Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dayalu Nitai / HKC Jaipur -- Letter on Cooperation

From: Dayalu Nitai Das

To: Mahesh Raja
Cc: Raghava Pandit Das
Sent: Wednesday, 23 December 2015, 13:57
Subject: Re: Bhakta das

Dear Mahesh Raja Prabhu,

All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Please accept my humble obeisances.

What to speak of taking donation, I do not even know how he (Bhakta Dasa) looks like (as I have never even seen his photograph what to speak of meeting him in person). I do not even know his profile neither I have had any interaction with him online. I have just heard about this name from some other devotees who keep telling me that Puranjan Das is trying to associate me and HKC with Bhakta Dasa and some other names which I do not even remember now.

PADA: Correct. Prahlad das placed a link to the Bhakta das' video on his own site (the actual video was part of Mukunda UK's video site) and a number your HKC Jaipur people were sending me (and others) links to that video, i.e. your HKC folks were informing me to listen to Bhakta das (who is one of the worst critics of the Prabhupadanugas on the planet -- and he supports various GBC's gurus). 

So this is how your HKC Jaipur is linked to Bhakta das, Prahlad is advertising and your own HKC congregation have been following Prahlad and also advertising Bhakta's speaking on video.

In addition, Prahlad has been promoting an essay from Hari Sauri's writings -- where HS has been saying me and Sulochana are sahajiyas. Sulochana himself said Hari Sauri's writings are intentionally demonizing us -- to get us killed. And Sulochana was killed by this program. In addition, Hari Sauri still is -- and has been all along -- Bhavananda's bucket boy for several decades.

Prahlad basically copied and pasted HS writings onto his own site, raising the question, why is he even reading Hari Sauri's writings, what to speak of promoting? And why is Prahlad promoting the same identical writings Sulochana said -- would get him killed? 

Prahlad is promoting the same exact people Sulochana said would get him killed and apparently -- did get him killed, and your HKC folks are promoting the same Prahlad? Why are we working hand in glove with the same people Sulochana said -- are trying to get him killed? And won't that get more of us killed? And is this the plan? Or what? And again, your own HKC people have been advertising the Prahlad link to HARI SAURI's writings.

In sum, why are we promoting the same people Sulochana says -- have been demonizing him to get him killed, and apparently did get him killed? Sulochana died fighting for Srila Prabhupada, and so we should advertise the same writers and writings he said are aimed at -- getting him killed by demonizing him? All you folks are doing with this process is -- placing others in danger by advertising the writings that demonize the Prabhupadanugas. Could that not result in more violence against MORE Prabhupadanugas? Is that what we want?

The Hari Sauri / Bhavananda program is, in the opinion of many of us, in large part responsible for much the child abuse that took pace after 1977. Why are Prahlad and HKC folks promoting the same exact people who -- many feel -- are responsible for creating the abuse infrastructure? 

Prahlad and HKC folks say they are against the child abuse process, then they turns around and advertise for the writings of the same identical people who self - apparently aided and abetted that process? OK HKC Jaipur is against child molesting, but is in favor of the cheer leaders for the program that orchestrates abuse and worse -- is promoting one of the biggest writers for that deviant regime. Why are your people doing that?

A few people have said to me -- that is because Prahlad is a spy for the evil doers and he is planting their writings into the Prabhupadanugas. What do you think?

Prahlad also posted that our taxi driving money is sinful, so he is attacking Sulochana because Sulochana was being partially funded with our taxi money. In fact, we were one of his main contributors, since he had no job. Of course Jayananda was also a taxi driver, for years!

Why is Prahlad always attacking our great saints like Jayananda and Sulochana all the time, saying their income is sinful? Srila Prabhupada was glad to take Jayananda's taxi money! And we have asked about this problem for years, and yet you are not aware that your own folks are doing this, and acting as agents of your HKC Jaipur program? 

It appears Prahlad simply does not want folks like Sulochana to have any funds, so his program would fail, and the GBC thinks the same. Great minds think alike? Sulochana was eating canned beans, and Prahlad is envious that Sulochana even had that much to eat? 

Prahlad wanted Sulochana to starve, and -- die? Why are your people always on the same page as Tamal and Kirtanananda, they also wanted no one to support Sulochana? I also printed Sulochana's papers with my own money and was the first to put his writings on our original web sites around 1995. Why does Prahlad attack the people who supported Sulochana and were the first to place his writings online? He is not happy these works became public, well neither are the GBC's goondas?

Oddly, now Prahlad says his former hero Bhakta das is a Kali Chela, with no explanation why he has been promoting Bhakta das for years together? Nor has Prahlad das or your HKC folks apologized for trying to get people to listen to Bhakta das in the first place?

Oddly, now Prahlad ALSO says his other former "great preacher" Mukunda is another Kali Chela for promoting "pro-Hitler" videos, again no explanation why he told us formerly that Mukunda is doing good preaching work? Nor does Prahlad explain why he opposed me when I said Mukunda's program is too mundane political?

Anyway! So I asked your HKC member folks, "Why are these dubious items being promoted in the devotee's community (apparently in the name of the HKC)"?

That was and still is my question. Simply stated, people like Bhakta das and Hari Sauri are not considered as reputable sources. And Mukunda's pro-Hitler plan is also suspect. Bhakta das has in fact said the ritviks are cancerous tumors. Anyway this is partially good, Prahlad for his part is now saying Bhakta das, Hari sauri, and his previous hero Mukunda das are ALL Kali chelas, but again no explanation why he and the other HKC folks have been promoting Bhakta das and Prahlad's apparent other Kali chelas not only in public, but also to me. 

I was telling HKC folks and Prahlad the whole time their people had major problems ... 

Yet, despite my many warnings, your HKC folks wanted us to listen to these sources, so I will also join the idea that ritviks are cancerous? Why are your HKC people sending me and others this material -- at all? Bhakta says the ritviks are cancer tumors, and Prahlad and your folks are promoting him, how does that help the ritviks? Worse, Bhakta says Radhanath is a great saintly man. Why are your folks allowing the HKC program to be connected to all this? And yes, this is the same question we have asked your folks now for several years.

Now of course, you may not be aware that some of the people in your group have been advertising and e-mailing these things, but we have pointed this out a long time ago and not heard from you or your deputies. And if there is a problem with ISKCON Bangalore (IB) not communicating, you folks seem to have the same problem, or worse, sort of like the frog in the well in reverse. Your guys are not even aware of what is inside your own well, not to speak of what is going on outside.

In sum, I have not heard anything from you about any of this. And worse, some of your HKC members said that I was "meditating on homosexuals" when I pointed out that the essay the HKC members are promoting is from Hari Sauri's guru group, which contains homosexual acharyas. Amazingly, Kirtanananda's people also told me I was "meditating on homosexuals" when I asked them the same question. It seems your people are parroting GBC-isms? And why are your people meditating on the writers for the homosexual acharyas? And when will this be answered properly?

And so I simply asked, "Why are you HKC folks promoting Hari Sauri's writings"? And your people had no proper answer to the issue then or now, and neither did the GBC handle this issue properly. I am asking why members of your group are promoting the writings of a big leader in the homosexual guru regime, and your folks say -- I should not meditate on homosexuals? 

That is what the GBC folks also say, anyone who asked was "mediating on homosexuals." We need to do better in 2016. And incidentally, off putting these issues is how all these problems went on. You guys really need to answer this question, why are your folks promoting the writings of the biggest cheer leaders of Bhavananda and the molester messiahs program?]

