Sunday, January 26, 2014

Satsvarupa was the GBC's "Propaganda Writer."

PADA: Thanks prabhu, In 1980 Satsvarupa wrote "The Mahajanas Have Difficulties." Worst paper written by them ever, he said that the fall downs of GBC gurus is to be expected because that is what happens EVEN to the Mahajanas, they ALSO fall into illusion too. 

This paper was co-written by Jaggadish and Jayadvaita swami. They were officially saying that acharyas deviate, and they were also preaching that in their lectures. SDG was their main position paper / annual report writer, and he wrote the 1978, 1979, 1980 GBC reports (and co-produced audio tapes with Sridhara Maharaja), and in 1982 he wrote the GBC paper saying Sridhara is bogus and no one should visit him. And all the while he was writing that Kirtanananda is a pure devotee. 

Around 1981 he was saying that the real Jayatirtha is a pure devotee and he is serving Krishna purely, we are only seeing the maya Jayatirtha, just like Sita. Ummm, Jayatirtha is -- just like Sita? He was their master mind writer. Sulochana called him -- the Joeseph Goebbels of ISKCON. When SDG wrote that we are "poison pens," me and Sulochana said, he is painting a bull's eye on us, he wants to get us assassinated, and Sulochana was assassinated shortly after. 

SDG was their master mind behind the scenes writer, which is probably why he has descended into madness lately, all these writings were very bogus, starting with his first 1978 papers saying we have to worship the 11 as acharyas, Sridhara maharaja is ISKCON's "senior most vaishnava authority on the planet." etc. Yes, the others guys were not smart enough to write all these papers, he was their master writer. Everything he wrote gave me a headache just to read it, no wonder he became the guru of headaches. ys pd


  1. Dear PADA
    It is time to capture SDG and ask him to return all those tapes where Prabhupada instructed that he considers his disciples not fit to be next acarya and they should simply officiate as ritviks. Meanwhile SDG is pushed aside, nobody wants to have anything to do with him - as soon he gives class somewhere all people leave the room. So tell him he hasn't to lose anything by returning those tapes. ISKCON gurus adopted ritivik already. The only thing what is still problematic is that all those gurukulis and all those who joined GM still believe that Prabhupada appointed those 11 as gurus. And this won't change. It only can be changed when SDG returns those tapes where Prabhupada clearly stated that he would not appoint any gurus. This would bring ISKCON back and although SDG kept hiding these tapes if he returns them now his gliding down to hell in the next life could be softened.

  2. Satsvarupa wrote things in the lilamrta about "Srila Prabhupada was alone in a taxi and he was thinking of this..." types of things. Like, he was doing all sorts of mundane things. Well just because Satsvarupa would have been doing mundane things alone in a taxi doesn't mean he can read Prabhupada's mind. He wrote books that his own godbrothers used to laugh out loud about how stupid the books were and how unfortunate his disciples were to be buying them and reading them in order to "associate with the pure devotee" Satsvarupa. Such transcendental stories as Nimai and the Mouse, with an imaginary mouse chanting Hare Krishna or something?

    Such total nonsense books were purchased by the thousands by his misguided "disciples" and when he finally started writing about the F bomb those with any kind of brain substance still left after reading his books took all his books and threw them in a pile at the temples formerly in his "zone".

    Now he is in the zone, alright, but nobody knows what kind of zone it really is? All we know is Radhanatha Swami came to check out how wonderful and transcendental SD"Goswami" was after he was caught cheating and said he was still an exalted soul even after that?

    Satsvarupa meditated on a woman for twenty years. He chased her down even after she was married. He got caught naked with her a year before he finally couldn't hide it anymore and denied it. And even after admitting he is more fallen than some of his disciples he has the nerve to continue to live off of his disciples.

    This is all my opinion from what I have seen over time.


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