Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Umapati is back in Mayapura?

Thanks prabhu, Yes, we put together the idea that the children were being molested as early as 1980 when we made public reports on Bhavananda. We said then that unless something is done this will eventually lead to a legal problem -- and it has.

So this is not entirely accurate that all this protest started in the 1990s, me and later on Sulochana said that the child molesting would lead to a lawsuit much earlier, in the early 1980s. In 1995 we started to alert people to the suicide crisis, and in later we started to advertise people to send their affadavits to Turley because at that time the suicide crisis was getting way more out of control, and having an outlet was saving them from more suicides. 

Pratyatosa was the person who contacted Turley and then I advertised sending affadavits because this was curbing the suicides. After we got the ball rolling and the suicides were going down, then Sanat and Mukunda came out and said they wanted to see all the children dead, they wanted to prove to the court that the religion is anti--children. 

Why are we always discussing the past, like 1997? Right now TODAY known molesters like Bhavananda, Satadhanya, and even recently Umapati are strutting around Mayapura as some sort of SANNAYAS and ACHARYAS -- yes right now today, and we will never see people like Bhakti vikas swami / Bhakta das / Sanat / Prahlad out there in Mayapura getting some picket signs and protesting that, rather they are protesting that we want to get this out of our holy dham. The GBC and all of them say we need to stop PADA, so that Umapati will get a hero's welcome in Mayapura. 

Umapati has been a huge supporter of Kirtanananda and New Vrndavana, who allegedly molested at least a dozen boys in China, so never mind what happened in the past, the compromised people want to stop us from cleaning this up now and today. And people like Prahlad are in India, not going to Mayapura to protest, rather he wants to stop us from protesting the pedophile acharyas in the holy dham project that is still going on now, today. No wonder he wants to discuss 1997, that diverts from the fact he wants to stop us from protesting the molester messiahs program going on NOW!  

While we at least went to Berkeley and did protest, we did something. Never mind the past, today people like GBC / Bhakta das / Prahlad are saying we have to stop Puranjana from protesting the molester messiahs programs in our holy dham TODAY. The perps get to stay while the protest has to stop. Never mind the past, this is going on today right as we speak. Jayadvaita is also saying that acharyas are engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children, and he is strutting around Alachua like a big messiah / hero. Never mind 1997, this is going on today, the leaders are saying that acharyas are pedophiles and people like Prahlad are infuriated that we want to see that stopped. Today! Never mind the past, the molester messiahs program and the protectors of the molester messiahs program is a problem NOW! ys pd

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