Sunday, July 10, 2016

Gaura Govinda Maharaja (and Tamohara das) Update

Gaura Govinda Maharaja (Orissa)

PADA: Dear Tamohara dasa (not the GBC). Well I hate to have to repeat things to you (again) but here is a summary:

a) Yes, I have opposed Gaura Govinda Maharaja, because for starters he has been a supporter of the GBC's contrived guru system -- and in fact he was voted into their guru system in 1986 (at the same meeting where the GBC reinstated Bhavananda). Q: Which previous acharyas were "voted in" as acharyas at all, what to speak of -- voted in at the re-coronation of a known sexual predator posing as an acharya? A: None.

Recently, an older God brother of ours was chastised by another "sort of ISKCON" devotee for "not staying in ISKCON and being a guru, because by now you would have 1,000 disciples, since any jack ass can do this job." So this is the problem with GGM's watered down guru process, any jack ass can be the guru in their system. Of course, there will be hell to pay for imitation of the acharyas, quite literally. And ISKCON will suffer badly as long as this premature guru disease is allowed.  

Your authorities such as GGM concocted this whole bogus process of -- guru appointments, guru censuring, guru reinstating, guru voting etc. -- from their fertile brains. NONE of this is mentioned by Srila Prabhupada, except where he says your guru appointing, guru voting and removing for deviations (GBC guru system) -- is all the bogus Gaudiya Matha's deviation. 

Its not done by bona fide Vaishnavas. 

Now you say I am offending all the millions of the people of Orissa, but not even one of them wrote to tell me its wrong for us to say acharyas are not debauchees? How many of them agree with the GBC and GGM process -- that Krishna's acharyas are often falling down left, right and center? 

Now some of the GGM folks told me he has had to accept the GBC's guru process, or he would not have got his building in Orissa from them. OK, but a sannyasa is not supposed to have a building in the first place? And that is the reason why, because then he might support bogus things in order to get some material acquisition, ok like a building. 

I also could have got some sort of building or other big assets by going along with all these GBC's guru deviants, but I do not want anything they can offer me, because for starters its all stolen property that belongs to Krishna. And! What use is GGM's building to him now? GGM compromised with them to get his nice building, but he is not even here to enjoy the premises he got by this compromise. This is exactly what Srila Prabhupada warns us about, when we die we will no longer have our nice buildings, but we will have the sinful reactions of obtaining our building by vicious means -- such as compromising with deviants. 

So GGM made a pact with the Devil to get some "bricks and stones" building reward, but these rewards are not permanent. Srila Prabhupada also could have compromised with the Gaudiya Matha's bogus gurus to get some mundane position and rewards, but he did not do so. Srila Prabhupada said the whole Gaudiya Matha deviation is a fight over "the bricks and stones," and GGM is fighting over the same things. 

This is the whole problem, we are all in this material world fighting like cats and dogs over our possessions like bricks and stones buildings, and not fighting to establish the correct siddhanta of Krishna. GGM is setting a horrible example for devotees everywhere, establishing that they need to compromise with the worship of illicit sex in order to attain material acquisitions. That is exactly the opposite of what the Vedas teach us, the Vedas tell us not to be attracted to material acquisition -- for this very reason -- we could make a bad compromise with deviants in order to obtain these items, and then have to suffer the reactions.  

Bhavananda was ALREADY well known to have been severely deviating at the time of GGM being coronated as his co-messiah, and I simply do not accept that we should reinstate deviants as our society's "Vishnupada" acharyas -- or that we should get "voted in as guru" simultaneously when these deviations are being reinstated. Of course, this means Gaura Govinda Maharaja thus supports juxtaposing sexual predators with the title of "Vishnupada." 

And worse GGM supports the same people who have been orchestrating child abuse programs, because all this was being reported by us an others, that these problems were going on -- at the time. GGM probably knew more about their crimes than us because he was only a short distance from Mayapura in Bhubaneswar. He is sitting on the doorstep of all these problems, he should know more about their deviations than we do?

In any case, Gaura Govinda Maharaja wanted small children to worship his illicit sex with taxi driver's acharya's program, which is what Tamal wanted. And now you say that does not make him a sexual predator himself? Maybe not, but that DOES make him a person who promotes sexual perversions and predators as his Vishnupada acharyas, and this makes him a person who is corrupting the morals of minors by teaching them to worship his rubbish guru process. And did we forget to mention this is how GGM ilk destroyed ISKCON, and the minor aged children his process corrupted and ruined in so many respects as well? 

