Thursday, January 23, 2014

Deteriorating Conditions at Vancouver ISKCON?

From a devotee friend..... 

You wanted to know what is going on in Vancouver. Well, the temple is certainly at a new all time low. There just wasn't a weak Prabhupada book marathon in December, I just found out there wasn't one at all! Instead of a book marathon celebration in January, there was a (Hindu style) fire sacrifice for departed ancestors. (???) 

Now actually the new people are just about as bad as the old ones. The first thing Harivilas did was shut down the little yogi rooms the temple built for single men, on the plea they are not up to code. The four single men are being moved Feb 15th into an apartment that a family just moved out of because of rat infestation, and chronic leaky sewerage lines. Good bye quiet private space, hello misery.

[PADA: Right, we keep hearing of various ISKCON buildings having health and safety "code violations." St. Louis restaurant was supposedly closed because of this. Other temples were even shut down because of code problems, and we have heard of rats in the Boston temple problems, bed bugs problems, plumbing problems, exposed electrical wire problems, etc. Meanwhile we have had the story verified -- that some ISKCON cows were sent to slaughter because there was "no money" to care for them.

There is however ample money for lawyers. The GBC has allegedly spend $20,000,000 suing the ritviks, while their "Krishna" temples keep having more deterioration problems due to lack of funds. In other words, the GBC apparently wants Krishna to live in slum ghetto, while their lawyers to live in mansions, and this pattern is simply getting worse and not better. And some of our critics are angry that there is not enough money to spend on lawyers, so they can keep Krishna in the ghetto? What! If anyone has any more details on this story please send to us. ys pd]        

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