Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Russian Video Promoting -- Violence Against GBC Dissenters?

PADA: Yep! Clearly our expose of the ISKCON GBC's bogus guru process is infiltrating their regime and is gradually degrading down / eating apart / eroding away their process. And this video says as much, people are criticizing the GBC's gurus and this is taking their system down. And thus, some of them are getting more strident about taking more severe steps against us "critics and dissenters." This is the same type of lectures they were giving here in the 1980s.

Problem is, taking more severe steps against us was already done in the USA, and that process back fired on them severely after Sulochana was assassinated. Then, their properties were raided by the police. Then, there was bad media and then they lost many thousands of people from these scandals and so on. 

Of course, then we were invited to speak on various TV shows; Invited to help professional writers write the book "Monkey On A Stick"; And we were asked to help the police and FBI with other criminal matters; And we have subsequently helped with other books, media, TV and publications etc. In sum, using violence does not always end well. And more recently, we helped advise the book "Killing for Krishna." And we will be helping the same author with an upcoming publication.

Meanwhile! My friends at the police are also mortified and simply astonished at the types of threatening messages we have got from various "devotees" over the years. And they sometimes joke with me "these people are claiming to be vegetarians, but they clearly want to drink your blood." Hah hah! The police are always amazed at how these "nice gentlemen, peace loving Krishna's" want to chop up and kill the other people who chant Hare Krishna. Then again, the Los Angeles police simply told me, "Stay away from Watseka, these people want to kill you." 

In sum, anyone who has opposes their enforced cult ritualistic worship of deviants as messiahs process is -- an enemy, who should be taken out, and maybe, taken out with violence. This is both good news and bad news. The good news is, our educating program is working. The bad news is, trying to apparently foment violence sometimes works -- and then this creates another huge scandal and even more bad image for the Krishna's, or those claiming to be His devotees at least.

Anyway, its interesting that the same technique that was used against us in the 1980s is now being taken up over in other places. That means, our educating process is spreading to these other places. At this point, I really do not think that they can orchestrate another anti-Sulochana type program anymore. How many people really believe these guys are pure devotees? Not so much? The other good news is -- we have recently made some good contacts in other foreign places, and our Prabhupadanuga's process is making headway in other instances. Jayate! ys pd  


  1. NN: Those Russians are hard core!

    PADA: Yep, hah hah, true. ys pd

  2. Thanks RD Dasi. Yes, it is now evident a number of low class, perhaps violent and sometimes dangerous criminal type people came to Krishna's movement. However, most of the rank and file devotees initially were the peace and love hippie types. Thus these hippie types were simply too passive, and were no match for the crooks, and they could not fight back against the crooks. And so they sort of got pushed aside while the crooks grabbed the assets and temples.

    The crooks also came with a motive, to exploit the religion. And that is why many of these worst element folks became the biggest defenders and supporters of the GBC's crooked gurus. Right now I am in touch with a devotee who says he is trying to get a known deviant out of their temple, and the authorities are not interested in changing things. That is because, these crooked deviants are maybe their best customers.

    Yes, I do not see an easy fix for this either. However, we have saved at least some people, and that is all we can do sometimes. The real problem is one of motivation. The peace and love devotees are simply not motivated to fix things, while the crooks are motivated to take over things. Therefore the persons with the stronger motivation are seeming to win, which is true in any social interaction, the more motivated folks always tend to take over. However, we are gaining steam gradually, because these hippie do-dahs are dying off and we are gaining more and more fresh and newer people who are motivated to conduct things the right way, and challenge the bogus status quo crooked guru process. So we are gaining steam, albeit gradually. Yes, if anything untowards ever happens to anyone over there, this person should be reported to the police and charged with inciting criminal behaviors, agreed. ys pd


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