DN: Anyway, you will be happy to know that after lot of efforts finally we (Hare Krishna Village) are moving towards a full fledged Varnasrama Community working as per Srila Prabhupada’s desire and instructions. Already around 40-50 devotees are living there as brahamcharis, grihasthas & vanprasthas and everyone is working either as a brahmin, Ksatriya, Vaisya or Sudra co-operatively for the service of the Lord. Since this is daivi Varnasrama these devotees are just playing these roles but most of them except some Vaisya Community devotees are chanting 16 rounds and following other rules given by Srila Prabhupada.Some standard of K.C (like chanting 4-5 rounds and following some rules) are even being followed by the employees (sudras) here.

[PADA: OK and IB folks are also making many projects where people are chanting and following Prabhupada. And when we discuss various things with the IB rank and file followers as we do on a regular basis -- including newer people -- they write me with very intelligent inquiries about Krishna and Prabhupada, which means they have a good idea about the siddhanta, so they are being trained nicely. 

I do not see why you seem to think only your people are chanting and following, and no one else is? Nor do any of your people ever write me with any siddhanta discussions, ever. If they had, this whole Bhakta das issue never would have happened at all.

However one thing we immediately notice, NONE the Bangalore people would EVER send me links to Bhakta das' videos and / or Hari Sauri's writings -- like your HKC people have done with me -- over and over and over and over and over. Why? Because the IB folks are being better trained, thus they ALREADY know that GBC groupies like Bhakta dasa are deviants and not persons to be cited. 

This raises the question, why are the IB people NOT EVER sending me links to Bhakta das and Hari Sauri, while your people are, and Prahlad and your HKC folks sent me these links repeatedly like a broken record? What kind of training are they getting over there?

Or are they being trained by people like Prahlad and you are not supervising them? Or have you made Prahlad your de facto personnel trainer, or what? How did this happen, your own people are promoting two of the worst GBC guru apologists on the planet, and you are not aware of this? Or you do not care? Or you agree that we should promote the GBC's cheer leaders? Or what?

Well jeepers, all sorts of things go on in GBC land, and they are not aware of anything either? You should try to become more aware of what is going on with your own program and people, or your self appointed spokesmen like Prahlad. If not, then it might become a public brouhahaha, as it has. The GBC has no clue what is going on, and you also do not?]

DN: Now our gurukul has 2 children from Russia, and 2 more are coming from Germany in March,one boy who is a son of a big politician in this area has also joined our Varnasrama College recently which has become a big news amongst local people here.

By the grace of Srila Prabhupada, now we also have 2 customized bullock carts which are going in nearby villages (packed up with our devotees) doing Harinam and distributing prasadam etc.This is having a great effect on the villagers and the media (T.V and newspaper) is also covering it very favorably which is making the people more inclined to accept K.C philosophy.

[PADA: I Bangalore folks are doing similar things, and they are always getting good media coverage. You are not the exclusive group making programs and getting media publicity, but its good that you are. Bravo.]

DN: We are also utilizing the bulls for transportation, sankirtan, running some chara (cow fodder) cutting and grinding machines, agriculture etc. This is all being done by Vaisya Community devotees who are also trading many products like Organic Jaggery, Go-Ark, Ghee, milk from our Goshala etc. which is all being manufactured here with the help of some local villagers who are employed as sudras by these Vaisya devotees.

These vaisya devotees are being managed and being provided all resources by ksatriya devotees and the vaisya devotees are giving 25% of their income as tax to ksatriyas as per Srila Prabhupada’s instructions. Brahmin devotees are teaching and guiding the ksatriya devotees. Matajajis are cooking, stiching, taking care of small children and training other matajis in chastity, cooking and cleanliness and everyone is chanting Hare Krishna and worshiping Srila Prabhupada as their spiritual master.

Everyone is also going through the Bhakti Shastri course where exams are conducted on the original books of Srila Prabhupada. This way everyone is studying Srila Prabhupada’s books seriously and except a few everyone is scoring very high in all the tests. This is one of Srila Prabhupada’s desire which we are trying to execute here exactly as he has instructed. Bhakti Shastri course as per Srila Prabhupada’s desire and extensively studying Srila Prabhupada’s books and are scoring very good marks etc. etc.


[PADA: And many similar projects are being done by IB, including our local Sunnyvale program.]

DN: Some senior devotees like Prahlad Prabhu from England and Mathura Pati Prabhu from Germany visit almost every year here with other devotees and stay sometimes for months together.

[PADA: OK well we said Prahlad has been posted by you as one of your seniors, and you just confirmed he still is.]

DN: Other senior Prabhupadanugas like Kansahanta Prabhu (U.K),

[PADA: Kamsahanta das was the person saying I was wrong to make the BBTI lawsuit with Hansadutta for the legal rights for original books. Do you agree with me, that he was wrong to do that? Why should we not have the legal rights to original books? And why does Kamsahanta never tell me why we should not? 

And why would Prahlad attack us, knowing we are part of the 1997 BBTI lawsuit and we have advertised for original books all the while, and helped get the legal rights to print these books? Kamsahanta also tried to stop me from introducing the poison issue. Why has Kamsahanta tried to throttle back the changed books and poison issue? I forgot, he told me these lawsuits will make the GBC lose their buildings, which means he wants to make sure the molester messiahs have nice houses!

If you are working with these people, should you not also try to be aware of their positions on these issues? Kamsahanta told me in 1997 that the poison issue would take away the GBC's buildings, great, we need to keep Hrdayananda and JPS in a big house? Why?

You should make some sort of declaration that our idea for the original books is the right path, as is our expose of the poison issue. We never actually see where you stand on any of these issues? If Kamsahanta is your other de facto spokesman, he has been against our original legal rights book plan and the poison issue, and he has not explained why. Ever!]

Gauri Das Pandit Prabhu (U.S),

[PADA: Gauri das has wrote a number of times that he is for the Bangalore program and he wants them to win their lawsuit etc. He does not want to join your public attack on Bangalore and he simply does not agree with your strategy of publicly attacking IB. He wants IB to win and be a success. Ask him. Several devotees have complained you are using the names of people as your supporters, when they are not necessarily.]

DN: Sunder Gopal Prabhu (Singapore) and Gokul Chand Prabhu (NZ), Prahlad Bhakta Prabhu (Pond., India) have visited once and are likely to visit again on the coming Gaur Poornima with many other foreign devotees for the Prabhupadanugas festival. These devotees can share their first hand experience with other devotees around the world for their pleasure, guidance and support.

For other Prabhupadanuga devotees who may not be able to visit here , I will soon be putting up a documentry film (which we will keep updating as things improve here -- hopefully -- by Krishna’s grace and the blessings and support of Prabhupadanuga devotees around the world) and also send it to them. This documentry will have Srila Prabhupada’s instructions on Varnashrama and how these instructions are being practically implemented here. This we will show with the help of photographs, video clips, interviews of devotees staying here etc..

[PADA: All good, bravo.]

DN: We will also put our future plans as per Srila Prabhupada’s instructions in this documentry film for the pleasure and guidance of all Prabhupadanugas. We will welcome any advise or constructive criticism based on Srila Prabhupada’s instructions and will try to improve or set things right if we are going wrong anywhere.

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada said he wanted us to cooperate, that is one of his prime orders.]

DN: I and other devotees were very busy in getting this whole thing together to the current stage (which miraculously came to the present stage in just last 6 months which in normal course would have taken years). Since I was very busy therefore I did not get time to check my facebook or e-mail accounts or other comments on the internet.

Now, also Raghav Pandit Prabhu (full time senior brahamchari and secretary at HKC) told me to check my mail box and some threads on facebook since there is some confusion / discussion going on amongst senior Prabhupadanugas regarding Tim Lees comments and my not being present on the internet (on behalf of HKC) to answer them, Co-opeartion between IB group and HKC, Importance of Varnashrama etc.

