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Conversation About ISKCON Children


  1. OK so now Prahlad is trying to re-write history. He says the letter everyone was discussing in 1999 does not even exist? How can I re-write history and change what happened at that time?

    Prahlad thinks I can make time go back and change it. And Mukunda keeps making a reference to that letter, saying it was quoting shastra, and my question was at that time, where in shastra does it say there will be a blood bath in Dallas of ISKCON children? What letter is Mukunda refering to? He is talking about that letter.

    Sorry, I do not find their quote in shastra. The GBC says we are liars and so does Prahlad. The GBC is upset the children were saved and so is Prahlad. The GBC is upset Tamal died, and so is Pralhad. Everything he says was already said about me by the GBC years ago.

    Anyway, ask people who were there at the time and they will confirm this letter was posted on their site. Sorry, I can forgive and forget and do so many things, but I am not a magician, I cannot go back in time and re-write past events. That's not my capacity.

    I protested their letter against the kulis and will do so until this is resolved, I said all along that saying children need to be killed mis-represents Krishna. That is not what His shsatra says, plain and simple. I do not want the GBC to misrepresent Krishna either, so if people insist on mis-representing Krishna, my duty is to point that out, and that all that this is about,

    I do not think their statements are coming from shastra, and there is no evidence these statements are from shastra. I will give the names of some of the people who were there and recall these events if anyone is interested. Anyway, making public statements -- then years later denying, is what the GBC does to me every day.

    I have been dealing with this all along. Mukunda is not even denying, he admits this letter exists, its only Prahlad now who is holding the last fort. This is simply "history re-write 5,000,900" that I have already had to deal with in other cases.

    Anyway I am glad all this has come out, I wanted people to know the history and I never would have bought this up, but they wanted it public, so now it is. It also shows how we dissenters are treated, people need to know that and now they see it first hand.

    I am glad this has all surfaced, its a good lesson for all. As soon as anyone says there is a child molesting program, then these people come out of the wood work to pound your head, kick your protest down, and stop you, that is what has happened to me the whole time and its still going on. Good, people need to see that as an example to prove I was right when I said this is how we dissenters are treated.

    Now we have proof. ys pd

  2. [PADA: Not true, they said that the children are blasphemers and there should be a blood bath in Dallas, I was not even in Dallas, they were not talking about me at all, a blood bath in Dallas refers to all these children.]

    Prahlad: I & others have been asking TL for years to produce this "child-chopping" letter but he cannot. It was actually an eMail sent to Tim and this is what Sanat wrote: "My PADA-friend openly states that God's Representative should be hung in the village square, and all lovers .

    [PADA: OK except that I can produce people from that era who do remember the letter, and my publishing the letter, and that the letter was talking about the children and the need to have them chopped up. And that is why Sanat avoids festivals now, he infuriated the kulis by saying he wants to have them chopped up. You have provided zero proof that this letter was not posted, and not one single credible person from that era who has testified differently, nor can you. I can provide eye witnesses who do recall the letter. You also said I did not protest, no, you cut me off from negotiating changes? And this case never even went to court, the GBC pleaded not guilty and none of this was even in trial? The case ended with suicides going down, and you resent that because that stopped your plan to have them die. Tamal also died as a result, and that angers you as well, so the children lived and Tamal died, and you do not like that, and neither does your Lord and master Tamal, you are his main boot lickers all along. Whatever Tamal wants, that is exactly what you want. And you said he is Satan, that makes you his prime disciple. And now you are promoting Bhakta das, another GBC guru boot licker. You need to get away from their agenda and join ours. ys pd]

  3. Hare Rama,
    please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Please share this video:

    I saw the new interview where Puranjana Prabhu explained many ex iskcon children still think Prabhupada wanted all this.
    Sharing this video might dispell this misunderstanding.

