Saturday, January 11, 2014

24 Hour Srila Prabhupada Player

[PADA: Once you start the player, it will go on forever, until you press esc or pause. Fantastic! Thanks Pratyatosa das. ys pd]


  1. Thank you, Puranjana Prabhu.

    By the wat, this is not canned software. I wrote it from the ground up. Thousands of lines of HTML, JavaScript and PHP code. Therefore, you won't find anything like it anywhere else on the Internet!

    Does this mean that I'm very intelligent? No. It's just means that, inspired by Srila Prabhupada, I keep on trying and trying and trying. I've being working on this code for years, and I finally, by Lord Sri Krishna's grace, seem to have gotten it pretty close to right.

    Ys, Ptd

  2. HARE KRSNA--This player that goes on forever,giving us random nectar--this is just wonderful.Thanks very much for informing me about this service.ALL GLORIES TO HIS DIVINE GRACE A.C.BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA!

  3. HARE KRSNA--Oh,I was wrong.It is not random--rather it always starts from the same point.So every time I go back I have to start from the beginning.Any tips on how I can 'fast-forward' the track?

  4. If you go to <>, a brand new shuffled playlist is created.

    If you go to <>, for example, it will start playing at playlist item #100.

    Pressing the “,” (comma) key will skip to the next item on the playlist.

    Pressing the “H” key will get you a list of all of the “hotkeys.”

    BTW, Here’s an example of the Vaiṣṇava songbook in “TV mode” using a randomly generated color scheme: <>.

  5. Haribol Pratyatosa prabhu - great work! Try getting it copyrighted. This might work for internet radio stations who can't afford to always have someone sitting there.

  6. Thanks, Anonymous Prabhu. But this is not radio. It’s TV! Although it has the advantage of radio (audio only) in that it can work seamlessly using a relatively slow Internet connection, it also has synchronized text (video).

    As far as a copyright goes, what would be the purpose of that? I am in no need of money, but I am very short on time. This would simply be yet another distraction. What I need is more people helping me such as my Spanish and Hebrew translators. (See: <>.)

    BTW, almost any media player can be set to endlessly repeat a playlist.


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