[PADA: Ok so you are well aware of the controversy but have not tried to resolve it, nor did you depute anyone to try to deal with this.]

DN: So, I have answered some things regarding activities of HKC going on here with respect to Varnashrama. Obviously youth preaching, book distribution etc. is going in full swing in Jaipur under the guidance of Raghav Pandit Prabhu. Now the boys who are coming in contact with us have many options to live with the devotees as Brahmanas, Ksatriyas or Vaisyas and can choose whatever ashrama is suitable for them. “Sthane Sthithe Shruti Gatam”.

They are not dependent on the temple for their livelihood. Otherwise mostly Iskcon and other groups have just one option that become brahamchari or if you cannot remain brahamchari then get married and everyone collect donations to run the temple or take salary or remuneration if not inspired otherwise to collect donations.

So those boys/devotees who do not feel inspired or cannot fit in this profile are dragged to work for karmis for their livelihood who make them work so hard and with no devotee association there K.C life gets finished and their children are also sent to these karmi schools (slaughterhouses) but with this Varnashram model anyone who wants to live simply and practice K.C can come, that is what we are experiencing here. Even their children are growing up in this K.C atmosphere and getting trained in gurukul so a whole next generation of devotees is being created and they are being saved from going to slaughterhouses of this modern education system. It is really wonderfull!!

[PADA: OK IB is doing similar programs.]

DN: Also I think that there was some talk about cooperation between Prabhupadanugas, earlier also I (on behalf of HKC devotees) was fully in favour of it and now also I am fully for it. Whatever is required like forming a committee or talking to IB group, even if it requires going to their place. Even if MPP is very busy, I can talk to CPP at his time at his place. I mean to say I am ready to do anything for co-operation if it pleases Srila Prabhupada and his sincere disciples (my respectable Godbrothers).

l will personally also check out more things on prabhuadanugas and with other devotees and answer them as and when I get time.For the time being I can only say that there is nothing to worry rather there are many things to feel joyful about as many of Srila Prabhupada’s desires regarding establishing Varnashrama Communiites is coming true. This is just a small endeavor here and an example which will trigger off many such communities all over the world. Here many of the Varnasharma College boys who are being trained up nicely are capable of establishing such communities once their training is completed.

I am sending a copy of this reply to Raghav Pandit Prabhu also who is in Jaipur (I am at Hare Krishna Village currently which is around 70-80 Kms. from Jaipur) so that he can remain updated and answer queries of other devotees in case I am not available due to some urgent services going on here.

I will be at your service to clear any of your doubts.

your servant (in the service of Srila Prabhupada’s original unadulterated instructions),
Dayalu Nitai Das.

[PADA: There is another issue that Prahlad and your group has attacked us, and that is that in 1997 some of the ex-gurukula abuse victims were (A) committing suicide, and there was a growing epidemic of this problem. (B) Several hundred other children were in critical situations in the "care" of the same people who made these problems and (C) Some 13 year old girls were being married to older men (according to some of them who are now PADA friends) etc.

So there were many problems with these children and we helped them with a lawsuit, and this lawsuit: (A) Slowed the suicides to almost nothing, (B) Forced  the issue so parents had to take 100s of their kids out of the GBC controlled programs and (C) Forced parents to take their young girls out of the GBC controlled projects -- so they did not get married to older men. OK we saved lives here, some people lived and others were saved from potential abuse.

Yet Prahlad, as well as many of the members of your HKC, have said that our saving and helping these kids was wrong, i.e. they wanted the suicides, apparent ongoing molesting infrastructure, and bogus marriages etc. to continue. Why does Prahlad and the HKC folks support the idea that this abuse should not have been halted? 

I hate to have to report this, but not stopping abuse is a criminal offense even for the karmis. Why are your HKC folks saying all these crimes against children should not be stopped? Are you aware that your folks idea, that we are wrong to curtail abuse, is against the law? So your guys plan was to increase the suicides, continue the abuse infrastructure, and that would have been another major newspaper story eventually anyway! 

You cannot allow more and more people to die and / or be abused and expect the media will never get wise to that!

I am amazed to hear that Prahlad and your HKC folks said that the suicides, abuse infrastructure, and bogus marriages program etc. should be allowed to go on indefinitely, and not be suppressed -- as we did? Of course that makes HKC on board with what Tamal also wanted? Apart from that, your idea is ILLEGAL, abuse programs have to be stopped, that is the law. That is because the law knows how to treat children WAY BETTER THAN YOU HKC FOLKS!

We also know Prahlad / HKC and co. were never going to make any sort of help or lawsuit and they never did even up to now. Again, lets be clear, this begs the question, why does Prahlad, and many HKC Jaipur members, want the program of children committing suicide, being potentially molested, and being married to much older men etc. to continue "henceforward" forever? Is this the basis of a human society?

And if you want to start your own society, fine, but what kind of society wants to see abuse continued and not checked -- as we did at least check it to a large extent? Prahlad is perhaps the biggest defender of child abusers on the planet, he says stopping this abuse is all wrong, and he says that all the time. As many kulis have told me, people like Prahlad are defenders of child abusers, and as such, he should not be listed as one of your speakers and seniors.

And the other HKC joined with Prahlad and objected to this abuse program being halted? Of course Prahlad argues that these children were offenders who hated the religion, well no kidding, Prahlad says he represents the religion and he wants them to die and their abuse to continue. 

No wonder they are upset with the religion! 

He is purposefully causing them to be upset with the religion by his idea that he wants suicides, molesting and bogus marriages of children to continue on -- with nothing stopping it. They hate him, and that makes them hate Krishna, because he is claiming to be Krishna's agent. He is part of the cause of their bad attitudes towards the religion. Why are you advertising this person as your senior man? He is the person causing these children to hate Krishna, and he is your spokesman?

And as a number of kulis have asked me, why do people like Prahlad hate children so much -- they want us children to die? And this begs the question, why are HKC Jaipur people promoting Prahlad and his anti-children program, where he is openly saying that suicides, molesting and bogus marriages should not be halted? And why don't these HKC folks know that dead children is not the way forward, when even the karmis know that is not the way forward?

As for "harming the reputation of the religion," right, people like Prahlad who want to see children suffer death and abuse are the entire reason the religion has a bad name in the first place.

Anyway! Somehow or other this is all connected to you, because Prahlad is your senior man, according to you. Many HKC folks also cited Prahlad while writing to me, proving he is acting as a de facto administrator of YOUR program. Meanwhile, Prahlad NOW admits in public that the people he has been promoting like his Bhakta das video, Hari Sauri's writings and pro-Hitler Mukunda etc. are AGENTS OF KALI YUGA. Kali chelas. So you and your HKC are associated with a person who openly admits he has been promoting KALI CHELAS. Sorry, you guys should explain all this, especially since I was warning all of you for years this was going on!

If you are not aware of this, you should be. Meanwhile HKM Jaipur has sent me a nice video of their program, which looks like its packed with nice people. I do not think all these people are doing the wrong thing because this program, the Bangalore program (you can see on Web TV) and going on so very nice. 

Attacking their program is not helping matters, in fact its helping the GBC. And when it comes to discrimination, clearly the Bangalore folks are several billion light years ahead of your guys, when your guys are still saying child abusers need to go unchecked with no process to contain them. And the HKC still has done nothing for these victims and they never will. All the HKC does is say its wrong for me to contain child abuse, making your program look very bad indeed, if not illegal!

I tried to help you with the Nimai Pandit program and I was advertising your program up to then. However, since MPD is now in the Supreme Court taking on the GBC, its important not to give credibility to his enemies as you folks are doing all the time by trying to knee-cap MPD. This is simple common sense, we need to establish that Srila Prabhupada is the acharya in courts and no one else is doing that except MPD. And no one else maybe ever will do that. So we need to focus on the priority, and that is, to establish who is the legal acharya of the ISKCON society.

