Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We are meant to be -- with Krishna

SRILA PRABHUPADA: Maya means darkness, ignorance. So this example is very nice. The sparks of the fire dancing very nicely with fire, it is also illuminating. But as soon as it fall down on the ground, it becomes cinder, black cinder, no more fiery quality. 

Similarly, we are meant for dancing and playing and walking and living with Krsna. That is our real position. That is the Vrndavana. Everyone... Everyone is connected with Krsna. There the trees, there the flowers, water, the cows, the calves, the cowherd boys, or elderly cowherd men, Nanda Maharaja, other persons of his age, then Yasodamayi, mother, then gopis -- in this way Vrndavana life, Vrndavana picture. 

Krsna comes with full Vrndavana picture, and He demonstrates His Vrndavana life, cintamani-prakara-sadmasu, just to attract us, that "You are trying to enjoy in this material world, but here you cannot enjoy because you are eternal. You cannot get eternal life here. So you come to Me. You come to Me."


  1. Very good to hear Srila Prabhupada speak in
    the above article. So, from his writing through
    his words we follow in the absence of a qualified

    But does this mean that Srila Prabhupada is
    physically present here? Srila Prabhupada
    penned his thoughts and realizations into
    words and in this way through his words he
    speaks as do all the previous acaryas who
    wrote books on Krsna Consciousness.

    When Srila Prabhupada was present, He initiated
    and accepted about 5,000 disciples. Now he is
    no longer physically present. So, how this foolish
    ritviks followers can claim that Srila Prabhupada is
    still here and is initiating and accepting disciples
    as he did similar with his 5,000 disciples previously?

    As usual the sly ritvik followers will come with their
    sly ritvik answers.

    Hare Krsna

    1. "If one desires to advance in spiritual life but he acts whimsically, not following the orders of the spiritual master, he has no shelter." (SB7.12.11) No shelter means we are cut off from the powerhouse of Krsna's parampara system. Since present GBC insist that Prabhupada appointed fallen people like legendary eleven to be next acarya they are violating Prabhupada's order. Prabhupada: "A guru can become guru when he's ordered by his guru. That's all. Otherwise nobody can become guru." (Nairobi, October 28, 1975)

  2. Yes Srila Prabhupada said he would live on in his books, forever. Many of his 1970s disciples never even met him in person, they only met him through his books. So we are carrying on using that same process and method, and its working. Srila Prabhupada never personally met many of his disciples, and for many, even if they saw him on a rare time, they never had personal talks with him. They met through the books, and they still do meet through the books. And anyone who read the books then was meeting him, and anyone who reads the books now is meeting him, same process. You have failed to identify any other process. Again. What was ordered then?, if not to continue to have people connect to him via his books / vani? Anyway many of our vani seva devotees are following way better than some of these gurus, some of whom were caught watching porn recently. Wyatt seems to think the official initiates are advancing, while watching porn, while our followers are not advancing, because our folks do not have an official rubber stamp? Sorry, whoever follows is the disciple, it not some rubber stamp of official diksha, that is smarta idea. Yes, our people are getting higher realizations and thus many of them are following way better than a number of Wyatt's "official initiates." Yes, our process works, Wyatt has no process, hence no following whatsoever. He could not make a flea advance since he has no path for the flea to follow, he has nothing to offer to anyone. ys pd

  3. *** Oh yea of little intelligence, who has a pea in a pada for a brain. Prabhupada said he would live forever in his books. Did he say his books would initiate disciples forever?

    [PADA: He said his disciples would preach on his behalf, -- and we are. The books, the temples, the devotees, the deities, he made a whole system, no he never said only the books were his entire process? He said all these are parts of his mission are important. So preachers are needed to guide others, and they are sometimes called ritviks. We never said get rid of all the preachers?]

    *** He told Acyutananda one time "Can a book do this?" then he smacked him on the head with the book. Books cannot chastise directly like the guru.

    [PADA: I have never heard this before, but you are right, you need a GBC, temple presidents, preachers, all that is required. So the first thing the GBC did was to kick out maybe near ALL of the devotees, so there was no one left to manage, preach, guide, chastise, etc. and now they are simply making Hindu congregation halls with hardly anyone there. So yes, the devotees are supposed to guide others, and that is why the GBC kicked everyone out, they did not want the preaching and guidance to continue, so there is no longer preaching, samkirtana, the temples have dried up. You are right, people are needed to guide others, and so the first thing the GBC did was, they kicked out almost all of the people. Yes! You need people to guide, we never said that was not the case? We said -- they kicked out almost all the people who were doing the preaching and guidance? So you are right, these bogus gurus wanted no preaching, no chastising, no guidance, because they removed almost all the people doing that function.]

    *** Books cannot initiate. Yes Prabhupada initiated disciples he did not meet and that was his right, but did he say to continue initiating disciples he never will meet forever? You ask what is better than "YOUR PROCESS". Prabhupada's process. Lord Krishna's process. The chain of disciplic succession. And if a guru is found watching pornography instead of worshiping Krishna then of course he should no longer be followed. That is my proposal and I am sure Wyatt would agree too. You are outvoted here potty two to one.