    I am currently also trying to find the Srila Prabhupada Memory, where a disciple testifies Srila Prabhupada wanted child molesters to be banned from ISKCON PERMANENTLY(and not as many foolish devotees think, to give them a 2nd chance)

    Bhakta Robin

  4. *** Tim LIE: "In 1999 they were saying that these kids have to die" All these 'kids'/'children' were actually 30-something adults at the time of the lawsuit in 1999 and as i keep saying, NOBODY ever said that "they had to die, etc."

    [PADA: Your folks said there would be a blood bath in Dallas, which was perceived as a a death threat to the victims even by authorities. And you folks just sent a message reconfirming how you use this language of having people killed, chopped up, fed to dogs, placed on upraised swords etc. just recently. That means you wanted to kill the victims, who were in Dallas? Anyway all you did was LEGALLY prove that there are (bogus) Krishnas who want to kill people, namely your party, and your party sent these threats to the media and court members in Dallas to make legal evidence that there you folks are a children chopping cult here. You wanted to prove that legally: some so-called ISKCON members want its children to die, so you wanted that to be the legal proven idea, ISKCON hates children. You wanted that to be proven as a legal fact, so you folks sent that message to the court members and media. You are saying Krishna wants us to chop up children victims, you are attacking Krishna with vicious lies. You are demonizing Krishna, never mind demonizing me.]

    Tim LIE: "Prahlad keeps saying i'm lying. I haven't lied about anything" Tim has lied about EVERYTHING! I presented 20 (of 100's) of Tim's accusations against me and other Prabhupadanugas for him to prove, but Peter did not even bother to present any of them to Tim as he said he would. I thought this was the whole purpose of the 'video conference'. Not just ANOTHER platform for Tim to spread his malicious LIES! Tim LIE: "Mukunda does not want original books" Such a blatant lie.

    [PADA: Mukunda told me that lawyers are all nonsense when I was getting the BBTI suit together. He did not want this BBTI lawsuit and he said that. lawyers are all nonsense. He wrote that to me in the middle of the BBTI lawsuit, lawyers are all nonsense. He did not want this lawsuit.]

    *** Mukunda was the first 'ritvik' to re-print & distribute Prabhupada's original books, financed by his own money! He is still selling these on his online store:

    [PADA: OK, so now you are saying Mukunda is my disciple on the books issue since I was the original one saying we need original books starting in 1980? We hammered people like Mukunda on this issue in our news, and they surrendered. Good, so Mukunda is my disciple on the books changes. Sorry, I said all along we need originals all along, he finally agreed. OK thats good. He surrendered to my idea, credit has to be given. So if he is my follower on this issue, why is he then attacking the people he is following? I am the one saying we need originals, and he attacks me, he does not want originals then? Are you people smoking crack?]

    Tim LIE: "I'm saying Prabhupada is being poisoned.

    [PADA: Correct, as soon as I came out with the poison case Mukunda started writing against me, he was saying I am a liar and an offender because he wants to get people who expose the poisoning discredited, demonized and killed. He said I am a liar and you are saying the same thing now. You just NOW wrote above that I am a liar, and since I am the number one person who brought out the poison tape, and no one else even had the tape, you want to discredit the case saying that I am a liar. You said that then and you still say that now, -- because Puranjan introduced the poison issue, lets demonize him as a liar, you still say that, you just now said that here? I also got Tamal removed and you are attacking me for that, simultaneously saying this is good. Are you smoking crack? ys pd]

  5. PLEASE PUBLISH IN FULL AND RESPOND: Tim Lee (PADA/krishna1008/Puranjana) has written many lies and accusations about me & other Prabhupadanugas for months/years on his blogs & websites, and on FB (hiding behind blocks). This 'video conference' was supposed to be an opportunity to respond to his lies & accusations and ask for evidence for any of them. However, Peter did not even present my questions to Tim or ask him for proof of the 20 accusations i provided (even though the video starts with Tim saying "So, go ahead, fire away with the first question, i'm ready"). Peter just gives him more opportunities to speak the same, tired old nonsense about killing children, etc. FOR THE 100TH TIME!.. NOBODY (Sanat/Mukunda/Prahlad/Pancali/etc.) EVER WROTE TO KILL CHILDREN, ETC! THEY ONLY SAID: PLEASE DON'T BLAME SRILA PRABHUPADA FOR THE ABUSES COMMITTED BY THE BOGUS GURUS, GBC & THEIR FOLLOWERS!

