Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Cost of Silence" Russian Language Version

[PADA: Well if the GBC and their gurus had been silent, that would have been very useful. However! They were not silent whatsoever, they viciously and vehemently orchestrated attacks on anyone who brought forward these deviations. We "dissenters" were thus systematically banned, beaten up, and assassinated. They were not silent at all on these issues -- like child molesting, they were vociferously vocal -- against us, and they still are. 

Anyone who objected got their giant jack boots in face treatment. That is why we had to go outside the framework of their authority and seek help from to the police, FBI, Federal Marshals, courts and public mass medias. And there are still a lot of cry babies out there who are upset we went over their heads and over to these outside authorities. 

OK, but we won because right now, most people agree with us, these guys were orchestrating a mass molesting program. And as a result of our taking them on, hundreds of children were pulled out of their schools -- and were saved. Now these folks are drafting a constitution, good idea, hope they finally include a program for the protection of children, and for the removal and legal prosecution of the people who orchestrated this mass abuse program. 

ys pd]    

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