And as we see, GGM coercing children to worship his illicit sex acharyas process also co-created a huge child abuse infrastructure, and he is part of that infrastructure as their scholarly defense attorney advocate. His hands are full of the blood of these victims because he promoted this corrupt system that abused them. And by their "reinstating" and recoronating the leaders of these deviations, that means they are knowingly making these deviants into their acharyas, which will result in more abuses. As the Sri Isopanisad says, fools will select another fool as their acharya, and that about sums it all regarding their system. 

GGM's program is also a direct attack on Lord Vishnu Himself, to say God's guru successors are debauchees is a severe Vishnu-aparadha. Gaura Govinda Maharaja has no clue who Lord Vishnu is, or he would never go along with juxtaposing Vishnu's name with these degraded "successors to God." Yes, as a matter of fact, that does appear that I know more of what the name Vishnupada means, and GGM does not understand its significance whatsoever. No person who has the slightest respect for Vishnu would EVER name sex with taxi drivers deviants as their Vishnupada successors to God. Its an odious attack on the Supreme Person, duly noted by the officiating police of Lord Yamaraja.   

You say I am with the "New World Order" and behind the scenes manipulators of mankind, nope, you guys are. You are the party that is promoting deviants as yours and ISKCON's acharyas, and even reinstating your false acharyas, and getting their guru vote rubber stamp, even when their deviations are exposed widely all over the planet. And you are the party concocting a bogus guru voting system (at the same time as your bogus program reinstates deviants as your acharyas). This is what the alleged "serpent demon people from the Draco constellation" apparently also want, to degrade the human society, and you and your bogus gurus are their hand maidens. 

And in sum -- you GGM folks are the party that promoted the debauchee's and child abuser's acharya's regime. In fact, we had to have your regime sued in Dallas for child abuse. And that makes us part of the NWO, Zionist Bankers, Illuminati controlled mundane society, because we do not go along with GGM's molester messiahs program? OK well maybe we are -- or maybe not, but at least we know that your GGM program of worship of sexual predators as messiahs is wrong.  

And your folks are concocting all this with mass mind manipulator tactics, false propaganda, lies, severe word juggling manipulation of the siddhanta, changing facts and history, and no small amount of banning, beatings and murders etc. -- just like the people you claim to be fighting against. These sub-violent or even violent tactics your program uses are identical to the so-called Illuminati NWO cabal, including that they allegedly promote pedophilia, and so does GGM's guru process. A devotee from South America told PADA that Gunagrahi swami has had a type of mafia goonda process going on there, where you either went along with him -- or you could get yourself beaten down physically. What kind of guru program is that? Its GGM's. And its yours too since you are his promoter.

You folks are the puppet master's propagandists yourselves. Gaura Govinda maharaja even supported Tamal's bogus guru appointment deviation, where they said these 11 are gurus, which is a lie and a fraud from square one. There is no appointment of conditioned souls as acharyas, this is a big lie. And your party has been spreading this big lie, not us?

b) Gaura Govinda Maharaja told me he has to "cooperate, tolerate and work with the GBC gurus." Yet, if they were not appointed as gurus, how did they become gurus? And why do you folks never explain how they became gurus? Well never mind, we do explain it, Srila Prabhupada complained of being poisoned -- and then the GGM ilk supported the "guru" cabal in charge of that process, and declared they are his guru successors. And then GGM became their boot licking servant, standing up at the GBC's meeting and saying we need to keep Tamal as the acharya of the jagat and ISKCON. We need to keep the founder fathers of the molester messiahs program, and kick out all the rest of us? That is how you folks created the mass abuse, you kept the leaders of that program and removed us for protesting. 

And then fools like Gaura Govinda Maharaja and others supported and promoted that cabal and their false claims of guru-hood. You claim I am with the poisoners, when GGM is licking the boots of these people and he is propping them up as his and ISKCON's messiahs. And! As we just pointed out, in 1993 GGM stood up and said we need to keep Tamal as the guru of ISKCON when the other GBC wanted to boot him out, because GGM has been their biggest cheer leader. Your people are the biggest cheer leaders of the poisoner's party, whereas we have at least tried to oppose them all along, much to our peril since you guys seem to get us people assassinated for not bowing down to your dog and pony guru show.