    [PADA: Not what happened. Your party wrote that there will be killing, chopping up and a blood bath in Dallas, that means you attack the victims. Also notice that Sanat does not go to Krishna festivals ever since, because after he said he wanted to see chopping up the ISKCON children, these ex-children people now are very angry with him. He cannot face them after he essentially threatened them with death -- and so avoids doing that. All of the videos he has are old, he has not come up with new materials ever since he said he wanted to see the children of ISKCON chopped up, because they dislike this man, they do no want to see this man, and who could blame them? So he cannot face them, they know what he wrote about them.]

    *** Tim's entire argument is totally worthless because it is based entirely on LIES about on Conversation About ISKCON Children.

    [PADA: OK so once again notice, I am the one who said Srila Prabhupada was poisoned, and you are the ones saying I am a liar, you just did that again! You guys are arguing with your own shadow. I said you were calling me a liar then, you were, and you still are, and you just now proved that! You got to put the crack pipe down? ys pd]

  6. Yes prabhu, the Prahlad team are splitting technical hairs now: (A) They did not want a bloodbath in Dallas -- nope they just wanted (B) To stop us from preventing a bloodbath of suicides. How swell is that? Either way, their plan is -- people die in a bloodbath! You got it! ys pd

  7. Thanks **** prabhu, Thats fine, my point is, before we side with people like Prahlad, we have to look at his Illuminati and other bogus links he is posting, his association with GBC clones like Bhakta das etc. and the fact Prahlad wants to destroy the entire Krishna religion by siding with people who say the religion teaches it should kill and chop up child molesting victims. And they sent that odious material to the Dallas courts and New York Times -- to attempt to legally prove that this is what Krishna teaches, and they wanted to prove that legally in Dallas courts.

    They publicly want to advertise the Krishna religion as a child chopping program, and legally prove that by sending that idea to the Dallas Courts / New York Times etc., they want to destroy the entire religion in public. Fortunately, even karmis know that Krishna does not teach that He wants to have to molested children killed and chopped up, but that is what they want to have promoted in Krishna's name, legally and in court, and in the New York Times etc. They want to legally prove this is a child chopper cult, and they are angry that this did not happen, their plan to destroy the religion by painting as a child murdering cult has not worked, so they are angry. Even Windle Turley, as much as he does not understand things, even he knows Krishna does not teach chopping up children like these guys are teaching in public, New York Times, in court etc.

    We have to look at the fact Prahlad is living in Vrndavana and complains he is alone and without association. He does not support anything except taking everyone else down so they will be lonely wandering around anarchists like him. He cannot do anything except try to take down the ritviks and destroy their preaching. The riviks will have faults, agreed, but before we take them down, we might look at what happens if that is done, then we will have people wandering around with no association, no temples, no programs, no nothing, like Prahlad.

    Right now Bangalore has some books distribution with brahmacharis, just like we had in the old days. They are printing and distributing original books and etc., they are preaching, they are making devotees, and if we assist in taking them down, then we will be another version of Prahlad, we will have nothing. And if that program fails Prahlad would be happy. That is my point. I am not defending anyone's faults, I am saying that if all we do is point to other's faults all the time, then we will have nothing, as Prahlad does. In sum, he should not be our leader or example of how to do things. The Bangalore branch temple here has never had any rock and roll music, its not their main emphasis, this whole issue has been overblown by a person who wants to take the whole thing down. He sifts through tons of material to find one fault and he goes ballistic on that, to take us all down, he is not a person we should be promoting, that's my point. ys pd

  8. Thanks Prahlad but there is not much more I can say here. When I said the children are dying, your pals Sanat and Mukunda essentially started stomping their jack boots in time, "Great news, the children are dying, that's what we want, we want em to all die in a bloodbath."