Now as far as MPD is concerned, it seems your group is doing everything they can to alienate him from your group. For example, your group started all kinds of foolish propaganda that IB is deviating, and is connected to the IBM / Ford Motor/ Bill Clinton / Bill Gates / Monsanto / new world order cabal. Ooops! Except, Srila Prabhupada himself sold his books and took donations from even animal slaughterhouse workers, and he never said we have to select which persons can or cannot fund our mission?

Srila Prabhupada never made this a big issue, and your guys made it the biggest issue. So I should not have a taxi job, MPD should only take donations from vegetarian animal shelters, ok we cannot function like that -- and this is not how Srila Prabhupada operated. 

Apart from that, MPD is in court dealing with the GBC, trying to prove that Srila Prabhupada is the acharya, and just at that moment you guys decide to make a full scale attack on him and demonize him, knowing this program of demonizing can get our people killed? All you guys did was raise a huge cheer from the GBC guru program, they said well done, bravo, you are helping -- us! The person trying to prove in court that Srila Prabhupada is the acharya, is the person we should demonize and jeapardize? Why? Who does that help, apart from Radhanath's program?

As far as I recall what started all this was that HKC was mis-using a photo of MPD? Anyway, I could try to negotiate something on your behalf, but you need to look into what is being done in your name by your pal Prahlad, his associates, and HKC folks who support him. 

And you need to make clear your position on some of these issues we are forwarding if you want to make peace with us. If you are the leader of all this, then you are responsible for all these things. If you want to work things out with MPD, you'll need to start by taking down all your web sites attacking him and his program. As for me, well if you want to dialogue, fine, lets see what we can do. And if you have a sensible program for peace and want me to forward that to MPD on your behalf, I will try to help. ys pd

PS: I am very glad all this has come out like this, its always good to give our readers a short history lesson on these events. ys pd


Thanks prabhu, How is this connected to HKC Jaipur? Well Dayalu Nitai wrote very recently that Prahlad is a senior member of his group. That means Dayalu is openly saying, the person who admits he is promoting various Kali Chelas (and / or supporters of the molester messiahs program) are senior persons in the HKC Jaipur program, according to Dayalu himself. Now Prahlad admits he is promoting various spokesmen for the Kali Chelas program, which molests children, kills devotees and poisons pure devotees, that is when they are not promoting Stalin. This is a powerful admission on their part. Prahlad finally admits -- he is trying to force others to bow down to his Kali Chelas authorities, and the good news is, PADA put a big crimp in Prahlad's Kali Chelas program, of course we have crimped their program the whole while. Now you know why there has been so many violent banning and molesting programs and etc. going on, people have stood with the Kali Chelas and not those of us driving that program out. You got it! I also just met another Bangalore person, a new guy, and he gets this stuff immediately, you cannot promote Kali Chelas, its amazing that so many HKC folks have no idea that is the correct process after all these years, when Bangalore folks get it in two seconds. So this is all good, we are moving ahead on all this. And yes, Dayalu says that Prahlad is a senior in his group, which confirms what we said all along. ys pd


Yes prabhu, you are correct, congratulations to Prahlad are in order. He first of all told us (A) that Mukunda is doing great preaching, now he says Mukunda is a Kali Chela pro-Hitler fool. Prahlad also said (B) we all have to listen to his Bhakta das video, now he says Bhakta das is another low class Kali chela fool. Prahlad also cited Hari Sauri's book as his history authority, and now (C) he too is another Kali chela fool. That means Prahlad is finally admitting, he has been promoting and listening to people, which he himself admits are -- Kali Chelas, and its only because of us at PADA pointing that out to him -- which is helping him get out of these illusions and save himself from his Kali Chela associations! Right, we told him these people are bogus, and he is finally accepting that PADA was right the whole time! I am glad he has finally agreed that we were right and he has surrendered to our points regarding these individuals, better late than never! Yep, even we have to agree with Prahlad, he is totally correct, he wanted all of us to listen to his Kali Chela fools, and we showed him the right path, to reject these Kalis Chelas, and he has accepted our idea. Yes, congratulations, Prahlad is with PADA on these issues! I will write separately to Dayalu nitai about these points and lets see if we can progress to some sort of overall peace pipe agreement. ys pd


  1. Thanks prabhu, Yes Bangalore helped start a nice program here in Sunnyvale (near San Jose California) and its doing great. None of the people here would ever promote Bhakta das and Hari Sauri because they have totally rejected the GBC and their cheer leaders. So its self evident that the Bangalore people are getting better training than these HKC people, because Bangalore people are done with the GBC and their cheer leaders. The only good news is that the HKC people are finally realizing they have been promoting Kali Chelas all this time, but we told them that at the start. That means it has taken them years to figure out what Bangalore people have known, all along. Yes. They need to change their training program and find new trainers. Anyway its good they realized that we were right about this all along, that is a good start. Agreed. We have to give them credit for admitting they have been promoting Kali Chelas all this time. We should applaud that, and we do. ys pd

  2. LW: Haribol Prabhus, I have no personal involvement with these issues or personalities, so I will butt out of this discussion. My only gripe is that I have personal experience with three good friends who PADA has offended and vilified for no reason — just because he didn’t like them or some trivial thing.

    [PADA: Promoting Radhanath's groupie Bhakta das, copying and pasting Bhavananada's groupie Hari Sauri, promoting Hitler's videos, promoting the Illumi-nutty, promoting anti-Zionism, using Prabhupada's photo to advertise beef eaters etc. -- are trivial things? Apparently not, this has been one of our top read stories?]

    LW: He relentlessly attacked them over and over like a vicious pit bull.

    [PADA: The HKC Jaipur started all this by making web programs against Bangalore, they said they wanted all this to go public, not us? I was advertising HKC before all this? But yes, I have had a total blast going after what Prahlad admits has been his Kali Chelas authorities, this is great educational entertainment for me and our readers and one of our top stories.]

    LW: It was totally uncalled for, and so I know that he is an offender of Vaisnavas.

    [PADA: Vaishnavas are promoting Kali Chelas and videos of Hitler?]

    LW: That’s why I’m upset and have made a few comments here. Otherwise, as I said, he is a great and often humorous writer. If he would just stop the personal attacks to nice devotees and also tone down his tendency to blow his own horn and claim credit for almost everything under the sun, then he would be much more widely accepted and could attain almost heroic status in the Prabhupadanuga movement. But will he do that? The answer is blowing in the wind. It’s up to him.

    One warning to HKC. PADA writes:

    “If you want to work things out with MPD, you’ll need to start by taking down all your web sites attacking him and his program.”

    How about PADA’s numerous attacks on his website? Is he willing to take them down or retract them?Looks to me like co-operation in PADA’s eyes means that HKC has to surrender to MPD. They may even try to swallow up HKC and kick out the leadership there. That could be the plan judging from PADA’s incessant “divide and conquer” strategy which he exhibits almost every day on his blog. Can the olive branch be trusted? That’s what HKC has to determine for themselves. Good luck!

    Thank you for listening. Sorry for any offenses.

    Jaya Prabhupada!