OK again, you are with these people who are "working with" all this corruption and not us. And when it comes down to it, as we have stated here many times, even the sudras, chandalas, and / or dog eaters do not "cooperate, tolerate and work with" the worship of illicit sex as their society's gurus. Why can't Gaura Govinda Maharaja come up to the status of the karmis, who do not support worship of deviants as God's successors? And why did the karmi police have to save me from being assassinated by GGM's guru cabal? 

I have unfortunately had to explain this many times to various victims of your propaganda, that even sudras do not promote the worship of illicit sex as their society's acharyas. Nor do they EVER cooperate, tolerate and work with the promotion of the worship of illicit sex as their society's acharyas. 

They know that is sinful and wrong. Why don't you guys? In case you are wondering, that is what me and Sulochana identified as your conspiracy cabal, the GBC is making deviants into their acharyas -- are then your GGM guys are cooperating with that deviation, which makes you folks its co-conspirators. Even the ordinary law enforcement folks knows that "cooperating" with a criminal empire is the same as supporting, agreeing and conspiring along with it. In short, if you are cooperating with the MAFIA, you are the MAFIA, and you will be arrested along with them. 

c) Meanwhile Gaura Govinda Maharaja informed me that in our Prabhupadanuga system, we have no living person. Srila Prabhupada is dead and gone? Ummm, Srila Prabhupada and our Prabhupadanugas are not living? His molester messiahs are living and not us?

Right now, all of us are living, and GGM is not? Our program is growing, his is dying out, we see hardly anyone even mention GGM these days. He is a dead issue. Whereas our idea, lets establish Srila Prabhupada as the current acharya, is the living and growing idea. 

d) In 1988 Gaura Govinda Maharaja helped the GBC write their Guru Tattva booklet, which says -- when your guru (promoted by GGM) falls down, pray to Krishna to get a better one. What! Gaura Govinda Maharaja crams the worship of his illicit sex gurus down your throat, and then you have to pray to Krishna to stop him from doing that?  

That is like a bank robber saying he is authorized to shoot people, unless people pray to God to stop him? God has to stop a person's criminal actions, or its bona fide? Who authorized GGM to cram his molester messiahs down people's throats in the first place? GGM essentially says, he is authorized to promote deviation, because God has to fix his foolishness? 

Why does God have to fix his foolishness, why does he not quit behaving like a fool? As soon as anyone prays to God and gets Srila Prabhupada as their guru, GGM says that is bogus because we need to worship his illicit sex messiah's project instead. He is stopping people from getting their prayers answered. 

e) GGM also says that sabda brahman does not descend from Srila Prabhupada's tapes and books. And now his disciples want us to listen to his tapes? Why are his tapes potent and Srila Prabhupada's are not? Why does GGM think his sabda brahman descends from his tapes, but that does not happen with Srila Prabhupada's audio tapes? This is about as high as one's ego can get, you cannot hear from the pure devotee, there is no sadba brahma there, so instead you have to listen to me, and I have a a pocketful of molester messiahs for you to worship!

f) GGM told me in person he is against our Prabhupadanugas idea. He told me we have to hear from the living lips of a living person. Apparently he thinks Srila Prabhupada, and all of us, are dead? But he had no idea who this living person is? He did not tell us who the living guru is? He also told me he has to tolerate, cooperate and work with the GBC's guru program. And nowadays the GBC still promotes him all over the place, just as they did when he was here, because he is their darling preacher who said, we need to work with the GBC's guru program. 

He is their bigger cheer leader all along, and still is, the GBC still promotes him.

g) In addition, GGM is a Mayavada. He said that Srila Prabhupada's idea that we "originated in Krishna's leela or sport" is false because -- we were never there. We originated some other place. Yup! Except there is no other place, there is only Krishna and there is no other person or place available. We are all originally with Krishna, and that is why we have to "Go Back Home, Back to Godhead." GGM says we are not going back there, because we were never there. Srila Prabhupada told us the people who rejected his "Back To Godhead" idea are "tinged with mayavada." Yep, Narayana Maharaja agreed with GGM's bogus jeeva tattva and he supported that deviation as well.