    And you are with them still today.

    Your program wants children to die, and even normal karmi society, anyone who wants children to die is considered as a Satanic demon, a servant of the serpent people. I saved at least some children from your blood bath. And you hate seeing me helping children from your children aggressor program because, you are sick.

    No one else on the planet wants dead children, bloodbath of children etc., because even the normal karmi people, they just do not want that because they have some qualities like mercy and compassion. You are not even human beings, never mind not devotees.

    I really have nothing much further to say to your child bloodbath and chopper clan, its so sick, even the karmis are gagging at how disgusting you are. They have a much higher standard than you.

    Never mind karmis, even dogs do not think about killing and chopping up puppies, you are not even as advanced as a street dog. Anyway I am glad all this has come out, we wanted people to know that even a dog has much more quality of mercy and compassion than you fake devotees. You have a long way to even get to the platform of dog consciousness, the dogs never even dream of killing and chopping up puppies, they are way more advanced than that. I am glad we exposed all this over the years, because at least some people can see, not all of us want children to die, there are at least a few Krishnas who have some mercy for children.

    That is what the CBS TV news told me, "Thank God we met you, we thought all of you were fools who support evil programs, at least we met one of you who has some qualities we'd expect in a devotee of God." At the same time I do thank you for all these exchanges, this has been a great story and its at the top of my list of current stories for a few days now, its got lots of interest. However, since you are de facto agreeing you have less mercy than a dog, and you are with the people who want to see dead children, I see nothing further than can be done, I do not agree with you that you have the authority to act as God of death and orchestrate dead children. You are not Yamaraja, in fact you are not authorized to orchestrate the death of a fly. You further admit that you are authorized to oppose anyone who saves children from death, right, you want dead children, that is what we thought you were saying all along. ys pd

  9. Krishna Kirtan So now are you also Yamaraj, in control of who lives and who dies?

    PADA: You think you are Yama, and it your function to make people die? You are not him, sorry! Yes! Its our duty to save children from dying, as human beings, we do not even need to be a devotee to know that.

    Krishna Kirtan I think we've had this conversation before.

    PADA: You are also trying to suppress me for bringing out the poison issue, why do you want to save the poisoners of pure devotees? And now you are telling me you want children to die? You are sick. Yes, you said that all along, you want to save money and not people, you worship money, well go eat some then! Now you are saying saving the children makes me think I am Yamaraja? No, it is the duty of all adults to save children? The karmis all know that? A dog tries to save its puppy, even a dog knows that is the right thing?

    You have to save the children, as soon as I say that, Krishna Kirtan says no -- we have to save $400m, so the GBC will have more money to sue us?

    Krishna Kirtan: Will you stop reading from a script please?

    PADA: You just said that again here, that you are worried about $400,00,000 and people can die so you can save your $$$$. You made the script, we are simply reading back what you said. I am repeating what you told me then, you are worried about money, and people can die so you can save some, you are like the boss of a bad chemical company, people can die to save your money?

    Krishna Kirtan Don't you LOVE a little fight PADA?!

    PADA: Its not a fight, you and bad chemical company bosses have the same idea, fortunately, most people agree with me that you chemical company devotees are bogus. I won this in 1997, most people agree that saving people is more important than saving money, and you greedy money people are -- heartless thugs, at best. Anyway you save money, I will save people, fine with me.

    And I fought to get original books, but that is not important to you is it, because we made ISKCON spend $$$$ to fight us over the changed books? Sorry, having original books is also better than saving you folks money,

    I do not care about your money? Why do you people keep saying, children have to die, so you folks can save some money? I am however amazed that you folks are so heartless that you wish your God brothers to die so you can save some $$$. This is simply astonishing, even to the karmis, they cannot believe such cruel thinking exists in a spiritual mission.