    [PADA: Sure, let the HKC and Prahlad explain our letter above, including why they started this huge public brawl by making sites against Bangalore, and we can see about taking things down from there. You folks keep forgetting, the HKC wanted ALL this to be public, we obliged. The good news is that Prahlad now admits that their program has been promoting Kali Chelas, that means we forced the issue and made him admit, otherwise he never would. Dayalu Nitai said Prahlad is his senior man, so why is HKC promoting Prahlad and his Kali Chela's program? Prabhupadanuga's EU is correct, they need to start constructive talks [and quit promoting all the foolishness detailed in my letter above?]. Even one of our newest people defeated Prahlad several years ago when he asked, "Why is Prahlad promoting a program that uses photos of Prabhupada to advertise beef eating speakers." Prahlad immediately blocked the questioner, so fine, we put these questions here. If they want all this to be resolved, the ball is in their court. ys pd

  3. Correct prabhu, these HKC guys have started a forum "senior devotees needed for intervention," but when our brand newest and junior-most persons ask them a simple question, for example -- why is the HKC Jaipur promoting Prahlad and his program of advertising beef eating speakers, Hitler's videos, Stalin's photos and quotes etc. using Prabhupada's photos, they cannot even answer the most simple questions from a brand new bhakta and junior person.

    They claim they want to dialogue with the seniors, but they are forced to block even the most brand new neophyte persons, being unable to reply to even the most basic kindergarten level questions, which any neophyte knows the answer to. So if the HKC people are totally baffled with one simple question from our brand newest bhaktas, and they have to block our brand new persons because they are sitting around drooling on themselves being unable to reply to the simplest points, then that means, they cannot even dialogue with the brand newest persons who are just entering the field of bhakti, never mind field higher dialogue.

    So they have got the whole thing upside down, they want to start off with the senior persons, meanwhile, the newest persons have the entire HKC Jaipur "senior" staff folks totally stumped, baffled and unable to reply, with one simple question, and they have to block that person because they cannot even field a question from the kindergarten class members. They want to dialogue with the adults, but cannot even figure out the most basic kindergarten level ideas, which kindergarten people all know already, i.e. we cannot advertise beef eating people, and Hitler, Stalin etc., using images of a pure devotee of God.

    Even my 92 years old Grand mother neighbor with her many cats knows we cannot juxtapose a photo of Jesus with sinful politicians and criminals etc. She is way more advanced than the HKC folks? Why is it that our 92 year old Grand mother neighbor knows we cannot juxtapose photos of Jesus -- and Illuminati fools and bogus politicos, while the HKC folks cannot even reply the kindergarten question? Apparently they cannot figure out the most basic levels of kindergarten bhakti? So first of all, they need to address the kindergarten class level questions, then we can move on much later to the adult's questions. Yes, they have got this whole thing upside down, we do not start off debating with the seniors if we cannot even debate the newest kindergarteners. Right! ys pd

  4. Yes, I have heard this before, these Prahlad people who are promoting Hitler, Stalin, Bhakta das, Hari Sauri, and their meat eating and animal hunting speakers et al., all the while using images of Krishna, are "the real Illuminati infiltration into ISKCON." Hee hee, yup! Heard that! ys pd

  5. Janardana das says: Mahesh,

    This same attitude you feel with Prahlad mis-respresenting HKC for these peace talks is the same feeling the entire Prabhupadanuga community feels about PADA representing Bangalore in ANY fashion whatsoever, his lack of etiquette and insane ramblings have turned the Prabhupadanugas into a laughing stock. Can you understand this point at all?

    [PADA: Bangalore yatra has nothing to do with our complaints -- that the Prahlad groupies are promoting: Hitler videos, Stalin photos and quotes, Bhakta das videos, Hari Sauri's writings copied and pasted, using Prabhupada's photo to advertise beef eating speakers, etc.

    Our program of opposing this Illumi-nutty-ness process has no connection to Bangalore, at all? Bangalore is off the topic. I said I simply do not agree with these things, and no one has sent me any proof we should be involved with these speculations.

    Sorry, you guys who are defending all this process are making yourselves look foolish, since almost cent percent all the people who read these things agree with me -- we cannot juxtapose Krishna with all these mundane items.

    I was there when Srila Prabhupada chastised Hansadutta for reading about Hitler, its not what Vaishnavas are supposed to engage in. And its not "PADA madness" to agree with the acharya. Sorry! ys pd]

  6. OK Prabhu, Mahesh Raja should mediate all this because he knows both parties? Mahesh did that already? He wrote a letter to these folks a long time ago and we published his letter? No reply.

    The problem is that instead of replying to Mahesh, they are always changing the topic. Mahesh also said separately -- that we are right, they should not be promoting Illuminati stuff, Hitler videos, Stalin photos, Bhakta dasa and all that -- and again, they never replied to that either?

    He has tried to mediate, they did not reply? The HKC Jaipur and Prahlad keep saying they want seniors to mediate and dialogue, but as soon as a senior like Mahesh dialogues, they ignore that. Mahesh is their senior in all respects, and he already brought up some of their issues TO THEM in an attempt to dialogue. They ignored him.

    And yet they claim they want seniors to intervene, but as soon as seniors do that, the HKC folks like Prahlad bully and / or ignore that person? That apparently means, they actually do not want senior dialogue, its a bluff. Or what else does it mean?

    Mahesh already posed questions to these folks, separately from anything I am doing, and they are always baffled as soon as anyone asks them a simple question, just like they were baffled when our newest bhakta asked them a question and they blocked him. They cannot dialogue with the seniors, or the newest juniors. Why is that? ys pd

  7. At this point I think there will be different groups of so-called Prabhupadanugas. And maybe that is a good thing since there will be no centralized program which can be attacked, it will be sort of diffused around.

    Thus, different people will be preaching in different ways and having various degrees of success -- or not so much success. And we will just have to judge who has the right formula by the results, and see who is preaching the best way forward.

    Right now yes, I am hoping Bangalore will have success because they are THE ONLY PARTY currently in high court of Delhi establishing that Srila Prabhupada is the acharya of ISKCON; And they are helping with the printing and distribution of original books; And they are making temples, devotees and disciples of Prabhupada; And they are creating a good image of Krishna with people like Narendra Modi, Pranab Mukherjee and many other big personalities. I have also seen their temple's web cam, and videos of their programs like HKM Jaipur, and their local temple here in Sunnyvale, and its impressive. I am also corresponding with a number of their newer people and they ask really good siddhanta questions, which I do not get so much from others.

    In sum, they are getting things done that Srila Prabhupada wanted to have done. People can criticize, and that is good to some extent, but unless we see practical alternates being made other than what Bangalore -- and some of other associates like Vancouver -- are doing, its not going to have a whole lot of impact one way or the other.

    As for people who attack a guy like Mahesh Raja, who was using his own money to print and distribute our original papers all over, way before the internet, they will never impress me because, they are attacking the person who made many others into Prabhupadanugas. Its hard for me to accept that his critics are themselves Prabhupadanugas, because actual Prabhupadanugas would glorify the person who is giving Prabhupada to others. Mahesh has also wrote more papers than just about anyone, himself. So he is well versed in all these topics and should be regarded with respect. Its amazing to me that some so-called Prabhupada people kick Mahesh in the teeth with giant jack boots, which means, they really do not care that he has been making others into Prabhupada's devotees, just like various GBC folks also do not appreciate. I feel these people are false Prabhupadanugas, or even GBC infiltering plants, plain and simple.

    Anyway I am going forward, and will continue answering siddhanta questions, and will continue communicating with various senior devotees I am working with for years together on these issues. Of course others are welcome to help, or do something better, however we should try to cooperate for the sake of saving the conditioned souls. Lets see if 2016 brings more of that mood. Satyam eva jayate. ys pd

  8. LW: Hare Krishna, Prahlad Prabhu. Please don’t feel discouraged. I have heard you. His Holiness Sri PADA-acarya is still implying that you’re responsible for murder:

    [PADA: I said that Sulochana complained that Hari Sauri's writings were meant to demonize him to get him killed, and he was killed. Then, Prahlad copied and pasted the exact Hari Sauri writings Sulochana complained about, and placed that on his site as some wonderful thing we need to read and accept. And then the HKC Jaipur began citing that site as something we all need to accept, so they surrendered to the writings of Hari Sauri.