Then GGM said he was going to gather the local brahmanas in Mayapura (who are mayavadas) to protest in public the idea that we come from Krishna. Wow, GGM is going to protest Srila Prabhupada's siddhanta, and try to prove his own guru is bogus. Meanwhile, he is not going to public protest the molester messiahs project, that's a keeper. 

h) You also said that the group you worked with that wanted to have PADA removed from the internet is bona fide. OK Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad made a video with Bhakta das, chief exponent of the GBC's gurus. And they also put a big section of Hari Sauri's writings on their site, another GBC guru groupie. And they said we need to remove the exponents of our Prabhupadanuga programs, ok that is what the GBC also wants. You and they are one and the same in agendas. You want to promote the molester messiahs and their cheer leaders, then you make pretend you are upset with all the murders and molesting your agenda causes? 

Krishna Kirtana wanted me to promote his new guru, the burnt out ex-ISKCON sannyasa Krishna Balaram swami, as the new messiah of the jagat. Again, you guys are all still sitting on the laps of the GBC's gurus program and other bogus self-declared gurus, which is the same disease as the GBC has. You guys need to quit sitting on the laps of the molester messiahs or other hokey messiahs and their cheer leaders if you want to convince me and others you have a bona fide position. 

This is all the same living guru / replace Srila Prabhupada disease. In other words, you guys want to entice me onto your ship of fools who are also promoting the living gurus process that GGM has been supporting. Did I forget to mention that Bhakta das was busted for selling designer drugs and Sulochana said Bhakta was helping the New Vrndavana designer drug sales business? Why do you guys always seem to select deviants and criminals as your program's leaders and spokesmen?

i) OK I won't get into the whole topic of GGM's sahajiya influences, and that his top people ran off to Fakir Mohan and most others ran off to Narayana Maharaja, that's too big of an issue to get into herein. I have discussed sahajiya problems extensively elsewhere. Here is a sample:

j) A few people have commented to me that quite simply, you and your pals are mad persons for promoting the GBC's guru groupies like GGM, and simultaneously saying we should reject that program. That is also what happened to Satsvarupa, he kept saying (A) our sampradaya gurus are all pure and never fall down, except (B) when our sampradaya gurus are usually not pure and they regularly fall down, self-evidently self-contrary madness, and you joined that party because GGM wrote papers saying exactly these same things as SDG. 

This is contrary madness and you are promoting this same madness, then wondering why your idea is being rejected? You cannot repeat what GGM says, that gurus are always pure, and gurus usually deviants or as GGM says, gurus are even asuras, and expect to gather a following. It won't work and its not working. This is what the Isopanisad says, you people twist the Vedas, and you end up having a worse religion than the people who never heard of the Vedas. 

To sum! You cannot simultaneously support the GBC's main cheer leaders and attack them at the same time, this is fighting your own shadow. Anyway, review what we said here and offer us an explanation, and lets move forward. ys pd



  1. Hee hee, thanks prabhu, yes these "devotees" who are always meditating on -- the NWO, the Jewish Bankers, the Draco demons, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Chem trails, Vaccinations, GMOs, David Icke, 9/11 conspiracies, the serpent people, and all sorts of endless other paranoid deluded issues like these, are way more frightened, bodily identified, and generally suffering more from psychotic paranoid delusions -- than the average karmi persons walking down the street.

    And that is why Srila Prabhupada says false devotees are lower in consciousness than the ordinary mundane persons. Agreed! And that is why a devotee just told me he had to sign off Tamohara's web site, its just too paranoid and deluded.

    Gaura Govinda Maharaja was not really into this stuff, but he was deluded into thinking he had to sign a deal with the GBC to get his program going. That is still delusional thinking.

    Yes, there may be a temporary emergency where you'd have to work for the MAFIA temporarily, to get over some rough patch crisis, but you cannot base your whole life long plan on doing that. True dat! ys pd

  2. Yes that is true, since Gaura Govinda Maharaja is promoting known sexual predators as his acharyas, that means he is in more illusion than the common man, who will never do this. That is because the common man knows that promoting deviants as God's successors is a serious sin and aparadha.

    Therefore, the followers of Gaura Govinda Maharaja will also tend to be in more illusion than the common man, yep, that's about it. And that is why one senior God brother of mine told another of my God brothers he should have been a GBC guru because "any jack ass can be a GBC guru, and then you would have disciples who would be giving you money and you would not be struggling for funds." OK Gaura Govinda Maharaja has created a guru business, which is heading to the lowest regions of the universe according to shastra.

    Whereas the ordinary man knows that a jack ass personality cannot be a guru, and that means the GGM program has created the standard of jack ass being a guru, so GGM is taking the guru level to the jack ass level, because he is in more ignorance than the karmis. Yup! ys pd


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