    "They worship money more than their own brothers and sisters?," incredible. This is why the mission got a bad name, from this thinking in the first place, the children were not cared for to = save money? Why is money always the first thing you guys think of? People do not matter? OK we got it ... that means you deserve to be sued, you have no merciful idea how to care for children, and do not care when we tell you what is proper, so you deserve to be sued. Anyway, worship your money, go and eat some! And I will at least try to save people from dying under your jack boots. ys pd

  10. OK thanks Krishna Kirtan das, but you STILL constantly avoid telling us -- why you wanted the suicide epidemic to get worse, and thus you wanted these children to die? Dead children is your idea of "victorious deeds"? Victory for whom? Satan? Sorry, we do not think your "bloodbath in Dallas" program is "a victory." Yes, its a fact, molesting victims blame their church, and you did not know that? Every normal person on the street knows that? You keep saying you wanted to thwart us and have the victims die, who are you to make that call?

    Sorry, you are not authorized to demand the blood of children as a sacrifice to your molester guru cult, and you are just upset we stopped your Satanic human sacrifice program. Sorry, had to be done by someone. ys pd

  11. Krishna Kirtan You're exposed you hate monger. Please just retire already.

    PADA: You people do not want me to retire, a friend of Prahlad says he is amazed that Prahlad started a web site all about me, and not about Krishna. He said, that means Puranjan is more important that Krishna for these people. You do not want this to retire, so be it. The idea that children must be saved is still popular, although it will not be once Kali Yuga get more progressed.

    Your idea of a oppressing children is not due yet. You will have to come back to implement that. Anyway, hah hah, even an associate of Prahlad told me, Puranjan is more important than even Krishna for these these people, they always talk about you and not about Krishna. Anyway, you failed to answer the question again, why do you want these children to die? And since you have no answer, not to worry, we will answer it for you since 1997. I do not need an answer for why you want children to die, its self evident.

    Krishna Kirtan I have nothing to do with Prahlad also. You sure seem to have made people dislike you everywhere though. Your talk is like on auto-pilot. So predictable by now.

    Pratyatosa Dasa Because of the Children of ISKCON vs, ISKCON lawsuit, ISKCON made a lot of positive changes that help to protect the children now amd in the future. Also, Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa is the all-powerful sanctioning agent, especially when it comes to His beloved 2nd generation, so why not blame Him for the lawsuit?

    PADA: Correct, hundreds of children were immediately pulled out of the schools and were saved from being abused in the first place. Krishna Kirtan clearly does not like that because he wanted a huge pile of more victims which he wanted to have fed into his "victorious system." As many of the children told us, these people and their defenders like KK are child bullies. I agree with them, plain and simple. That was Krishna Kirtan's plan, more suicides and hundreds more abuse victims.

    The children themselves told me the reason people think like KK, they are child bullies. Everyone (who is sane) agrees to that. ys pd

  12. Thanks for your neo-nazi rants Krishna Kirtan. OK, so there was a conspiracy to poison Prabhupada and take over. Kirtanananda was a Baptist. Hansadutta was a German etc., and many of the biggest initial cheer leaders and supporters of this bogus guru program were people like Gaura Govinda maharaja, Gopal Krishna das, Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, BV and BP Puri and others, all from India. The first gurus who were voted in were two from India, like Gopal Krishna. Almost all of the rank and file adults and parents, the hand maidens of the conspirators, who went along with this (and did not report crimes including molesting) were from all races and backgrounds. Even Krishna Kirtana admits his mom knew, so all these adults and parents knew, and so they conspired by their silence not to report it, and not to help me and Sulochana expose it. So the rank and file, who are the hand maidens of all this, are from all races, and they are the main people who attacked me all along, and attacked me most for exposing all this -- and some of them still are. And most of the people who follow the GBC now are in India. The entire Gaudiya Matha problem was all in India, and was done by Indians. To place the entire blame for bogus gurus on one race is misleading and does not really address the root issue properly. As for the people who are attacking me while promoting the Lizard people, this is all explained in detail on my blog. I do not want to spill a huge amount of ink on that topic here, please read it there. I think we have to look at the entire picture, and that is, most of the people who supported this bogus guru program are not from one race, and most of the newer gurus voted in recently are -- from India. There is a caste monopoly of voted in gurus over in India as well, which has nothing to do with any part of Western culture. We need to look at the entire picture, that's my point. The parents and adults, from all races, should have helped me oppose this, and if even 50 of them in England would have joined me in a protest in 1978, we could have stopped this whole thing right at the start, they did not, they are the main reason all this mess happened. They empowered and enabled it, and now the people from India are enabling and supporting it. To blame one group will not fix the problem, all races and groups contributed to this mess. The Pharisees, the smartas, the Gaudiya Matha bogus gurus, the voted in Papal system, all of these systems are similar. To make and anti-semite program now will not fix the problem at all, since the entire problem is now almost exclusively in India and is supported by their citizens. The movement is beinghijacked by bogus gurus, and most of the new ones and their followers are -- in India. ys pd