    And HKC and Prahlad are thus advertising the writings that Sulochana said, were made to demonize him, to get him killed. And he was killed? Are you saying Sulochana was crazy and he did not know he was being demonized, and that could get him killed? After, ... he was killed?]

    LW: This situation is atrocious and this man is very sinful at heart to even think of such things, what to speak of repeatedly promoting them online.

    [PADA: But that is what Sulochana said? He said, Hari Sauri is demonizing me, to get me killed? Why are you saying Sulochana was making atrocious accusations, when in point of fact, he was demonized and killed, exactly as he said?

    You are attacking a person who is not even here to defend himself? Sulochana said, these writings of Hari Sauri are meant to demonize me, to get me killed, and he was killed. And then Prahlad COPIED AND PASTED these exact Hari Sauri's writings on his blog. Prahlad is promoting the people who orchestrate Vaishnava murders, that is not what we said, that is what Sulochana said? He said these writings will cause me to be killed. And Prahlad loves these writings and writers, because he is advertising their writings? And Hari Sauri was also the bucket boy for the molester messiahs project? Why is Prahlad quoting these people, at all?

    Are you saying Sulochana had no idea what he was talking about, and he did not know he was being demonized to be killed? Sorry, he knew that very well, and that is what HE TOLD ME repeatedly.]

    It is an outrage to all decent men and women.

    [PADA: What is outrageous is that Sulochana said Hari Sauri is demonizing him to get him killed, and he was killed, and LW thinks this is wonderful and we should not oppose this program, as we are doing. And we should glorify Prahlad, who is promoting the writings that got Sulochana killed, according to SULOCHANA. Why are you guys always glorifying orchestrators of Vaishnava murders? So we should be happy to see vaishnavas demonized and killed, and we should help Prahlad promote the writings of the people who -- got Sulochana killed? Sorry, demonizing Vaishnavas to get them killed is sinful, I have no idea why you guys do not know this already. Do you folks ever read ANY of the books of the acharyas? ys pd]

  9. Dear Raghava pandit, Hare Krishna. Well good, the HKC should do what it says its doing, i.e. implement the teaching of Srila Prabhupada. That means -- they should avoid promoting people like Prahlad and his pro-Bhakta das, pro-Hari Sauri, pro-Mukunda UK (pro-Hitler, pro-Stalin, pro-Illuminati bashing) program.

    When is this going to start? None of these things has anything to do with the original teachings of Srila Prabhupada, plain and simple. We are simply awaiting the day this is going to stop, and that would form the basis of some positive step forward. Meanwhile we have challenged this agenda publicly and most people appear to be agreeing with me that this is all deviation. Dayalu Nitai recently said Prahlad is one of the senior men in his program, that means, he agrees with Prahlad's promoting all this and he thinks this is the agenda of senior Prabhupadanugas. Its not. ys pd

  10. Thanks! You are ALSO correct prabhu, some of our UK (and HKC Jaipur) critics are sort of secretly withdrawing their links to Bhakta das / Hari Sauri / Illuminati-pada Mukunda / Hitler-ism and etc. on the side -- without really announcing that, probably because they are too embarrassed to admit they made a huge mistake here. You are right, these links are sort of disappearing gradually, which means they are admitting PADA was right about all this -- all along.

    They agreed with me the whole while?

    These guys were also complaining that some young Bangalore folks made a rock concert at a high school once, meanwhile they have been promoting their singing of the glories of the Radhanath lover's club and their hero Hitler-pada. Right, this is foolishness on steroids. Even our young rock and roll people would never be found glorifying this foolishness.

    Anyway! Where is their public preaching program in the UK?
    Where is their public kirtan in UK?

    They are complaining about the kirtan or preaching of others, but where is theirs? I just got a letter from a UK devotee, he wants some UK sangha, but knows of no public program going on there? Where is their UK program? No one sees their UK program? Maybe because, there is none? ys pd

  11. Srila Prabhupada wanted to go to Gita Nagari and he said, his Western preaching is his first priority, not India. Then in 1978 the GBC "gurus" were the first to start this "lets hang out in India" program, and they began "hanging out" with Sridhara, Narayana, BV and BP Puri maharajas, and then Fakir Mohan, Babajis and so forth and so on.

    Basically, their plan was to burn the West into toast and then sort of "retire timely" to India, and most of them have been hanging out there a lot of the time ever since, even Kirtanananda and Radhanath made big centers there, and some like Mahanidhi are there full time.

    Srila Prabhupada told us repeatedly, he did not want us to hang out there, he said we should visit for short term and focus on the Western preaching. He said if we hang out there "we will only think of sex life." He said, we need to conduct active service in the West.

    So yes, Prahlad and co. are not following the basic orders, not to "hang out in India" but to focus on the Western preaching. The GBC hangs out there, then Prahlad follows the GBC and he also hangs out there, he is simply doing what the GBC are doing. Where is the Western preaching? Sitting around barking orders to Bangalore is also what the GBC does? Sorry, he is doing what the GBC does, "hanging out in India" and not doing the real work Srila Prabhupada wanted done, in the West. These guys need to get their own program going in the UK and quit following in the footsteps of their divine heros over at the GBC's guru campus. At least there is a fully functioning Prabhupada temple here which conducts all the mantra prayers and songs Srila Prabhupada had us doing the whole while, that is what we should be establishing, and in the West. Srila Prabhupada's last request was to get things going in the West ... ys pd

  12. You are right, all this fits together hand in glove: Radhanath is an India floater who attacks PADA and Bangalore, is Prahlad his twin brother? Radhanath's people cite Hari Sauri and Bhakta das, and so do Radhanath's faithful bucket boys. Radhanath wants to stop PADA and Bangalore etc, and these guys also wanted to stop PADA and Bangalore etc. Ditto heads! They are doing the GBC's dirty work?

    As an added bonus, Prahlad's program has been promoting the idea that we all need to listen to Hitler, Stalin and various beef eating anti-illuminati speakers. Swell! And lets not forget that this program has promoted the idea that Krishna's movement and His devotees are now being managed by "the serpent demon race from the Draco constellation." That is really going to encourage people to join, where do I sign up!

    Nope! That turns off hundreds and thousands of people from taking shelter of Krishna -- ever. Since Krishna's movement and devotees are being controlled by the demon race from Draco, that means, this problem can never be fixed by anyone on this planet. There is no hope for you or anyone else to fix it. So give up! Quit Krishna's religion, because you can never over-power the serpent demons who have ruled the world for millions of years and who now rule ISKCON.

    Whereas our idea is that Krishna's movement is now run by a pack of cowardly fools and it can thus be fixed. Our idea thus gives people hope for their future and helps at least some folks to try to fix things in ISKCON and move forward. The Prahlad program has also attacked our idea that child molesting has to be halted. Of course they -- and the GBC -- say they want to take us down since we say -- we need to expose people who poison pure devotees and change his books. And unfortunately, either by foolishness, acquiescing or sympathy for the Devil, the HKC Jaipur got dragged into all this.

