stephen Paul Johannes*

I am searching for my brother, *Stephen Paul Johannes*, who literally disappeared from the face of the earth in 1968. At the time, he was living the hippie lifestyle in Caspar/ft. Bragg, Northern California. He disappeared one morning and has not been seen or heard from since. I  have gone down many avenues searching, all to no avail. I have reason to believe he may have gone to the Krishna Commune, New Vrindaban in West Virginia, but all my inquiries there have remained unanswered.

He is about 6'1" tall, had a thin build when he was younger, as well as dark hair and blue eyes. He would now be 65 years old. I am now renewing my efforts to locate him. Please help me to find him. Any
information is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your help.

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  1. probably buried in new vrindavana

    1. Why do you say that and is there any way to find out?

    2. Why would you say that and could it be verified?

    3. I am not the anonymous who made the comment on January 20 but I can tell you the rumors that many people were buried at New Vrndavana. People who did not believe the "guru"s lies about how advanced he was at a time when a fallen guru was being worshiped by his disciples. He kept his disciples in the dark as to how fallen he actually was by apparently bumping off dissenters, sorry to say.

      The only way to find out and verify if your brother's bones are buried there would be to get someone to confess about it and find the spots of those who might be buried there, and do a DNA check. You may wish to start with the devotee presently in jail for one of the murders, even though he had to go to Los Angeles to track down the devotee he bumped off. I'm sure the devotee who runs this website could give you more details.

    4. Thank you anonymous #2. I've been reading Monkey on a Stick, which details the horror and corruption in the movement back when and I believe it is possible that my brother may have been a victim. Although I also accept that I may never know. I don't really even know for certain that he was ever there. I don't think I have the stamina or the stomach at the moment, to contact a murderer in prison to find out more. But I very much appreciate your response.


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