Friday, January 24, 2014

Hawaii ISKCON Gets New Manager

BREAKING NEWS AT NEW NAVADWIP DHAMA It was announced last night by our visiting GBC, His Grace Harivilas Prabhu, that His Grace Sundarananda Das has been assigned the position of Temple President of Iskcon Hawaii. Congratulations to this wonderful devotee who was raised in the holy dhama of Mayapur and has been serving in Hawaii for many years. The announcement came in the assembly of all the leading community members and friends and well wishers. We are absolutely ecstatic to welcome Sundarananda to lead the temple and our community into a very bright future in establishing the mission of our Acharyas. Everyone is invited to attend a fire yajna this evening Wednesday at 6pm, where we wish to invoke the blessings of guru and Krsna upon our new president and community. Hare Krsna!

[PADA: Hawaii ISKCON has been a mess for many years, at least from the many reports that we have received. Its not surprising the GBC has to import a manager from India, since they have alienated most of the Westerners. Meanwhile Harivilas has problems with his temple's conditions in Vancouver, a revolution in Phoenix, etc. 

Bottom line is -- that unless they establish that the acharya is Srila Prabhupada, and that these GBC are not acharyas, these problems will persist. And as we see, many of these problems just get worse. Of course we hope the Hawaii temple does well, we are not wishing them to fail, but if the persons managing the program preaches that acharyas are often fallen and debauchees, as the GBC always does, he will not attract many people to that program. The problems of lack of money and manpower will go on ad infinitum. ys pd] 

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