    At the same time, there is light at the end of the tunnel, even they are apparently realizing they have stepped into a huge pile of poop here, and they need to clean their shoes off. At the same time they know we are right, Srila Prabhupada was totally against "India floating" and now we know why, he said this program might degrade a person, and in fact -- it might turn people into Radhanath's helpers or even his twins. ys pd

  13. Correct, since the HKC leadership and congregation can be easily fooled like kindergarten children into supporting the biggest loud mouthed advocate of the Bhakta das / Radhanath program; Bhavananda / Hari Sauri program; Zeig Heil lets listen to Third Reich-pada program; Illumi-nuts program; We and ISKCON are all under the control of the Draco serpent demon people program; Lets listen to beef eating and animal hunting speculators and sell their DVDs using Prabhupada's and Krishna's photo program; Lets stop anyone who opposes child molesting program; Lets stop anyone who opposes guru poisoners; Lets stop anyone who helps a lawsuit to get original books -- and the legal rights to worship the acharya, etc. -- and the HKC folks are vociferously defending this clearly GBC friendly agenda guy and Illumi-nut bagger side show, what does that say about their discrimination? Lets face it, they are trying to force PADA and others to accept this GBC friendly / Third Reich / serpent people idyoots agenda and they are just upset we are not buying into it. Get over it already! We ain't!

    So they should simply issue a declaration that they have withdrawn this person as their senior man, clarify all this, and lets move forward. I also have a friend who overheard an HKC leader's cell phone ringing with a Bollywood tune, so we should allow them to listen to modern music and chastise others for playing "mantra rock" music, where the mantra rock people are at least -- chanting the holy name, the Bollywood tune does not? Nor does it make any sense that mantra rock is a "temple standards kirtana"? Nor do these guys have any kirtana going on in the UK that we can see AT ALL? Needless to say, some folks are saying this is hypocrisy on steroids.

    So the ball is in their court, let them explain all this once and for all. Meanwhile, all the rest of us are moving ahead without all these side track deviations. If these guys cannot spot that this was all wrong right from the get go, then why should we trust their version of any other events? ys pd

  14. Dear RS: This is not "a little mistake"? Prahlad says he is going to post my photo to the GBC's goondas -- so they could identify me, to come and kill me. He is such an idiot he does not know, the goondas already know who I am for decades already. And yet the HKC promotes Prahlad knowing he is doing these things ... which means they endorse persons making veiled or direct death threats, who is also promoting Hitler pada etc.

    So I object to their idea, i.e. Prahlad is a person who wants to have Lord Krishna's devotees killed, he even ADMITS, and I have no idea either why Dayalu and HKC Jaipur are associated with this Vaishnava assassination and death threats association's agenda.

    And the entire HKC is implicated in backing and promoting Prahlad and his veiled death threats / Hitler pada agenda. I have already stated this many times, they want to have Vaishnavas assassinated, because they ADMIT they want that. So this begs the question, who authorizes the HKC Jaipur to promote people who want to have the Lord's Vaishnavas assassinated?

    Since the HKC Jaipur's "senior man" admits he wants to have us and our Vaishnavas assassinated, then the HKC Jaipur are also fully implicated in this odious agenda. No surprise they have ALSO been promoting GBC's goonda cheer leaders. Yes, I could write to the Jaipur and India Government and complain they are facilitating and harboring a person who is making veiled death threats against the Vaishnavas, and you are right, maybe I should.

    Yep. Same thing they are doing with Madhu Pandit, he is fighting these same people who kill Vaishnavas too, and the first thing Prahlad and Dayalu do is start to demonize him as some sort of New World Order / Bill Gates / Bill Clinton / Illuminati / IBM / Draco demon agent, painting him as a demon, that means, they are trying to get more of our people killed. As Sulochana said many times -- these people demonize us -- to get us killed. So they have to resolve this and other issues. Its that simple. ys pd

  15. Thanks prabhu, my safety is fine, do not worry, the police here are my pals and everyone knows that, anyone coming after me will have to deal with all sorts of FBI and police chasing them, and probably no one wants to undergo that right now.

    I already could have reported Prahlad to the local police cybercrimes for his saying he wants to send my photo to GBC goondas to get me killed and filed an official police report and said this is and international terror threat (it goes to the FBI) because the police here have already helped me pursue similar cases.

    I was being merciful to the HKC because the address I would have to list as the source of this crime is -- Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur place. I was being merciful to them, and still am for that matter. The police also know this is all connected to my objecting to their criminal and child molesting project, and the cops know these people are simply criminal and child molester lovers who have been after me since 1977.

    I am simply making a point, the HKC folks under Prahlad think they are authorized to work with the GBC's goondas to have our Vaishnavas assassinated. They were even joking about how I might die thanks to their getting GBC goondas on their side, of course when I said I was going to report them to the police, they stopped this joking. People who want Vaishnavas to die are not trying to negotiate anything, they are vaishnava assassinating GBC style bullies. Jaipur needs to remove that bully from their list of trusted senior people. I could also write the authorities in India separate from USA authority and say Jaipur is harboring this person who is making death threats against me, and the police here would vouch for me. They do not seem to even realize, this is illegal never mind not vaishnava?

    You are right, these people are simply mad men offenders, because they spend lots of time thinking how they want to drink the Vaishnavas blood, agreed. Even the police here are astonished, the cops have to protect me from the "vegetarian" Krishnas who want to drink my blood more than the beef eating sector ever would. Something is wrong here, and even the cops know that people who want to drink Vaishnava blood are way worse than the beef eating sector. ys pd

  16. Agreed, they are not making any sense? (A) ISKCON has a bad name. (B) They are starting a program to fix that -- and give it a good name. (C) The first thing they are going to do is -- try and incite the murders of Krishna's devotees --- oops, which is EXACTLY why ISKCON has already got a bad name? Yep, baffling. And you are right prabhu, their way of fixing things is the same as Kirtanananda's way of fixing things. Is this a coincidence? ys pd

  17. One main question I get from both devotees and non-devotees is, why do the average hamburger eating cops know that trying to get Vaishnavas assassinated is sinful and wrong, while these alleged devotee guys, ok not so much?

    Yet Krishna is the master of all mystics, thus He gave me "back up" from His own sources, namely the cops, FBI, media, courts etc. And now the same media and courts etc. are helping Bangalore and others, and we have some allies with good contacts working on new steps to fix these things.

    Sulochana said the people trying to get us killed are "zombies." And we are in a zombie invasion movie! When we were talking together and some of their people would come up and glare at us, he would say, "see, I told you, there's the zombies right over there"! I also told Sulochana Srila Prabhupada said people who glare at Vaishnavas will have to take birth as vultures ... and he agreed this would happen to a number of our opponents. So, these glaring people are still around, -- been there, done that!

    Sulochana said things like, "These zombies coming after us are way worse than ordinary dogs. No dogs will ever attack us Vaishnavas, but these zombies will, that means -- the zombies will have to wait a long time -- just to take a more elevated birth as a dog." Pretty much our direct experience as well, the neighborhood animals around here including dogs are friends with us Vaishnavas, they never even dream of threatening to have us offed, because they have more elevated consciousness than the zombie sector. Sulochana is correct, again!

    Bottom line is, Prahlad said he was going to circulate my photo to the GBC goondas to get me killed, and after that HKC Jaipur said he is their senior man, and the HKC people were encouraging him, which means -- they approve of people who are attempting to have Vaishnavas assassinated.

