Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why Aren't The Protesters United?

Rathangapani Dasa Buchert: I'm going out on a limb. Bhakta Tim, Bhakata Peter, as an opponent of the gbc sanme as you. WHY are you two Bickering over BULLSH*T? If the opponents of the gbc would join together we could overthrow them.

PADA: Yes, that is correct, why are they always bringing up 1997, when the bogus molester guru people are running Mayapura right now and we should be protesting that together TODAY? And since we are not together, the bad guys win by default and have all along since 1978, and they remain in power making hokey acharyas and even burying dead pedophiles in the holy dham, because we do not organize to oppose this deviation, so they win and we lose, that is correct Rathamgapani. ys pd

Rathangapani Dasa Buchert Bhakta Tim I agree. These people need to learn to join together with ALL the opponents of the gbc. That's the only way we will win. UNITED!!!

PADA: Yes, I agree. we need to get away from discussing 1997 and organize now and do something relevant to right now, for example that the GBC are making molester program leaders the big leaders in our holy places, now, today, and we are not doing any combined protest, so it continues on without even a proper protest. What kind of religion allows molester acharyas programs to take over their holy dham, and they do not organize a protest? And they harass the few of us who are protesting, like we are? 

Its making the whole religion look foolish. A molester acharya program has taken over your holy places, and you are not organizing a protest even? This makes almost all Hare Krishnas look foolish and compromised.
As long as that is going on, none of us will be able to make much progress. 

Of course Sunnyvale and similar -- smaller but at least organized -- programs will go on making at least some progress, because they all agree with us, we have to move ahead and make some positive projects and not compromise with the GBC guru program. The same "infighting groups of schisms" also destroyed the Gaudiya Matha, and Srila Prabhupada complained "the could not preach conjointly so it was a failure."

We seem to be repeating that dubious history. The main problem we have is that some of the people who are claiming to be Prabhupadanugas, like Rocana, still have sympathy for the GBC gurus. Others think we need to promote GBC guru sympathizers like Bhakta das, in other words, there are people who are still compromized with the GBC guru process, and that is why they cannot work with the main body of Prabhupadanugas. Mahesh Raja prabhu has wrote about this in the past and he provided nice quotes. ys pd

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  1. "Although Lord Balaräma knew very well that by slight provocation people are prepared to fight with one another in the age of Kali, He did not like the idea that the two great dynasties, the Kuru dynasty and the Yadu dynasty, would fight amongst themselves, even though they were influenced by Kali-yuga. "Instead of fighting with them," He wisely thought, "let Me go there and see the situation, and let Me try to see if the fight can be settled by mutual understanding." Balaräma's idea was that if the Kuru dynasty could be induced to release Sämba along with his wife, Lakñmaëä, then the fight could be avoided. He therefore immediately arranged for a nice chariot to go to Hastinäpura, accompanied by learned priests and brähmaëas, as well as by some of the elderly members of the Yadu dynasty. He was confident that the members of the Kuru dynasty would agree to this marriage and avoid fighting amongst themselves." [KB Volume 2 - The Marriage of Samba]

    I was just reading this and it seems that even the members of Krishnas family were influenced by Kali Yuga?! So what to speka of us ordinary people who were somehow or other converted to Vaishnavism by Srila Prabhupada's special mercy?!
    I guess there is not much we can do about the situation now other than instead of fighting each Prabhupadanuga camp can start their own individual preaching.


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