  13. Yes prabhu I do not get it either. Krishna Kirtan says the biggest problem is -- that we are facing a child sacrifice cult run by the demon world leaders. But, as soon as we say, ok fine, assuming you are right: Lets save children from suicide from that cult; Lets get hundreds of children pulled out of these schools -- so the future victims can be saved; Lets take millions of dollars out of the hands of this cult's leaders; Lets have the founder father of this program -- Tamal -- removed, then Krishna Kirtan cries like a baby that we are "destroying ISKCON" and he starts screaming like a stuck pig that we need to save this wonderful cult, which he apparently thinks sacrifices children, at least according a bunch of articles he posted? Yes, he apparently thinks the problem is a child sacrifice cult, then he cries like a baby when this cult is pinched. Does he think a child sacrifice cult is ISKCON? I don't know, he keeps saying our taking this cult down a notch has ruined ISKCON. Umm, a child oppressing cult is ISKCON? Does he know what is ISKCON in the first place? He never explains any of this, or why that, and thus who knows, he never answers any of this. All we know is, he is apparently mixing up child oppressing cults with ISKCON. ys pd

  14. Yes, this is very strange? The Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad (Paul Coats) / Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur ilk / Krishna Kirtana / Janardan and co are very upset that ISKCON will have to "pay money to the victims" and the "innocent followers" of Radhanath will be the payers. OK, so why are they always looking out for the financial interests of the Radhanath program, which they are very worried will lack funds?

    They are the self appointed shekel counters of the GBC's guru program? If the Radhanath program has more funds, will they perhaps use those funds to help bury more deviants in the dham? Or hire people to sue us, and so forth? Why do we need to fund any of that?

    And they keep saying PADA has to "prove" that ours is a good idea to save hundreds of children from abuse, and to save other victims from suicide. I have to "prove" that its a good idea to save children from abuse and suicide? Yep, even the average Joe six-pack citizen has never asked me to "prove" that saving children from abuse and suicide is a good idea, because they already know it is a good idea, because they are pious people. The only people who think there is "no proof" that saving children from abuse and suicide is a good idea, are this above mentioned lot? I have to "prove" that saving little children from abuse and suicide is a good idea, but even the village drunk knows this is a good idea?

    OK Sulochana said these type people are "tossing children into a wood chipper." Sulochana did not need for me to "prove" anything, he agreed fully that this is the problem, the children are being victimized, and we should take action to help them. Anyway, I have not heard much from this lot in awhile, except for Prahlad's shiksha guru Mukunda, who tells me that we need to follow Hitler. OK we need to sit in a bunker and give our wife cyanide poison and then shoot ourselves? OK again, the average mundane society citizen knows, we should NOT follow this process. And this begs the question, when will this lot come to be as advanced as the mundane society sector? Oh I forgot, the mundane society police, courts, media, and FBI saved me from being assassinated from these thinkers. Hee hee! ys pd


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