    [PADA: OK so who is the person who is giving the initiation in you process? You seem to have no one doing that at all, at least we can name our source of divyam jnanam, you never do. You have zero for others to worship, thats called mayavada. ys pd]

  4. WYATT: *** He told Acyutananda one time "Can a book do this?" then he smacked him on the head with the book.

    Books cannot chastise directly like the guru. {PADA: I have never heard this before
    ...} Wyatt - Well, if you have not heard of that, then you should have heard of this. The meaning is the same. "Madhudvisa: His question was that can you take initiation by accepting the spiritual master in your heart without actually taking... Prabhupada: These are bogus proposition. It has no meaning. (laughter) It has no meaning. If you think within yourself, "I am eating," will you be satisfied? You starve and simply think, "I have eaten everything." (laughter) Is that very practical proposal? You must eat. We don't say all these bogus proposition." If you have not heard of this either, then I believe its time you seriously consider cutting on your dedication to unnecessary, useless criticism and focus more on your guru, Srila Prabhupada's teaching, especially his on We are meant to be -- with Krishna

    [PADA: Correct, our devotees are following properly, and advancing because they have accepted a bona fide spiritual master. We have many examples of formal initiation devotees from the 1970s, including bogus gurus, who are not following anymore. Some of them oppose Krishna now. So its a fact, our people are connected NOW because they are accepting the discipline (disciples) NOW, while many of the formal initiates from the 1970s are not even following anymore, because they thought it was some cheap matter of "following the heart." No, we train our people to follow practically and they are. In fact we just had to buy a big property to expand here because our little temple has been too packed out. We have plenty of followers, while the GBC's temple here is is empty. Wyatts temple is worse than empty, he has none at all. He cannot train a flea to follow anything. Wyatt has to show us how to train people to become devotees, he has no example of that being donw anywhere. So he wants the preaching to stop, and have a few isolated and foolish loners like he is. That is not preaching, that is trying to stop the preaching. ys pd

  5. over at facebook they have a group called "Refutation to Ritvikism" - meanwhile after almost 40 years concerning this topic there is no more such thing as discussion about what is right or wrong.

    Things have developed into self evidentiary value. In other words, devotees expect that the truth will come out not by argument but by revelation, apparentness, divine revelation.

    So we have to be patient. Right now thousands of ISKCON devotees consider that after all those epidemic fall-downs there will be finally gurus who put the rule to the test and emerge as genuine acaryas. Yes, they actually believe this.

    Meanwhile kali-yuga is getting more perfidious than ever - humanity is suffering like dogs. So whatever might come out victorious all Vaishnavas are well advised not to wait and wait and wait and wait for another 100 years but to work under bona fide GBC and conduct missionary activities cooperatively before this planet gets uninhabitable for devotees. Sastra says this will condition in kali-yuga, no more space for Vaishnavas on earth. So dont have this scenario gain momentum. Always remember, Lord Caitanya wants to have His Snakirtan movement in every town and village.

  6. Anon: Dear Potty, Prabhupada said he would live forever by his divine instructions. Then you misquoted him by saying "his disciples would preach on his behalf". When did he say this?

    [PADA: He said this thousands of times, after I depart there will be a GBC, temple presidents, book distributors etc. -- and they will ALL go on as they are now, preaching on my behalf, and do not make false gurus like the Gaudiya Matha did. He said these things thousands of times.]

    *** When did he say his disciples would preach on his behalf in order for him to continue to be the guru after he left the planet?

    [PADA: He said he would live forever in his books, he said that right here in Berkeley in 1975. We already quote that to you numerous times.]

    *** What planet are you living on? You wrote, "So preachers are needed to guide others, and they are sometimes called ritviks.". That isn't how Prabhupada used his ritvik disciples, as guides. He simply used them to perform the initiations for him while he was physically present to help get rid of the backlog of disciples at the end of his manifest pastimes, and you yourself said they were never meant to become gurus.

    [PADA: No, he made rtvik initiations in the early 1970s, some devotees were chanting on the beads and doing these ceremonies early on. Revatinanada performed the ritvik initiation for my wife in the 1970s, there were rtiviks initiations already going on the whole time? This was not done just at the end, he had ritviks going on the whole time.]

    *** Prabhupada showed how books cannot chastise like one's guru then you twist around that and say "you need a GBC, temple presidents, preachers", they aren't the guru either potty brain.

    [PADA: OK except the GBC temples are empty, there is no one there to either guide or be guided, they kicked everyone out. We are building a new structure, and our structure is what Srila Prabhupada wanted, we have temple presidents, preachers and others doing service on his behalf. Are they supposed to do their service on your behalf? Or who else should they serve on behalf of, Santa Claus? Just tell us who they should serve on behalf of? You never do?]

    *** Finally you ask who is the person giving initiation in ISKCON's (Srila Prabhupada's)

    [PADA: You got cut off there. Yes, please tell us who is giving pure divyam jnanam now if its not Srila Prabhupada. Good idea. Let us know so we can then analyse your source of pure divyam jnanam. ys pd]

  7. *** You ask who is giving pure divyam jnanam, I am, that's who. Worship me, serve me, become my disciple and offer everything unto me. Since you have cut yourself off from Prabhupada by rejecting ISKCON then worship me. :P

    [PADA: OK that's fine, you now claim you are the next Jesus / Acharya / Resident of Krishna loka. Well jeepers, thats just great, you and of course a number of others who are in Bellvue Mental Hospital all think the same way! Congratulations, you are the next Jesus, ok at least you are in the Bellvue Mental Asylum. Outside the hospital, ... ok not so much.

    Lets face it! You cannot answer the simple question, who is the source of your divyam jnanam (diksha) -- so now you are resorting to buffoonery, that figures. You have not thought out your theory, no wonder its got major potholes there. ys pd]


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