Thursday, December 24, 2015

ISKCON GBC Hi-jacks PADA's main theme!

[PADA: Hokey smokes pilgrims! Our PADA theme quote has been -- "I will never die, I will live forever in my books." And now the ISKCON GBC has hi-jacked our often used quote to place as their THEME citation. Wow! Anyway, this is good progress, it means we are forcing them to accept our ideas gradually. Right, we do not need to worship the GBC's living debauchees, we need to worship the person who is eternally living in his books. Better late than never. Bravo! ys pd]   


PS: Yes, I know prabhu, the books have been changed. And we have been working on that issue as well, and getting more support for the original books, even from inside the institution. Its all gradually turning around, and eventually it will come back to what Srila Prabhupada originally wanted and ordered, because all these deviations are simply not working, thus their program is crumbling more each day. And so -- they are being more and more forced to adopt our proposals of getting back to the original process, that is the only process that works both for us as individuals -- and for the Krishna society as a whole. ys pd


  1. Thanks prabhu, Yes, this quote was at one time not well known, but it was spoken by Srila Prabhupada right here in the San Francisco area. We used this quote a lot in our earlier papers, and many devotees said they had never seen it. OK it was being suppressed. At the same time, the GBC said we are the living persons, hee hee. So anyway, we persisted, kept using the quote, others also ran it, and now the GBC is itself using this quote. So you are right, its a little like the bird and the sparrow, persistence works, although it takes awhile. Nice! Yes, even the GBC has to agree, Srila Prabhupada is the living person we need to hear from, not so much their "living gurus" anymore. So you could say, this quote alone defeated their arguments. So we used this quote, and now, even the GBC uses this quote, so that means we are winning -- albeit gradually. ys pd

  2. What is that prabhu? LW says I am stealing Prabhupada's quote as my own? Fine, I am living forever from my own books, oooops, I did not write any books? I am living forever from my own books, which are not existing. Are these people spraying too much TCP on their hash? Sorry! Everyone else is ecstatic that the GBC is using this quote, except, for the grinches. Ohhh boo hooo, why is Prabhupada's quote being used by PADA, and now, the GBC, that's terrible! This quote should have remained hidden and not used. Yep, that will help, by keeping people in illusion! All the local Prabhupadanugas are happy that the GBC is coming out of the darkness and using this quote, after we used it for so many years, but there is always one grinch in the bunch. Don't worry about it, this quote and the move to emphasize Srila Prabhupada its moving ahead, with or without them. What a grinch! Any sincere devotee of Srila Prabhupada will be glad to see his books are being emphasized as his eternal presence ... what kind of person is not happy to see this quote being used after it was suppressed for so long? ys pd


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