Thursday, January 23, 2014

India's New "Retirement Homes"

[PADA: As India becomes more and more "Westernized." ys pd]


  1. Speaking of retirement homes, have you seen the latest from Ravindra Swarupa? He wants 80 disciples to give $50 a month so he can resume his monthly newsletter and write in seclusion his planned 3-5 books. He says this will increase his association for his disciples if he retires. What? And they can also donate for his initial set up costs.

    At least he is going to give up Philly. I hope he gets the hell out and stays out. I hope to never hear from him again. The only thing I hope is he dies of old age before any paper is wasted on his 3-5 books. He will be in his seventies before any of them ever would be printed and I always think it is a shame when SDG types and Ravindra types print books and live off the money of their poor disciples while they run around the world with females they are having sex with. Better he should just die now of old age and be done with it.


  2. 80 X 50 = $4000 a month to live in retirement? How foolish. Does he really think he will go on living like this forever? The most amazing thing is men see other men are dying all around them every die and still they think that "I will never die". Will he retire to live all by himself now or will he take his best girlfriend with him? He has already been around the world with her much to his own embarassment and lost all of his zone, he is down to one temple. Maybe he figures he deserves to be supported in luxury for the rest of his life with his girlfriend for all the service he did. The only problem is what about all the rest of the devotees who did service too? Why are they stuck supporting his ass for the rest of his natural life just because they were so unfortunate as to have to have been initiated by him because they happened to join in Philadelphia and he happened to be in charge of the zone back then, and was keeping the fact that he had a girlfriend on the sly hidden? Now that the facts have come out they should drop him like a hot potato.

    If the GBC had half a brain they would immediately send out a message to all members of the society NOT to support him financially. He has already taken SO MUCH FROM THE SOCIETY! Just by taking one woman alone from ISKCON and using her as his personal maidservant he has done more damage than he will be able to make up for even if he were to try to serve as a temple devotee for the rest of his life. His "position" seems to have gone to his head. I'm glad Lord Krishna took it away as much as He has. Now it is up to the rest of us to expose him and stop him from stealing laxmi away from ISKCON for the rest of his life.


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