Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dayalu Nitai / Jaipur For Truth Update

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  1. Yes prabhu, you are correct, congratulations to Prahlad are in order. He first of all told us (A) that Mukunda is doing great preaching, now he says Mukunda is a Kali Chela pro-Hitler fool. Prahlad also said (B) we all have to listen to his Bhakta das video, now he says Bhakta das is another low class Kali chela fool. Prahlad also cited Hari Sauri's book as his history authority, and now (C) he too is another Kali chela fool. That means Prahlad is finally admitting, he has been promoting and listening to people, which he himself admits are -- Kali Chelas, and its only because of us at PADA pointing that out to him -- which is helping him get out of these illusions and save himself from his Kali Chela associations! Right, we told him these people are bogus, and he is finally accepting that PADA was right the whole time! I am glad he has finally agreed that we were right and he has surrendered to our points regarding these individuals, better late than never! Yep, even we have to agree with Prahlad, he is totally correct, he wanted all of us to listen to his Kali Chela fools, and we showed him the right path, to reject these Kalis Chelas, and he has accepted our idea. Yes, congratulations, Prahlad is with PADA on these issues! I will write separately to Dayalu nitai about these points and lets see if we can progress to some sort of overall peace pipe agreement. ys pd


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