    And the guy who made the "institution" video does not want to be named, because he knows these dangerous zombies are still around and they are scary dudes, albeit pretty much snakes without teeth these days. What these zombie people failed to realize is, I have already experienced hundreds and hundreds of their threatening mails and phone calls already. These guys have to find a different rabbit to take out of their hat if they are going to impress me, seen your act already! So we need to expose these people whom Sulochana said are dangerous Vaishnava blood drinking zombies, and that is what we do. I have no idea why some folks are surprised we are doing that, we have done that all along since 1977? ys pd

  18. Anyway, at least some folks are moving ahead and getting things done --

  19. SD: For those souls who are sincere in following Srila Prabhupada co-operation is not an issue, it is automatic. Don’t hold your breath! I certainly won’t. If Madhu Pandit is up for co-operation the first thing he should do is get out of Jaipur! Do you think that is going to happen? I don’t think so! Daso Smi Sudarsana

    [PADA: OK except, we are being told that the legal incorporation of Akshaya Patra Jaipur already happened before Dayalu Nitai's HKC arrived on the scene. And Dayalu was first of all working with Bangalore's Madhu Pandit das. There is legal proof of Dayalu Nitai's HKC PUBLICLY claiming to be a branch of Bangalore's Akshaya Patra in public printed flyers (photo evidence was posted this blog awhile ago). This is LEGAL proof Dayalu Nitai has been ILLEGALLY claiming to be a legal branch of Bangalore Akshaya Patra. OK using the name of another charity without their permission is ILLEGAL! Of course some New Vrndavana were also advertising they are the "Sisters of Mercy school for the blind," hee hee! Why is HKC following this illegal scheme? Madhu Pandit has to contest HKC's illegal charity fraud, that is his duty as a manager of a charity. Why doesn't HKC even know what the laws are?

    In sum, Dayalu Nitai has been PUBLICLY advertising that he is Bangalore's Akshaya Patra, and law enforcement calls that criminally illegal behavior. Now Sudarsan says we should encourage MORE illegal behavior like Kirtanananda was doing? Let's break the law, and follow Kirtanananda's scheme! And if Bangalore's AP are so bad, why are the HKC advertising that they are AP?

    This whole controversy started because HKC Jaipur has been hi-jacking another devotees's charity name and collecting funds using another's name -- illegally. MPD has to stop that because we cannot allow ANOTHER illegal fraud to go on in the name of Krishna. Allowing others to use your charity's name is ILLEGAL! Hello!

    In any case, the Bangalore HKM branch in Jaipur has a nice program going on there, and they are getting hundreds of people to chant Hare Krishna and worship Prabhupada especially at festivals, we posted their nice video. Why does the HKC Jaipur always start out things by saying, lets kick out the people in Jaipur who are worshiping Krishna and Prabhupada? Ooops, I forgot, that is another Kirtanananda idea!

    And then the HKC supported Prahlad when he was making ILLEGAL death threats. They also protested when we stopped child molesting, which is also illegal, we need to stop that or we are LEGALLY implicated. Then Prahlad says, we need to listen to his mentor Hitler pada because he gets "lots of youtube hits," well David Bowie gets lots of hits? Can you guys first of all decide what it is you are promoting, then tell us what it is, then we can discuss from there. We right now have no clue what your idea actually is, except you want to stop people from chanting and start another criminal, death threats operation, using illegal charity fraud etc. under the guidance of Kirtanananda's scheme? Or what? ys pd]

  20. Yes this is another big problem with these HKC Jaipur and Prahlad folks, they are saying Madhu Pandit das should not follow Prabhupada's program of approaching big industrialists and government folks for donations to build big temples and programs.

    Ooops, that was Srila Prabhupada's whole scheme when we were in India, he was getting us to go to the big industrialists and big government folks to gather donations to build big temples. This was also going on at Lord Chaitanya's time, big merchants and government folks gave big donations to build temples.

    Of course, without resources we see what happens, these guys cannot get anything of substance going. How are we going to have temple programs, book printing, making and facilitating devotees, etc. -- with no money? When we stayed for several days at a beer brewery in India with Prabhupada, his God brothers criticized, why are we staying at a brewery?

    Srila Prabhupada said, this is the trouble with these God brothers, they criticize, but they cannot accomplish anything. So this is not really an attack on Madhu Pandit Das, these same type people were criticizing Krishna's devotees for getting money from big merchants to build temples, even at the time of Lord Chaitanya. And Srila Prabhupada said, the reason these folks criticize is -- they are envious that the Vaishnavas are building things where people will come and worship Krishna. So their idea is -- we should have no money so nothing gets done, and these same idiots said we should not even have a taxi job because this is sinful income, ok they do not want anyone to have any money to have any programs anywhere, which is why, Srila Prabhupada said -- they are envious.

    They want no programs for Krishna, and that is what happened to the Gaudiya Matha, they criticized, but they could not make devotees, temples, book printing and so forth. So they are actually against Prabhupada's program, and have been for centuries when these same thinkers criticized merchants who were building temples for the devotees at the time of Lord Chaitanya. Right, they have never understood who Prabhupada is and how he got things done. And they are envious when things are getting done, because that is what Srila Prabhupada said of these thinkers. And you are also right, they never explain how they are even going to build even a shanty in the ghetto, without "sinful" money to do that? This is Jean Paul Sartre nihilism and mayavada-ism. We should have no taxi job, no collecting money from big people, no temples, no devotees, no books printing, no nothing, they are disciples of Sartre. ys pd

  21. Yep prabhu, thanks for the link to Mukunda's site where he has a photo of Prabhupada right next to a photo of Hitler, with a big talk about "The Zionists" and etc. I did warn the Dayalu Nitai / HKC Jaipur folks about ALL this a long time ago. I said to them repeatedly and clearly, the HKC Jaipur should NOT hitch its wagon to this Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad program, which is placing photos of Krishna and Prabhupada alongside all kinds of so-called Illuminati people and others including animal hunters, Hitler etc., and this was our warning to them from years and years ago really.

    Yep you are right, I did warn these HKC Jaipur folks a long time ago that they should avoid association with this Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / pro-Hitler / anti-Zionist agenda, but they did not listen. And worse, the HKC folks ALL kept sending me links to Prahlad's site where he has been advertising this foolishness, including talks by Bhakta das and Hari Sauri etc.

    And not only once but I warned them repeatedly and extensively -- this odious agenda is NOT going to be an effective way of preaching or an asset to the Krishna religion, and that Srila Prabhupada had said we should not even read about Hitler, what to speak of preach about Hitler.

    Then Prahlad goes to HKC Jaipur with his pro-Illumi-nuts / pro-Mukunda / pro-Hitler agenda and the HKC Jaipur folks anoints Prahlad as their senior defender / hero / main attack dog spokesman. And when we tried to tell these HKC people this is the wrong way to preach about Krishna, i.e. to associate Krishna with Hitler and Zion-nuts etc., the HKC folks all said "PADA has no credibility."

    OK, and apparently, Hitler does?

    So it seems to me these guys either have no discrimination, or else they are deviants. The HKC folks have been supporting this nutty group that is preaching all this foolishness and more, including anti-illuminati and pro-animal hunting speakers. Yep, I have told HKC spokesman / senior man / Prahlad years ago about how his agenda is creating a bad image of Krishna, but he did not care the whole while and he kept suppressing us and promoting his odious pro-fascist kerfluffle. And HKC Jaipur pushed Prahlad and this agenda forward as their "senior" representation as well, and sent me links to these guys over and over.

    Yes, this is getting worse and not better. No, the HKC has never explained why they have made this agenda theirs. Prahlad told me at the start of all this that the reason he supports Mukunda is because his [Hitler etc.] stuff "gets a lot of hits." Well swell, and bikini contests also get lots of hits? Does that make bikini contests the standard of the right thing to do, simply because "they get lots of hits"? So this is getting worse, agreed.

    Prahlad and his HKC pals encouraged all this nonsense agenda, and suppressed us from complaining about it, so yes, its their fault things have come to this state. They own it, agreed, they not only supported this agenda they tried to stop others who disagreed. You are also right, in the name of "giving Krishna a good name," they are working full time all the time to give Krishna a bad name. You got it! ys pd

  22. Thanks prabhu, no they will probably never explain any of this, just like the GBC never explains anything. Not too worry, we already explained it all for them. ys pd


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